Larry Johnson could be back with Redskins, but don't count on it

Though it’s not the classic implementation of the 54-man roster trick, which entails dumping a vested veteran on a Saturday before the trading deadline and re-signing him on Monday (see Leftwich, Byron), there’s a chance that running back Larry Johnson will be back with the Redskins as soon as next week.

Per a league source, the Redskins needed to sign a running back who can play special teams, given injuries to multiple special teamers.

The move happened today in order to prevent Johnson from incurring a paycheck for the week; at a base salary of $800,000, the move saves more than $47,000.

Meanwhile, the team is willing to take the risk that Johnson will sign elsewhere (Green Bay, anyone?), which tells us that Mike Shanahan doesn’t regard him as a key cog in the big Redskin machine.

UPDATE:  Though Johnson is a vested veteran, he isn’t entitled to the balance of his 2010 base salary because he exercised his prerogative in 2009 to recover termination pay from the Chiefs.  (Thanks to Chris Russell of ESPN 980 for flagging this issue.)

35 responses to “Larry Johnson could be back with Redskins, but don't count on it

  1. All that to save a Billion dollar organization $47,000? To us regular folk, that’s the equivalent to me driving 10 miles to a gas station because I could save .10 cents on the gallon.

  2. a running back that can play special teams?
    how about one that has simple pass blocking skills
    this guy never grew up, hes one of the all time biggest babies in nfl history
    i cant believe they started this guy over charles last year

  3. “(Green Bay, anyone?)”
    A player who beats up women when his team loses?
    This sound like a Packer fans dream come true.
    Finally, one of their own kind on the team.

  4. same story as the other posting.
    you guys are really hitting the big time now…
    can’t even keep duplicate posting off the site, now you’re repeating yourselves…

  5. As a Redskins fan, I hope they don’t bring him back. He’s got nothing left to offer. Besides, Simpson has impressed when he got a chance at RB and provides the Redskins backfield with something they lack – speed. I think he could be a great complement to Portis, who is more of a power runner now.

  6. This article is definitely NOT good enough to put on the site twice… it was barely worthy of reading once.
    ps We’re still waiting for you to admit you’re wrong about the Bucs, Florio.

  7. As a chief fan I absolutely hate rat face shanahan and Larry johnson but the worst thing that could happen is him signing with the broncos. And that could very well happen. Why don’t they just cut haynesworth since they deactivated him anyway? He’s worse for them than Larry is.

  8. Johnson has looked slow all pre-season. There was a lot of hype during OTAs and camp, but he has looked terrible in games.
    The interesting thing here is I thought I saw Johnson on the coverage unit on the first kick-off against Houston, and was surprised because “he doesn’t do special teams.”
    I really want to know who these injured special teamers are. Kareem Moore, ok, but Haynesworth and Trent Williams are the other main injury concerns, and they don’t play special teams.

  9. @Roscoe P. Coaltrain says:
    “Why don’t they just cut haynesworth since they deactivated him anyway?”
    Well, he was supposed to be too injured to play, rather than unable to make the roster. However, if the injury was just cover, the reason they don’t just cut him is they wouldn’t want him to sign with a division rival.
    He might not be motivated to play for the Redskins, but he might be motivated by the chance to play against them.

  10. Let the filthy dog sign wherever he can get a job for a few more weeks…he is DONE. When he figures that out for real every WOMAN within reach needs to look out.
    Any idiots that accuse Herm Edward or the Chiefs of wearing this punk out need to look at the video from this drunk getting plastered in NUMEROUS KC bars and spitting on ANY women that didn’t want to get Larry’ed.
    Good Riddance Loser…..this is almost as ggod as the CHIEFS being 2-0

  11. Jesus, how many negative yard carries does he need before the coaches are actually convinced to cut him for real?

  12. Amadland you are wrong. While LJ has the years of service to be a vested veteran, each player can only use that clause once in their career per the CBA. LJ used this exemption when he was cut last year, therefore the Redskins owe nothing and save over $700K by cutting him.

  13. amadland you are wrong. Per the CBA, players can only use the vested veteran exemption once in their career. LJ used it last year and therefore is ineligible. The Redskins do not have to pay the full salary and will save over $700k by cutting him.

  14. did anyone else think LJ looked like he was running in slow motion on Sunday? Not even dure why he was in the game but we may have won if he didnt take that ten yard loss. Good riddance.

  15. This move was done for Larry Johnsons’ benfit.
    Think of all the tax money saved by not collecting
    a game check. Of course, Obama-mama will set his old preacher lose on Larry about the sins of not wanting to do your part by paying taxes.

  16. Proknowledge. You are wrong. All vested veterans on Week One roster salaries are guaranteed. The exemption LJ used last year allowed him to collect two checks from two different clubs in the same year. This is a new year and he has the 3year and 3games of NFL experience to qualify as a 4year vested veteran. All vested veterans salaries are GUARANTEED is they make the Week One roster.

  17. So…. lets get this straight. Instead of just trading Haynesworth for the 4th that the Titans are rumored to have offered and signing a RB, they’d prefer to deactivate him and then cut another RB in order to sign that RB. Interesting.

  18. Where in the country do they sell gasoline by the 0.10 cents? Most pumps I see have 9/10 of a cent or 0.90 cents but I don’t know any that sell it 0.10 cents. Sure, this one sells it at 2.899 and ten miles away it’s selling for 2.898. Really? Maybe when you have billions or run your own fantasy football team, decimal points don’t matter.

  19. Now that Larry Johnson is unemployed and Dick Vermeil is 105, maybe Larry can land a job changing Vermeil’s diapers. That would be a righteous turn of events.

  20. LJ would be the perfect back for the Packers to pick up. And he should come cheap too. A guy of his quality and stature should perfectly fit in Green Bay.

  21. Haynesworth is injured. Once the battle ends all will be fine. I hope Haynesworth can play end and NT in the nickle because Vonnie Holliday looks like hot garbage!

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