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Week Two Power Rankings

We’re two weeks into the regular season, and so it’s time — coincidentally — to offer up our Week Two Power Rankings.

So feel free to check them out and, as usual, complain loudly if you disagree with where we’ve put your “team” . . . and remain completely silent if you completely agree.

And, yes, we nearly bumped the defending champions out of the top spot even though they won last night.

1.  New Orleans Saints (No. 1 last week; 2-0):  They’re still the kings, but the gap is closing.

2.  Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 6; 2-0):  Whatever Troy Polamalu is getting paid, it isn’t nearly enough. 

Green Bay Packers (No. 5; 2-0):  When Favre returns to Lambeau in a few
weeks, revenge could end up being a dish best served frozen.  

4.  Houston Texans (No. 7; 2-0):  The old Texans were great at blowing 17-point leads; the new Texans erase 17-point deficits.

Baltimore Ravens  (No. 2; 1-1):  Maybe they knew what they were doing when they signed Marc Bulger.

New York Jets (No. 10; 1-1):  Once the Jets quit talking about going to
the Super Bowl, they finally look like a team that could.  There may be
a lesson in there somewhere.

Miami Dolphins (No. 11; 2-0):  That win in Minnesota could lay the
foundation for the team’s best season since they ended the year with a
win over Minnesota.

8.  Indianapolis Colts (No. 9; 1-1):  On
Sunday night, Antoine Bethea hit Mario Manningham so hard that it
ruptured Bob Sanders’ other biceps tendon. 

9.  Tennessee Titans (No. 8; 1-1):  Apparently, “benching” now appears in Roget’s Thesaurus under the word “rescue.” 

10.  New England Patriots
(No. 3; 1-1):  After escaping Revis Island, Randy Moss got lost in Cromartie Canyon.

Cincinnati Bengals (No. 18; 1-1):  The Week One debacle notwithstanding, the Bengals could enter the bye 4-1.

12.  Kansas City Chiefs (No. 16; 2-0):  Maybe they should rename them the “Overachiefers.”

San Diego Chargers (No. 17; 1-1):  Maybe the Chargers think that turnovers will sell tickets. 

York Giants (No. 12; 1-1):  Brandon Jacobs didn’t mean to throw his
helmet into the stands.  He was aiming for Tom Coughlin.    

15. Washington Redskins (No. 13; 1-1):  Gary Kubiak turned Mike Shanahan’s face to alabaster.  Which is a better color than orange.

Chicago Bears (No. 21; 2-0):  Beat the Packers, and the Bears will move to the top 10.  Maybe the top five.      

17.  Atlanta Falcons (No. 19; 1-1):  The first crack at dethroning the Saints comes on Sunday. 

  Philadelphia Eagles (No. 20; 1-1):  Lost in all the Vick hoopla is the fact that the Eagles nearly lost to the Lions.

19.  Minnesota Vikings
(No. 4; 0-2):  If the Vikings drop any faster they’ll get the bends.

Jacksonville Jaguars (No. 15; 1-1):  During his two-day hiatus from the
Steelers, the Jaguars should have tried to bring back Byron Leftwich.

21.  Denver Broncos (No. 22; 1-1):  Rookie wideout Demaryius
Thomas could eventually make the fans sort of forget about the receiver
that coach Josh McDaniels ran off. 

22.  Dallas Cowboys (No. 14; 0-2):  It’s not time to panic yet.  Lose to the Texans, and it’ll be time to panic.

23.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 29; 2-0):  Beat the Steelers, and the Bucs will move to the top 10.  Maybe the top five.    

Seattle Seahawks (No. 24; 1-1):  Hey, a one-game winning streak is better than no winning streak at all. 

25.  Arizona Cardinals (No. 25; 1-1):  Kurt Warner’s case for Canton is getting stronger all the time.

Carolina Panthers (No. 23; 0-2):  The over-under on Steve Smith giving Jimmy Clausen another black eye is October 15.

27.  Oakland Raiders (No. 31; 1-1):  Even JaMarcus Russell lasted longer than Jason Campbell.  

San Francisco 49ers (No. 26; 0-2):  At this rate, they will not try to miss the playoffs.  

