Rex Ryan remembers Ted Ginn differently than Dolphins fans

The Dolphins selected Ted Ginn Jr. with the ninth pick in the 2007 draft and traded him to the 49ers three years later for the 145th pick in the 2010 draft, so he wasn’t exactly a high-value draft choice for Miami.

But at least one person believes Ginn was a great player as a Dolphin: Jets coach Rex Ryan.

When a reporter reminded Ryan today that Ginn no longer plays for the Dolphins, Ryan said, “Well, that’s good.”

In comments distributed by the team, Ryan recalled that Ginn beat Darrelle Revis for a 53-yard touchdown catch in the first Dolphins-Jets game last season and returned two kickoffs for touchdowns in the other Dolphins-Jets game.

“Ted Ginn destroyed us,” Ryan said. “I know people in Miami said, ‘Oh, he’s disappointing,’ and all that but, you look at the games last year against us, he destroyed us. He caught a long touchdown pass against us. He returned two kicks for touchdowns so, hopefully, that will hurt them this week.”

So Ryan has something in common with the vast majority of Dolphins fans: He was happy to see Ginn go.

24 responses to “Rex Ryan remembers Ted Ginn differently than Dolphins fans

  1. …maybe he will have a flashback this week when the fins bring in Wallace no. 18. With Marshall no.19 on the field the defense may think they are seeing double and Wallace gets behind them.

  2. What Ryan doesnt realize is that Ted Ginn never did anything in 3 seasons other than in the 2 Jet games last year. He was a terrible receiver AND a terrible return guy. It is funny how none of the articles that talk about how amazing Revis is mention that Ginn burned him last year for a 50 yd TD catch last year.

  3. Oh look at the Jets bragging and bragging again.
    Oh wait … he’s not bragging. He’s giving kudos to another play and another team.
    Oh, not an article by Florio – that explains it.

  4. trust me rex, we wont be hurt by his departure. get ready for marshall to own cromartie like he has countless other times

  5. Avrus, very true. Even I read the article twice and double-checked who wrote it.
    ignoringthehaters says…
    “That’s because your team sucks”
    wtf??? Seriously???
    I know of a few other NFL teams that wished they “sucked” like the Jets. Good post for a 10 year old, though.

  6. “Oh wait … he’s not bragging. He’s giving kudos to another play and another team.”
    Of course, it took him 3 weeks to realize he lost the first time around.

  7. ignoringthehaters says:
    September 24, 2010 3:49 PM
    “Ted Ginn destroyed us,”
    That’s because your team sucks
    Ironic post.

  8. He was a decoy for 3 years – that’s why no one paid attention.. Nice Trick.
    Also the ST plays sucked because the Jets left some ST players off the roster for the week to shore up areas and paid….
    And Ryan never said he beat Revis because Kerry Rhodes was the one on deep coverage…..

  9. ALL but 6 other franchises have won more games than the jets…. so, with that in mind, all but the 6 wished they “sucked as much” as the nj jet franchise.
    Check back with us when the team is over .500 lifetime.

  10. So Ryan has something in common with the vast majority of Dolphins fans: He was happy to see Ginn go.

  11. Ginn was over rated coming into Miami, but overall he is an extremely fast receiver and a serious threat if he gets behind the secondary. He has route running skills, and the ability to locate the ball on the run. Other than the issue with dropping passes he could end up being a serious issue for defenses if he can haul the ball in on a more consistent basis.

  12. Hmm…I wonder what was a worst pick for the Fins, Ginn or Pat White. Ginn was a #9 overall pick but at least they got something for him when he left. They didn’t get anything for White and he was a 44th overall pick.

  13. Miami Dolphins W/L/T – 387 281 4
    NY Jets W/L/T – 340 408 8
    (Per records)
    I think the Jets need to win about 60 more games without losing to hit .500.

  14. Ginn sucked as a #1 receiver and he bailed on the sidelines too often as a returner. The Dolphins should have never picked him at that spot. That being said, he was a much better receiver towards the end of last year. He was making tough catches on 3rd and 4th down and he was even turning some returns towards the middle of thye field. He has great speed and could have made this offense better as a guy solely out there to take the top off the defense. He runs by any CB and the safety has to be there or it could be 6. That impacts the defense even if they rarely throw it to him. He wore out his welcome but the Dolphins would have been better off keeping him this year

  15. I don’t know if the Dolphins will win on Sunday, and no one else does either, however one thing is for sure, other then the Jets suck, is there fans who been on this site all week won’t be here if Miami wins, just like last year, after both loses they didn’t show up. Bill

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