Kindle contract on hold

On Sunday, there were strong indications that Ravens linebacker Sergio Kindle would sign his one-year, $320,000 tender as soon as Monday.

The process has now been delayed, perhaps indefinitely.

Kindle apparently was ready to accept the offer and not press for a multi-year deal based on the most recent assessment conducted by team physicians.  Kindle now is expected to seek a second opinion before accepting the team’s mandatory contract offer.

The only problem is that, with each week, the total available salary shrinks by more than $18,800 — unless the Ravens are willing to pay him the full $320,000, the mandatory minimum salary for a first-year player.

Kindle then would be an exclusive-rights free agent (i.e., not a free agent) in 2011.

12 responses to “Kindle contract on hold

  1. Geez, when the word is out that he’s a narcoleptic sleep walker…
    …(1) what have you really got there ?
    …and (2) who’s gonna fight you for him, now that his skull is cracked ?

  2. All right you sneaky, stealing, squawking, shitting, Bad Luck Birds, cough up the cash for this kid. Or live forever in infamy.

  3. If I am this guy, I am signing the contract before they change their minds. Take the money. Get healthy and prove everyone wrong. Anything else given your medical history is to much of a chance.

  4. take the 1 year 320K deal. What is there to think about right now? Get healthy and negotiate another deal when this one is over (and it technically won’t be a rookie deal)

  5. The Ravens offered Kindle a decent contract considering the seriousness of his injury and that he will not play for them this year. He gets $320,000 to study the scheme and his position’s responsibilities.
    So robert ethen, are you just being an ignorant dick or what?

  6. What part of “required minimum deal” do you folks not get? How very magnanimous of the Ravens to offer him such a fantastic deal (ignore the man behind the curtain holding the sign saying it’s the worst possible deal they are legally allowed to offer him).

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