Lions teammate blows cover for Burleson injury

Lions wideout Nate Burleson says he might play in Week Three.  The Lions coaching staff, of course, won’t say much about Burleson’s ankle injury.

Thankfully, we have return specialist Stefan Logan to help out.

don’t know what they’re going to put in the game plan this week,” Logan told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “We got one guy that went down. He’ll be down for about two,
three weeks with a high ankle sprain, so we just got to step in and do
the best we can as far as helping the team win and get our first

While Kyle Vanden Bosch looks like a great signing through two weeks, Burleson has failed to make an early impact. He has two catches for 23 yards.

And thanks to Logan, we know Burleson won’t get to improve those numbers against his former team the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

14 responses to “Lions teammate blows cover for Burleson injury

  1. Doesn’t really matter. Even if Burleson does pull a “Reggie White” and wills himself healed, the Vikings are still a stifling defense – Nate won’t change that.

  2. Congrats to this guy for telling the truth. I am sick and tired of NFL teams lying all the time for some minuscule advantage. It’s worse than listening to politicians sometimes.

  3. While the Lions are 0-2, they have at least been competitive so far. I didn’t think they’d put up 32 against the Eagles……

  4. the problem with them being competitive is that we have all seen it before. if they dont click and win some games soon mega-tron is going to be gone and all the good young players will follow before they ever win games. hope im wrong, but i know if i was calvin i wouldnt want to stick around

  5. Lions will be all right there playing the 0 and 2 Viking’s. They have a color blind QB who throws to any movement he see’s downfield, most times for an INT!

  6. Can they lose some players on Defence to sickness, and be healthy the next week?
    Our offence is so atrocious, it needs all the help it can get.

  7. Anyone ever think that the coaching staff wanted him to say that?
    Not that I’m calling players or coaches brilliant (if they were brilliant, they’d be a neurosurgeon or inventor, you get my point) but a smart front office would want to throw wrinkles in how they devulge information.
    My point is, why not just tell Logan to say that, so the Vikings aren’t even expecting Burleson to play, instead of him being questionable.
    Or, he could have just slipped up.
    The Lions front office and coaching staff have been pretty cunning with how they talk so far, and I wouldn’t put it past them to use the players like pawns with the media.

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