29.  Detroit Lions (No. 27; 0-2):  Moral victories still ain’t victories.    

30.  St. Louis Rams (No. 28; 0-2):  From 3-13 to 2-14 to 1-15, the Rams are on an early pace for 0-16.   

Cleveland Browns (No. 30; 0-2):  With a quintet of tough games on tap,
Eric Mangini may not get a chance to host the Jets and Pats in
consecutive weeks after the bye.   

32.  Buffalo Bills (No. 32; 0-2):  As expected, Trent Edwards won during training camp the right to be the first guy benched.

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Myles Garrett expects to return to practice next week


Browns defensive end Myles Garrett isn’t practicing this week, but he doesn’t expect to be out of action for too long.

While Garrett didn’t specify the injury that’s keeping him on the side when he spoke to reporters on Wednesday, he didn’t do anything to cast doubt on word that it is a minor issue. Per multiple reports, the first overall pick in this year’s draft said that the team was being cautious and that he expects to be back on the field next week.

Garrett isn’t the only Browns first-round pick working on the side. Safety Jabrill Peppers was also held out of practice and, as with Garrett, the team isn’t showing any great concern. While discussing both players, coach Hue Jackson talked about a “little soreness” and “slips and bumps and bruises” as the reason why they weren’t on the field while saying he expected all would be well sooner rather than later. 

Wide receiver Corey Coleman also produced a brief scare in Wednesday’s practice when he stayed down after making a catch, but Jackson said that he simply landed wrong on the ball and would be fine.

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Brock Osweiler thinks he has proven he’s good enough to start


When the Browns traded for Brock Osweiler, he was a throw-in on a deal that allowed the Texans to dump his expensive contract and allowed Cleveland to gain a second-round draft pick. But now that he’s at the Browns’ Organized Team Activities, he thinks he can win the starting job.

Asked today if he thinks he’s good enough to start, Osweiler answered, “Absolutely. Absolutely.”

“I think the proof is in the film from the past two years,” Osweiler said.

Osweiler added that he thinks he’s going to win the starting job.

“My expectation is always to start,” Osweiler said. “But once again that is not my decision to make. Now if I came out here and told you guys I wanted to be the backup then I’m in the wrong business. Absolutely I want to play and I want to help this team win games, but I know there’s a lot of work that needs to go into that, and ultimately I need to earn that on the practice field. And I have a lot of work ahead of me to do that.”

Realistically, if Osweiler is the Browns’ starter that probably means that both second-year quarterback Cody Kessler and rookie DeShone Kizer have disappointed in training camp and the preseason. The reality is that after what Osweiler put on film in the past two years, no NFL team wants him as its starting quarterback.

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Antonio Brown ready to take advantage of new celebration rules

Getty Images

The NFL might not let Antonio Brown twerk (or hump the goalpost), but he’s hoping to take advantage of the league’s new relaxed celebration rules.

Specifically, he’s ready to get more people involved, now that group celebrations are allowed.

“It’s amazing,” Brown said of the changes, via Jeremy Fowler of “I’m sure the guys are looking forward to it, the O-line, some of the guys who don’t get to celebrate with the guys who are getting in the end zone. I think it will be fun.”

Brown was flagged three times last year for his celebrations, and while the league didn’t add a three-pump limit which would have made some of his dances legal, he said he’s excited to be able to dance with center Maurkice Pouncey for a change.

But he’s not willing to share too much now, showing he can still be a bit of a tease.

“Man, you’ve got to look forward to it,” Brown said.

Of course, the Steelers are looking for more than dances moves from Brown, after giving him a four-year, $68 million extension this offseason. But this way, if he gets fined for going overboard, he can afford it.

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Bills wrap up draft class by signing Nathan Peterman


The Bills have all of their draft picks under contract.

The final piece of the puzzle came on Wednesday when they signed quarterback Nathan Peterman. The fifth-round pick signed a four-year deal.

Peterman started 24 games at Pittsburgh after transferring from Tennessee during his college career. He threw 47 touchdowns while completing 60 percent of his passes, which led to high marks from some draft evaluators that obviously didn’t match up with the way teams viewed him as he dropped to the third day.

He joins Tyrod Taylor, Cardale Jones and T.J. Yates on the quarterback depth chart in Buffalo. Taylor may be gone after this season, which should earn Peterman some looks in the preseason as the team plots its course at the position.

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Stephon Tuitt recovering from hand surgery

Getty Images

The Steelers are down a defensive lineman at their Organized Team Activities.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that defensive end Stephon Tuitt is not practicing after having surgery on his hand. Bouchette adds that the team does not expect the surgery will impact him for the regular season.

