The Raiders now write Tom Cable's post-game quotes for him

In a day full of benched quarterbacks, there was no more surprising move than Tom Cable’s switch to Bruce Gradkowski at halftime of Oakland’s win over St. Louis.

After all, Jason Campbell was the guy Al Davis compared to Jim Plunkett and awarded a contract extension to.  The Raiders only trailed 7-3 at halftime.  The switch worked, but the quarterback controversy is just starting. 

Here’s what coach Tom Cable said after the game, according to Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune: “(I) made the switch at halftime at quarterback, basically to just give
the team a lift, felt like we needed to change up a little bit and my
job is to win games and do whatever it takes to do that.”

Fair enough.

Here’s the quote distributed by the Raiders from Cable: “Today was about winning the game, it does not necessarily mean Campbell
is replaced as the quarterback for the rest of the season.”

You’ll notice that’s, um, not the same quote.  According to McDonald, at no point did Cable say anything so strong about Campbell’s future.  Cable did say: “I’ll worry about all that tomorrow, really. I want to go look at it.
But today was about winning this game, what did it take to do that, that
was the right choice, obviously, and it worked out, and Bruce came in
and gave us a lift.”

McDonald has forgotten more about the Raiders than we’ll ever know.  He speculates to start his post-game wrap that perhaps Cable’s job was on the line Sunday. Already. 

There were a lot of positives for the Raiders to take from the contest, even if they only beat the Rams by two points. Darrius Heyward-Bey (80 yards) had his best game as a pro. They dominated total yardage and won a game they absolutely needed. 

But you don’t have to be a “Raider hater” for this all to be familiar.  There is coaching controversy; there is mystery over who is calling the shots; there is a quarterback debate. 

Above all, there is Raiders drama.

41 responses to “The Raiders now write Tom Cable's post-game quotes for him

  1. Since I’m in an optimistic mood after a win, I’ll say I’m hoping that cleaned up quote just means that Al wants to talk to Cable about the whole thing rather than he’s going to make Cable play Campbell.
    But after a Monday at work, my cynicism will return in full force and I’ll be far more bitter in any future posts on the topic.

    Thats all that maters. We’ll take the win and all the drama the media or the front office can create sa long as we

  3. “He speculates to start his post-game wrap that perhaps Cable’s job was on the line Sunday. Already.”
    Ya, Greg, it’s called accountability. I have no problem with heads rolling if they had lost to the Rams yesterday.
    To all the Monday morning QB’s: Yes, they only won by two points, but it was just one of those weird games.
    The Raiders dominated after the first 10 minutes, in all 3 phases, by the way.

  4. From the beginning, I’ve said Cable will not be fired, through the losing, the legal challenges, and so forth. I think PFT is missing something here. Spin must always go on in Raiderville, but Davis is not going to fire Cable. Cable is his kind of guy.

  5. Chris Johnson in week one and Steven Jackson in week two.
    Both of them did nothing, other than the one big run by Johnson.
    Just the facts, haters.

  6. I’m still afraid it will be a long time before the silver and black attack are back.As for campbell, Jim Plunkett he’s not.Not even close.

  7. Get a receiver Campbell can actually throw to or better yet get Zach Miller more involved. He is your best pass catching option.

  8. more speculation by the media. how has that worked out for the past year? everyone had cable fired after last season. never happened. i think you guys are just bored and need to draw some hits.

  9. Ggregggggg- you sound A’s if you’re writing a preface for a crime-mystery novel.
    Scrapdog- Bruce had the same receivers and Campbell. Bruce got DHB and Murphy the ball. Go look at the stat sheet.

  10. @scrapdawg12
    why get a receiver that Campbell can throw to?
    Gradkowski was able to throw the ball around to both Murphy and Heyward-Bey… hell, both had almost a 100 yards each
    if you have one QB who can get the ball to the receivers you already have, and one you can’t, why are you getting more receivers? just play the QB who can use the players you already have

  11. The updated quote actually answers the #1 question on the minds of most fans and reporters. So, this is supposed to be bad?

  12. Hey Rosenthal, were you a grocery bag boy before this gig??? It’s a PR/media distribution, you think the head coach writes those up for the media to collect?
    …you do???
    Listen, there’s a person in this list that wrote that paraphrasing Cable on his quote. How about you spend the rest of the day figuring out who it is and stop infecting the football “media” with your writing.

  13. Go Bruce!!!!He came in the game yesterday and the whole colosium was lit up with echoing bruuucce. He kicked ass, everyone on the team,every fan in the stands,and everyone at home watching knew what was going to happen. The Rams and their staff had a look of OOO-shit on their faces. Bruce did’nt have a problem w/the O line or getting the ball to all his receivers. He looked an awful lot like the last good qb in oakland, that guy named Gannon.

