MRI coming for Percy Harvin's hip

Vikings receiver Percy Harvin was questionable for Sunday’s game with a hip injury.  He played, and he played well.  Until he aggravated the injury.

According to Tom Pelissero of, Harvin will have an MRI on Monday.

“We knew coming into the game that it was going to get tight,”
Harvin said after the game, per Pelissero.  “Just sitting on the sidelines for a while, it kept tightening up,
and it was hard to get loose.  When it came to the fourth quarter I got
an adrenaline got rushing a little bit, so I kind of forced my way back
on the field a little bit.  We’ll evaluate it [Monday] and see what’s
going on.”

Harvin said that the hip “just grabs. . . .  I can’t really get to the
top of my speed.  It kind of grabs a little bit, and it’s hard to stop
and go.  It’s something I’ll keep treating, and each week hopefully,
it’ll get better.”

The Vikings also lost linebacker Ben Leber, who suffered a back injury in the second half and left via a cart.  Middle linebacker E.J. Henderson’s brother, Erin, replaced Leber.

24 responses to “MRI coming for Percy Harvin's hip

  1. All down hill from here. Vikes and their fans suck and should probably hide the rest of the season. What a bunch of queers.

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  3. Pussy Harvin at it again…worst RotY in NFL history, Johnny Knox got robbed. Oh well, he’s a gamer who practices all week and plays hard on Sundays unlike Pussy…

  4. Vikes, time to sack up and trade your 2011 second and third rounders for Vincent Jackson. Still early this season, and he can make a difference if Minnesota wins game 3.

  5. LA here we come the vikes are going to be the LA lowriders before to long
    Ziggy will be back at the swap watching the team he wanted to buy win more Championships

  6. No comments from any Viking fans? I hope you guys are enjoying Brent and your junior college wide receivers. How’s it feel to be down on the bottom with the Lions? Better hurry up and sign Robert Ferguson and Javon Walker again. Maybe Billy Schroeder will come play for you.

  7. What a bunch of assholes.
    Claymath52, unless your a 12 year old calling names your a pathetic excuse of a football fan.
    Almost all Vikings fans didn’t rub losing Grant in your face. I’ve never seen such awful talk of losing players due to injury.
    Seriously, I wouldn’t want any harm to Aaron Rodgers and if he got injured I’d not make jokes about it…

  8. Vikings are a bunch of pussies and so are their fans. AP is the only man on that team. Their fans though.. They really are idiots.

  9. 2 weeks people. still 14 more games. we are about 3 or 4 plays from being 2-0. supposed “football fans” on most of these websites don’t know shit. cowboys went 0-2 in 94 and won the super bowl. if they start 0-6 then go ahead and shit talk. until then STFU

  10. If they could take one hip from Percy and one from Sidney, they wouldn’t need Vincent Jackson.
    And if Childress had half a brain, he’d be a halfwit. LOL

  11. true, the ‘queens can’t even win a SB when they go 15-1 and now they’re going to win one starting 0-2?

  12. This is poor news for MN…obviously. There are some clowns from my home state here are really some classless folks when laughing about injuries, however…I do recall a good list of Viqueen a-holes that logged in to laugh about the Grant injury.
    That being said, I really don’t see VJ coming in and improving things a whole heck of alot. By the time Rice is back (and there’s NO guarantees he’s even healed by week 7 or 8), any chance of a recovery to make the playoffs may be out of reach.
    I watched most of this game and to me, it looks like the Vikings are tired and just not into it. I don’t need to remind you that the schedule gets much tougher in 3 weeks. Favre’s press conference stating that the team hasn’t “gelled yet” should have you fuming. Once again…that’s what training camp and pre-season is for, you idiot. I fear for Lord Favre’s health when they go East to play the Jersey Jets.

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