Beanie Wells had a surgery no one knew about

It’s difficult to keep secrets in the NFL, but the Cardinals did a nice job hiding that running back Beanie Wells had knee surgery a few weeks back.

Wells told Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic that the surgery was to repair a torn MCL. Wells was listed as questionable on the injury report the last two weeks, but it appears the Cardinals may have been targeting Week Three for his return all along.

Now we know why.

“He cleaned it out, but it wasn’t like a normal procedure where you are down ‘X’ amount of weeks,” coach Ken Whisenhunt said on Friday.

Wells is expected to suit up for Arizona’s home opener against the Raiders Sunday, but Whisenhunt wouldn’t guarantee it.

18 responses to “Beanie Wells had a surgery no one knew about

  1. No, this should have been disclosed. Otherwise, how are fantasy players and degenerate gamblers to cope?

  2. It’s sad when a team discloses that Kellen Winslow has a staph infection on his package, but Arizona won’t disclose a knee surgery. Bad karma, Wells will probably tear an ACL this week.

  3. “They’ve got some nerve keeping that a secret from all us fantasy geeks”
    No kidding. I’ve been holding onto this idiot for awhile.

  4. The Fantasy Football Association of America is going to be pretty pissed off about this.
    I think every person who drafted Wells with money at stake and absent of this information should get together and initiate a class-action lawsuit.

  5. surgeries on RB’s knee is NEVER a good thing, or even a minor thing. Terry Allen may be the best exception, but usually can be an indicator of a perenial problem.

  6. If you’re a fantasy guy and you’re depending on Beanie Wells to help you… I think you probably struck out. Wells is part of a platoon playing for a team with a bad defense and a woeful passing game that won’t be able to score many points this season. Not too many RBs succeed on minimal touches, always playing from behind, and not being a pass receiving RB.

  7. It’s not for the sake of fantasy gamers. The reason why teams play these little games to keep the opposition from gameplanning against a certain player or scheme. There are rules that teams must follow regarding injury reports. I guess the league is truing a blind eye this season.

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