That’s good news for the Steelers as Tuitt has developed into a crucial part of their defense since joining the team as a second-round pick in 2014. He’s produced 10.5 sacks over the last two years while also proving strong play against the run.

Tuitt’s entering the final year of his contract and his performance makes him an extension candidate at some point this year. Given the outlook for a return in time for the regular season, his surgery shouldn’t get in the way of that.

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Odell Beckham cashes in with shoe deal

Getty Images

A football team has yet to give receiver Odell Beckham Jr. a massive contract. A shoe company has.

Beckham has a new deal with Nike. According to (via SportsBusiness Daily), Beckham will make more than $29 million over five years and up to $48 million over eight years. In contrast, he’ll make only (only?) $1.839 million in 2017 from the Giants.

That said, Beckham eventually will be making a lot more from football. In 2018, his salary spikes to $8.459 million. An extension would push his compensation even higher.

While Beckham is making more than any other NFL player on a shoe deal, basketball players do much, much better. LeBron James, for example, is believed to have a lifetime Nike deal worth more than $1 billion. Michael Jordan, retired for years, still made more than $100 million from Nike in 2016. (He made $94 million in salary during 15 years as a player.)

While those are extreme examples, Beckham now holds the NFL high-water mark for shoe deals. Which ultimately provides even more proof of the reality that athletes should play basketball or baseball instead of football, if they can.

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Jim Caldwell hopes to fix “family” issue with Calvin Johnson

Getty Images

Very seldom do breakups go seamlessly, but Lions coach Jim Caldwell was surprised when Calvin Johnson’s split with the team turned ugly with recent comments.

But as a guy who tries to keep things as steady as possible, Caldwell hopes the rift can eventually be healed.

“Playing in the National Football League for a team, it’s like a family. Families sometimes have disagreements,” Caldwell said, via Michael Rothstein of “They look at things a little differently. I have grown children. Sometimes we look at things a little differently. We hash them out, talk them out. There’s dialogue, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love them. But we get the differences worked out.

“I think the same thing will happen in this situation. Maybe there’s a disagreement, a little different viewpoint, but the most important thing, I think, is perhaps this whole thing will bring about a little bit more dialogue.”

Johnson didn’t get into specifics, but the team’s decision to pursue $320,000 in prorated signing bonus from him upon retirement (which he could have easily avoided) seems to have been the most likely point of contention.

And while Caldwell said he hasn’t talked to Johnson, he said he texts with him regularly and hopes to get the franchise’s all-time leading receiver back in the fold someday.

“One of the things that I think you’ve noticed since I’ve been here, our practices are open to all our alumni,” Caldwell said. “They can come any time, any day. There’s no restrictions against them in terms of watching our practices and being involved.”

Of course, at the moment Johnson has been hanging out at Raiders practices, the kind of distance that’s both physical and metaphorical between the team and the latest star to have hurt feelings on the way out the door.

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Andrew Hawkins says he’s signing with Patriots

Getty Images

Wide receiver Andrew Hawkins recently got a master’s degree in sports management from Columbia University and said that his goal is to become a General Manager in the NFL, but he won’t be heading to the front office just yet.

Hawkins said in a video posted to Uninterrupted’s Twitter account that he is signing with the Patriots. Hawkins visited with the team last week.

Hawkins caught 33 passes for 324 yards and three touchdowns while playing in all 16 games for the Browns last year. That was his third season in Cleveland, a run that started with career highs of 63 catches and 824 yards in 2014.

He’ll join a Patriots receiving corps that includes Brandin Cooks, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, Malcolm Mitchell and Chris Hogan, so there’s going to be some work for Hawkins to do to claim a roster spot come the end of the preseason.

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Myles Garrett has minor injury, working on sideline at Browns’ OTAs

Getty Images

The first overall pick in the draft is hurt, but the Browns are not concerned.

Myles Garrett was spotted on the sideline at Organized Team Activities today, riding a stationary bike and working with kettlebells rather than participating in football activities with the rest of the team. But multiple reporters posted on Twitter that he has only a minor injury.

There’s no word on the nature of Garrett’s injury, but the Browns are likely showing an excess of caution with a player they hope will be a cornerstone of their franchise for years to come.

A pass rusher from Texas A&M, Garrett played much of his final college season through a nagging leg injury.