  14. chitown, then root for another team. Gregg… seriously.. give your hate a rest man… it can’t be healthy…. Quit trying to find every little controversial thing about the Raiders just because you think you can start something…. I know it’s easy traffic, but come on man… you just keep reaching and reaching… why don’t you just go ahead and make a topic that says “Gregg Rosenthal predicts Raiders will not win another game this century”….

  15. This had dead al written all over it ! Although Cable was never formally made the head coach, he apparently has that responsibility so if he benches Campbell, who had a bad day against a very average team and Grakowski comes in and wins it then dead Al needs to just shut up. Until the Raiders start losing let Cable do his job. Sick and tired of dead al !!

  16. I think Greg is trying to get a job at BSPN, talking all the trash about the Raiders. You did see they won right?
    I love when I see all the Haters crying because the Raaiiideeerrrrs won.. How the Patsies do?
    haha.. Raiders 4 Life. Outsiders can only Hate cuz they Hate that theyre outsiders!!!

  17. So I take it that Gregg Rosenthal has now officially been the assigned “Raider Hater” for PFT? Seriously bro, do you do ANYTHING else? When was the last time you wrote ANYTHING positive on the Raiders?

  18. # scrapdawg12 says: September 20, 2010 9:46 AM
    Get a receiver Campbell can actually throw to or better yet get Zach Miller more involved. He is your best pass catching option.
    You got that backwards “Dawg”. It’s the receivers who need a decent QB to throw them ball, and it’s obvious that Captain Check Down Campbell isn’t that guy. Bruce came it and their numbers went way up.
    It’s just like last year. You have a guy who holds the ball too long, looks off his receivers too quickly, checks down, and just plain sucks. Then you have Bruce, who hits his receivers and wins games. The problem is under center, unless it’s Bruce who is under center. Campbell just plain sucks.

  19. Doesn’t Senile Al realize NOBODY’S going to want to coach for this team? He may as well name himself coach and GM until he finally kicks the bucket.

  20. Hey JRod L.A., I’m beginning to see why you are so bitter. You had the Rams…and they left. You had the Raiders…and they left. You have the Dodgers…and they might as well leave.
    Such a loyal fan base down there in La-La land

  21. Greg your citing scary Jerry mcfoolish? Cmon man that guy doesn’t have the huevos to ask real questions all he ever does is speculate….

  22. Al Davis doesn’t mind a head coach with cojones who bucks organizational philosophy. The coach just has to defend his decision with results in the win column — i.e., Madden benching stong-armed Lamonica in favor of weak-armed Stabler or Gruden cutting strong-armed George and signing weak-armed Gannon.
    That’s why weak-minded coaches never last –e.g., White, Bugel, Norval, Shell 2, [insert name here].

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  24. greg you keep smoking that pipe…It was very clear…In all reality Campbell did not play all that bad. The raiders d totally sucked the first quarter, the play calling for campbell was terrible, (4th and inches and you do a handoff vs a qb sneak???), the o-line sucked for him, Sea bass missed an ez field goal, and he was in a dazed emotion.
    Bruce came in a did a good job, and the d played great in the second half, as did mcfadden.
    O -line is still suspect esp Cooper Carlisle who whiffed on his 4th and inches block. #60 needs to play rg when gallery comes back.

  25. aldvisleakoutofhisdependsintohisleisuresuit: You really have nothing to say. Same old BS. You telling the world that dead al supported pulling Campbell ? Get a life and get informed you redundant POS ? Spoke to many in the Raider nation guys yesterday, they all think your an idiot , followed closely by dead al so get clue and talk football !! Your wasting space !

  26. Been saying it since Bruce came in last year and lit it up. He’s exactly what this team has been missing since gannon left. He has the fire and accuracy to get it done and knows the offense very well. The only thing you need to tell me is that he was gruden’s guy and that is all i need to know to believe in the guy. It means he’s a smart qb who does his hw before each game and is gonna get the job done. Definitely looking forward to seeing him play next week(hopefully).

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  28. The difference between Campbell and Gradkowski is pretty simple from here. Grad takes a lot of 3-step drops and hits his man before the pressure can get to him. He’s a WCO guy who really gets into rhythm when he’s able to take those short drops and get the ball out. Campbell gets a lot of 5 and 7 step drops. The plays take too long to develop with Jason, and he’s taking some terrific hits because of it.
    Hue Jax knows the long drops are an issue. In the Tennessee game, when Campbell had the 3-step drops, he was able to get the ball off in good shape. Campbell’s just not a rhythm passer though, and that’s going to be hard for Big Al to accept.
    However, six catches a game for DHB might get Big Al to accept it.

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