Your afternoon Brandon Jacobs update

So here’s the latest on everyone’s favorite grouchy, helmet-tossing Giants running back.

There have been multiple reports confirming that Brandon Jacobs would not mind being traded and that he’s threatened the same thing before.  

But the consensus has emerged that Jacobs made no such formal request yet.  Furthermore, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Giants wouldn’t deal him anyway.  (And we don’t think anyone would be inclined to take him.)

Vinny DiTrani, who broke the story for the Bergen Record, says a meeting between Jacobs and team management will take place on Tuesday.  Jacobs’ teammate and close friend Ahmad Bradshaw smells a rat.

“Something got out that wasn’t right,” Bradshaw said via Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger

Whether Jacobs meets with management or not, it appears he’s staying put. 

At least until 2011.

UPDATE: Giants coach Tom Coughlin says Jacobs hasn’t requested a trade or requested a meeting with Coughlin.

22 responses to “Your afternoon Brandon Jacobs update

  1. Who cares if he wants to be traded? He should be suspended. Where the hell is Goodell?! A player threw something at the fans! Bradshaw should be lucky to play again this year. He should shut his trap and hope this blows over.

  2. The Lions will take him.
    What? Anyone who can chuck a helmet that far has got to be an upgrade over Shaun Hill!

  3. My afternoon Brandon Jacobs update…..the “missing link” blows. If the g-men could get at least 10% of what that turd thinks he’s worth, they’d ship him out in a heartbeat.

  4. In the NCAA, Blount sat out most of the year for a sucker punch and for the more disturbing issue of trying to go after the fans. This moron threw his helmet in the stands. That act deserves a minimum of a 4 game suspension. Goodell should have already addressed this issue and the fact that he hasn’t is yet another example of his inept execution of a decent but flawed policy. Flush this turd. I would expect the Giants to take action even if the league doesn’t. The fans are what makes everything in the NFL possible. Goodell’s silence is deafening.

  5. I love the Eagles fans on this site with all their confidence back.. Barely beating a pop warner team really fires you guys up.

  6. I highly doubt he is dumb enough to throw his helmet at a fan. Most likely it was a freak thing where he was throwing it at the ground or just being a moron. It must have slipped out of his hand. Otherwise he is a fool. If he would run downhill like the Jacobs of yesteryear he would have the same success he used to have if not more after Bradshaw tires them out

  7. This guy gets paid like a top-tier running back, but no longer produces like one. You would think it would be the Giants management throwing the tantrums…….
    No sane owner is going to take this guy. So that just leaves the Raiders…….

  8. Unless you can trade him to the CFL I highly doubt anyone would be interested in taking him…
    If he’s so adamant about being traded maybe he should quit and give back the Giants some of the money the over paid on him… He was a product of a great, healthy line that got old and hurt quickly…
    I’m just shocked with 5,000 cameras in the building none of them recorded what really went down…

  9. I loved when Jacobs LEVELED Charles Woodson in the NFC Championship game at Lambeau in Ice Bowl II. That had to hurt.

  10. He’s also leveled Urlacher, LeRon Landry, etc.
    There are some teams that would like to see Jacobs smash an opposing defense in the mouth.
    I’d like to see some of the tough guy posters here try and tackle an angry Jacobs.

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