Andre Johnson aggravates ankle injury

Against the Redskins, Texans wideout Andre Johnson injured an ankle.  He returned to make an overtime-forcing 34-yard touchdown reception. 

Against the Cowboys, he injured it again in a 27-13 loss.  For the game, Johnson caught only four passes for 64 yards.

Said Houston coach Gary Kubiak in comments distributed by the team, “It’s the same ankle, he nicked it
again.  What I was just told as I walked out of the locker room is that they
don’t think it is worse than it was.  I didn’t see any reason to let him go out
there and take another shot on it.  I’m trying to get him to next week.”

“We’re going to do the same [treatment] we did last week and see what happens,”Johnson said.

Last week, an MRI showed only a mild sprain.  This week, Johnson returned again after aggravating the injury, but he was yanked once the outcome was essentially decided. 

Next week, the Texans play at Oakland.  Since the Raiders as of this posting have a shot at going 2-1, we won’t make a sarcastic remark.

6 responses to “Andre Johnson aggravates ankle injury

  1. Only 4 catches for 64 yards? WoW! I bet there is a lot of WRs who would like that, healthy (especially TJ WherezMyMoney, who has 2 or 3 catches for about 15 yards in FOUR GAMES),
    How about an article about TJ being washed up?

  2. Florio says:
    Next week, the Texans play at Oakland. Since the Raiders as of this posting have a shot at going 2-1, we won’t make a sarcastic remark.
    Mr. Florio,
    Go ahead and sic Rosenthal on the Raiders after that pathetic performance today. I hear Seabass tried to hang himself after missing three FG during the game today but couldn’t kick the chair out from under him
    As far as the Texans…Go ahead and sit Johnson for next week.
    Texans are everything (i.e. explosive passing offense, good running attack and young and upcoming defense) that the Raiders wish they could be, but will never be as long as Al Davis refuses to take a step back and hire a GM and a REAL Head Coach.

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