Ryan Mathews will sit out Sunday

One of my first posts of the day mentioned that Chargers running back Ryan Mathews was iffy to play in Week Three.

For one of my last posts of the day — hold the applause — I can tell you that Ryan Mathews won’t play in Seattle. Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune has the news, describing how Mathews had a protective boot on for part of Thursday.

Acee notes that the Chargers are rather short on contributing rookies.  Mathews will be out Sunday, while fourth-round safety Darrell Stuckey and fifth-round defensive tackle Cam Thomas have been inactive the last two weeks.  (They were San Diego’s third and fourth picks.)

Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith routinely put together outstanding draft classes in the middle of the decade, but his track record has been spottier the last few years.

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  1. And I was so excited to have Michael Turner, Ryan Mathews and CJ Spiller as my FFL RB group.

  2. Maybe if Smith spent more time on his draft and less time trying to stick it to his vets, he wouldn’t be in this mess.

  3. So AJ Smith had a bad draft because 3 talented players got injured in unforeseeable ways? Thanks for the insight!

  4. Yeah…quite a mystery.
    It’s almost as if it’s EASIER to draft
    good players if you have a Chiefs record
    than a Chargers record…

  5. So rather than just report the news: Mathews out for Sunday…
    Rosenthal decided to make a run at Florio’s “I’m a douche bag and need people to think my opinions concerning football matters are worth something so I’ll throw a jab in at the end” crown.
    It’s a contest between y’all, that’s for sure.

  6. @ Lance.
    Colts have picked after the chargers every year for the last decade and THEY have better drafts than the chargers.

  7. The second I heard this I went and got Mike Tolbert in as many fantasy leagues as possible. He’s a MONSTER and I mean that in the most flattering way possible. Maybe he’s a one hit wonder, but at least this week he will have most of the rushes all to himself.

  8. Spotty? More lazy reporting by PFT.
    Antoine Cason looks like a future pro bowler.
    Buster Davis is healthy and helping make VJ disposable.
    Larry English had a sack on Sunday and has Merriman on the bench.
    Brandon Siler looks like a steal from the the 7th round.
    Undrafted rookies like Mike Tolbert, Brandon Dombrowski and Malcom Floyd are far better than most players drafted in the 2nd round.
    So where are all these bad player acquisitions? The fact is, the Chargers have done so well selecting players, it’s hard for guys like English and Cason to get on the field.
    Go ahead and doubt Mathews, Thomas and Stuckey, but knowing AJ Smith’s track record, you’ll look foolish in a few years.

  9. Good thing I’ve had a good FA streak in my FFL league as my drafting sucked. Arian Foster, Michael Vick, Tolbert, and Austin Collie.

  10. With Mathews hurt who do they have to really replace him? Sproles is not a featured NFL running back, Iso they will go back to what they have always done rely on the arm of their QB. Which is what San Diego was known for in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc. Well, they used to have a pretty decent running back by the name of Tomlinson who is doing pretty good in a green colored uniform. Mathews has shown me 2 things: a propensity to fumble and he may be injury prone.

  11. Yeah why didn’t AJ know that Mathews was going to get his leg bent in a pile in week 2. I’m sure if he did he wouldn’t have drafted him.

  12. Florio, seriously why do you hate the Chargers? I have never seen such a bias. Are you friends with VJ’s agent?

  13. How is no one calling you out on the fact that you didn’t break any news? You merely are posting what others say and then make dumb comments about holding the applause because “you” can tell us that Matthews is out. BS! You aren’t telling us anything. You are linking to someone telling you. Your merely a relay man, my friend.

  14. joetoronto says:
    September 24, 2010 10:26 AM
    DisChargers: The Lords of NO Rings.
    joetoronto…..you need new material. Way to work the copy and paste though. Maybe you canadians aren’t as stupid as we give you credit for.

  15. Bigfatdog,
    No GM has done worse at helping his team thru the draft the last 4 years than AJ Smith. He throws away draft picks every year in trade up scenarios that don’t work out, he throws away draft picks by turning down solid trade offers for impending free agents (See Jackson, Vincent), and he his reputation as a “shrewd talent evaluator” is severely over-rated. He hasn’t hit on a 1st round draft pick since ’05 and the players he did hit on got busted for roids. No team has less contributing draftees performing at average or above level across the football team than AJ Smith.
    We can go player by player thru every round if you want and compare to NFL average. Give the Chargers credit for solid coaching to give the illusion of a good all around team, but the only part of their team above average and the only players performing above NFL average on their team the last 2 years are the quarterbacks and receivers.

  16. Between Florio and Rosenthal these guys love to take every run possible at AJ Smith. I think the story was Matthews is out with an ankle sprain, why add the extra? Are they getting kickbacks from VJ’s agents or something?

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