Texans-Redskins one-liners

WR Andre Johnson left the game with an ankle injury, but returned in time to catch the game-tying touchdown in double coverage to help the Texans rally for a 30-27 overtime win.

Texans QB Matt Schaub shrugged off praise for his 497 yards passing and said he cares more about showing “resolve as a team, on the road,
in a tough environment, against a really good defense. It was a great
win for us.”

Texans DE Mario Williams had three sacks, two tackles for losses and two pass deflections to help silence Redskins fans that were giving him a hard time.

S Bernard Pollard blocked a field goal early in the fourth quarter to keep hope alive for the Texans.

Texans K Neil Rackers didn’t take it personally when coach Gary Kubiak chose to punt early in overtime rather than try a long field goal.

Said LB Brian Orakpo after the Redskins blew a 27-10 lead, “It hurts. It stings, man. We
let this one go. We blew it. Could have easily been sitting here 2-0,
very happy, regardless of what the score is. But right now, it hurts.
We’re 1-1.”

Redskins S LaRon Landry had to leave the game in overtime with a wrist injury and his replacement, Chris Horton, got beat for a crucial completion on the winning drive.

Redskins QB Donovan McNabb finished with 426 yards passing, but the result could have been different if not for a big drop by WR Joey Galloway on a deep pass.

Penalties on both sides of the ball wound up damaging the Redskins on Sunday.

While their passing offense was sublime, the Redskins could never get their ground game in gear against the Texans.   

9 responses to “Texans-Redskins one-liners

  1. Kinda funny everyone made fun of Joey Galloway being on the team. Boy he still has some speed for his age. Burned the Texans secondary a couple times getting deep.

  2. Biggest comeback win ever for Texans and first OT win in team history. This was a big game and proved that they are real this year. Bring on the 0-2 Cowboys!

  3. The Skins will be Alright!!! Yea they blew the game last nite but they are going to be a helluva team this year and too all you Mcnabb haters that said he doesnt have it anymore. Well I guess he proved you wrong!!. Skins will be sitting 2-1 after Sunday and then go into Phili and whoop a lil Eagle ass. Reed Doughty is not the Skins starting FS, Kareem Moore will be back next week and things will be a lil different on the back end.. HTTR!!!

  4. Was it just me or were the Texans trying to lose that game at the end? They had a minute left with one timeout at the end of regulation and they just let the clock run out. Then they decide to punt the ball in OT instead of taking a chance at a 54 yarder. The punt only moved the Skins back about 20 yards since it was a Touchback. I can see why people call for Kubiak’s job.

  5. Skins had 59 chances to win this game from a 17 point lead, to blocked and “iced” field goal ….
    Dqughty played his heart out … but the Skins have nobody who can cover A. Johnson single handed, you need to double cover him at all times …
    aawwwwhhh …. 18 yards rushing, I am sure that bodes well with Shanahan … and can somebody just send L. Johnson to the pasture????

  6. As an Eagles fan, I am very proud of Donovan McNabb! I’m pulling for him, even against the ungrateful Eagles. Hope he passes for 500 yards against them!

  7. As an Eagles fan, I am very proud of Donovan McNabb! I’m pulling for him, even against the ungrateful Eagles. Hope he passes for 500 yards against them!

  8. That was a hell of a good game. Texans came back and took that game but Washington played
    their hearts out. Darn good team in Washington.

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