Settling our wagers while tackling the top issues of the day

Last week, yours truly picked the Pats to beat the Jets by 22 points.  The folks at took issue with that piece of prognostication (they probably called it a piece of something else entirely), and they issued a challenge.

If the Pats covered the 22-point “spread,” they would have apologized, or something, for whatever it is they said about me.  If the Jets didn’t lose by 22 or more — or if they won (and, of course, they did by 14 . . . nice game, Pretty Boy), I’d wear a Jets jersey for a PFT Daily segment. 

And so I did, borrowing Joe Brocato’s vintage Wayne Chrebet jersey.  I also invited the guy who correctly picked the Jets to win, Rosenthal, to join me for a discussion regarding Mike Vick, Vince Young, and Braylon Edwards.