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Cowboys keeping Ezekiel Elliott out of OTAs after car accident

Getty Images

Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott currently isn’t participating in Organized Team Activities, for reasons unrelated to football. According to ESPN, Elliott was a passenger in a Sunday automobile accident.

Via Todd Archer and Adam Schefter of ESPN, Elliott did not suffer significant injuries. The Cowboys have opted to keep him out of the first two OTA sessions in the exercise of caution.

This implies that Elliott has injuries, but that the team doesn’t currently believe the injuries are significant. In January, Elliott was involved in an automobile accident that coach Jason Garrett dubbed a “fender bender.”

It’s unclear how many of the 10 OTA sessions Elliott will miss. Each team is permitted to conduct up to 10.

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Constructing the dream offensive line

Getty Images

Former Giants tackle and two-time Super Bowl champion David Diehl joined PFT Live on Tuesday for a full hour. Among the segments was an effort to construct the dream offensive line, with a fantasy draft format.

We picked one lineman after another until we each had a tackle-to-tackle unit of five players in whom we’d entrust the health and safety of a quarterback and running backs.

To see and hear what we had to say on the issue, check out the video and feel free to tell us which guy came up with the better dream offensive line. Especially if you think I did.

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Seahawks looking at Austin Davis, along with Colin Kaepernick

Getty Images

If the Seahawks want to portray this as just another offseason tire-kicking, they needed to roll someone other than Colin Kaepernick into town.

Thus, they’ll have at least one other veteran quarterback come in to audition.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Seahawks are also bringing in Austin Davis for a workout today.

Davis was most recently with the Broncos, hanging around as a third option behind Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch. He has also spent time with the Browns and Rams.

The Seahawks have insisted they’re looking at all available options, and have previously mentioned Robert Griffin III as one.

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Rick Spielman: We’ll take it a day at a time with Teddy Bridgewater

Getty Images

The Vikings released video of Teddy Bridgewater taking snaps, dropping back and throwing passes during Tuesday’s practice, but they still aren’t ready to talk about when Bridgewater may be able to take on a full workload after last year’s knee injury.

General Manager Rick Spielman met with the media on Wednesday and said that the team will “take it a day at a time” with Bridgewater while adding that the quarterback hasn’t been cleared for full practices at this point. Spielman declined to comment on when that might happen and said it was “still the unknown” whether he’ll play in 2017, but acknowledged that it’s “very encouraging” to see Bridgewater doing things on the field.

“Very limited in what he’s able to do at this point, but it’s progress,” Spielman said.

Bridgewater is not at Wednesday’s practice for a previously scheduled doctor’s appointment and Spielman said the release of the video from Tuesday’s closed practice was partly because the media wouldn’t be able to see him working. If all goes well at the doctor and the progress continues, it shouldn’t be too long before they get that opportunity and the Vikings have to make a call about when he moves to the next step of his football work.

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Pro Bowl is staying in Orlando for another year

Getty Images

Players hoping for free trips to Hawaii are going to continue to be disappointed.

The NFL announced that this year’s Pro Bowl would return to Orlando, after last year’s successful debut there last year.

The all-star game will be held in Camping World Stadium on Jan. 28, and will be broadcast by ESPN and simulcast on ABC, making it the first time it has aired on both cable and broadcast networks.

(While it’s become a silly game full of alternates, people still watch it.)

They will again play with the more familiar AFC vs. NFC format, after realizing previous contrived efforts to gin up interest didn’t work.

It will be interesting to see if playing in a less-than-glamorous destination will cause more and more players to skip the event, but the league was apparently content with last year’s experience.

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Titans sign fifth-rounder Jayon Brown


The Titans signed first-round cornerback Adoree’ Jackson on Tuesday and they got another one of their draft picks under contract on Wednesday.

Linebacker Jayon Brown has agreed to a four-year deal with the team. Brown, a fifth-round pick, is the seventh player in the draft class to sign a deal.

Brown made 21 starts at UCLA and took over for Myles Jack in the middle of the defense last season. He led the Pac-12 in tackles and intercepted three passes on his way to first-team all-conference honors.

Brown will join college teammate Aaron Wallace in Tennessee’s linebacking corps and will also be reunited with Lou Spanos, who was UCLA’s defensive coordinator in his freshman year before moving on to become the Titans’ linebackers coach.

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