Kevin Faulk has a torn ACL

There’s a reason Patriots coach Bill Belichick sounded so grim about Kevin Faulk’s knee injury earlier on Tuesday.

Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe reports that Faulk has been diagnosed with a torn ACL, which will end his 12th season with the franchise.

We already discussed how big a role Faulk plays in the Patriots offense, so we won’t repeat it here.  Faulk joins defensive end Ty Warren and cornerback Leigh Bodden as key Patriots that have been lost for the season.

Belichick wanted to strip away memories of the Pats’ glory days before this season started, but losing two veteran leaders like Warren and Faulk wasn’t what Coach Hoodie had in mind.

Faulk, 34 years old, signed a one-year contract with the Patriots back in March.  If this is it, we nominate him for immediate induction into the Third-Down Back Hall of Fame.

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  1. Im a colts fan…..But this is sad news to me. Mr 3rd down kept the chains moving more times then larry king had wifes. Sad way to see a leader like that probobly end his career. He should be in the patriots hall of fame one day.

  2. DAMN! That sucks. I wish Kevin the best, he was an all time great Patriot and his presence will be missed. Football needs more men like him.

  3. When you think about the plays he’s made in so many big moments, you’d have to say he’s the greatest 3rd down back of all time.

  4. What an underrated player this guy is. Bailed out the Pats offense on 3rd down more times than I can count. As a Patriots hater, I couldn’t stand the guy. But a really good, selfless player.
    Could be a big blow for the Pats.

  5. That is a HUGE Blow to the Pats. This will Hurt Brady cause Faulk was his safety valve guy. And they have no back-up who can get open as quick and catch the ball.

  6. Tough blow. Faulk has to be in the discussion for best all-time 3rd down back. Not that this was a Super Bowl year for the Pats anyway, but this makes the season even tougher.

  7. He is one of the last remaining true Pats that were part of all 4 superbowls. I saw the hit watching the game against the Jets and thought he just only got the wind knocked out of him and now his career might be over. Sad to see as he was a real hard worker for that team. God Bless Kevin Faulk.

  8. When you think about the plays he’s made in so many big moments, you’d have to say he’s the greatest 3rd down back of all time.?
    Let’s keep some perspective here… not

  9. Mr. 3rd down.
    Talk about a guy who got the most out of a career.
    Little known fact that Tim Tebow just broke Faulk’s SEC rushing records last year.

  10. asdfghjkl says:
    September 21, 2010 4:00 PM
    Makes me happy:)
    Seeing a great FOOTBALL PLAYER go down with likely an injury that will end his career makes you happy?
    Effin idiot.

  11. Some of my best memories as a kid were watching Kevin play during his college years at LSU…a true talent and a true professional

  12. Faulk has been an awesome player for a long time. One of the only real positives of the Pete Carroll era. Pats have a huge void to fill in that 3rd down position… would not be surprised to see them try out Mr. Versatile Julian Edelman in that role.

  13. Even if I wasn’t a Patriots fan, I would be saddened by this. Kevin Faulk just produced SO many clutch catches, tough blitz pickups, spin moves for first downs, and key touchdowns without ever really being mentioned with the greatest Pats of all time. He and Troy Brown will forever be among my favorite players, precisely because of their Championship production combined with blue collar work ethic and humility. Guys like this are the reason I love Football. Rest up Kevin…hope to see you at Training Camp next year.

  14. It’s bad enough to see him lost for the season, but that may have been his last game. That makes this suck even more so.
    Guy has made many clutch plays, gritty and a consummate team player. He literally left everything on the field.
    You’ll be missed this year Faulk, hope to see you stick around the club in one way or the other.

  15. I have read reports the steelers might release Mewelde Moore to get rookie Jonathan Dwyer on the roster. I think the Pats could use Moore. He is a good 3rd down RB who can catch the ball.

  16. One of the greatest LSU Tigers of all time – I second the earlier commenter, he was a real treat to watch – and the most consistent cog of the Patriots’ offense other than Tom Brady. My heart goes out to him.

  17. in terms of brady and his safety valve, i think that having two TE’s like gronk and hernandez is gonna help a lot. since graham left for denver, brady hasn’t had a TE he can count on. i think the loss of faulk is huge, as a pat fan he’s my favorite player by far. literally what being a patriot player is all about on a belichick team. but from a personnel stand point i think they are better equipped to handle it this year, especially with edelman healthy. just a shame to see another leader go down.

  18. Mewelde Moore has lost a step. Jonathan Dwyer is a back the Steelers need RIGHT now to pound the ball & control the clock. However, you can never have too many decent RB’s in the NFL. Tooooo bad Bill Steal-a Signal

  19. We all knew this day would come. I credit Faulk for being in the game as long as he has … every year I’m amazed he returns. And even more amazed at how clutch he was on 3rd down. But you just knew sooner or later he would not be on the field. Belichick always has a Plan B and a Plan C, so I’m not going to jump out a window. But it’s a huge loss for the team and I wish Faulk all the best.

  20. that stinks…he is a great, great player for us. The defacto OC O’Brien must really be wetting his pants.
    Hope he gets healthy and if he comes back…fantastic. If he doesn’t…so be it and we all wish him the best. A fantastic, smart, tough, football player.

  21. Huge blow to the Patriots…this guy did everything for us over the years. Definately will be in the Patriot Hall of Fame someday. Hopefully he will make a full recovery and make it back next year.

  22. # steelkiller says: September 21, 2010 4:29 PM
    I have read reports the steelers might release Mewelde Moore to get rookie Jonathan Dwyer on the roster. I think the Pats could use Moore. He is a good 3rd down RB who can catch the ball.
    Loved Moore coming out of college. When I read that BB had dinner with him before the draft thought the Pats might have nabbed him. He would be a nice fill in though no one could be #33. I wish you the best Kevin, you were an integral guy to the team and a great example on the field.

  23. I bet Hoody wishes he didn’t get rid of Maroney now.
    They had completely different roles for the team.
    I bet Hoody is wishing he would have traded Maroney before last year’s goal line fumble.

  24. contraryguy is an idiot who doesn’t understand what goes on between the lines outside of scoring him some fantasy TD’s…
    Guy converted more clutch 3rd downs for this team in the last decade than I can think of…
    Hopefully the OC O’Brien will pull his head out of his ass and stop calling deep sideline throws on 2nd and 3. Use your weapons unlike last game.
    Tate and Welker were friggin’ wide open on that second INT. Brady is just as much to blame but O’Brien sucks…Maroney is still hurt by the way as that sand in his vag still hasn’t cleared up.

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