Coughlin takes blame for Giants debacle

After opening the season with a win against the hapless Panthers, the Giants have been smacked around by a pair of AFC South teams — the Colts last week and the Titans today.

Following the game, coach Tom Coughlin took the blame.  “It’s my fault,” he said.  “It’s my responsibility.  Put it one me.”

And that’s appropriate, because he’s going to get the blame.  And if they don’t make it to the playoffs, he’s going to no longer be the coach of the team.


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  1. For a HC who’s bread and butter is discipline, he now coaches the most undisciplined team in the NFL, the G-Hens not only lost, they embarrassed themselves……

  2. no credit for the titans swarming on those plays?
    personal fouls are clownish but the turnovers were titans defenders popping guys and getting hands on the football

  3. Coughlin takes the blame b/c he deserves it. This is two absoultley sub-par performances by the coach. That call to go for the FG in the 1st half was incredibly stupid, there’s no way Tynes was kicking a 53 yarder. Penalties are always the coache’s responsibility, get you’re players under control. The only positive is that the Giants collapse is coming early instead of late. So they have a chance to turn it around, or at least put the fans out of our misery by Christmas.

  4. You ARE to blame. You can’t motivate them any longer. It’s been a great run, but you’re 2 years over your ‘sell by’ date. You could have retired in glory. Now you’re just another clown who held on too long… and had to be fired in disgrace. Well played Tom; well played.

  5. I still find it amazing how year to year this league is. Seems to me that, in a league of 32 teams, the Giants just won a Super Bowl.
    Perhaps it’s a player selection problem. There’s Burress, that one is obvious. Now, there’s the helmet shot put champion, Jacobs. How many other borderline characters are on that team that haven’t shot and/or shot putted anything yet?
    I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

  6. He Grandma Florio, did you see that Sharpe is back on the CBS set?
    Man, Sean Salisbury pulls his stuff and gets fired, and mushmouth, nothing at all.
    go figure that one out.

  7. This team has played horribly since the hot start last year and it’s clear the Giants aren’t responding to Coughlin any longer.

  8. For the first time since Coughlin started coaching the Giants this loss was because of him….
    But remember it wasn’t the great 4th down completion or Plax’s catch that won the SB, no that win was just because of the genius of Tommy…Or so he likes to remember

  9. I agree with shaggeez, and I’m a Giants fan. Since TC took over the excuse is always the same…they didn’t beat us. We beat ourselves.
    For some odd reason, Giants fans and the entire organization believes they have the very best players, coaches and GM in football. Totally unfounded.
    We won a Super Bowl with incredible defense and one lucky drive. Since then we’ve only beaten bad teams and have been thumped by all the good teams.
    The Giants are 5-10 in their last 15 games!
    Hand it to the Titans. The came. They saw. They conquered. And they rubbed our big blue noses in it too.

  10. Wow, so many mistakes today GMen– you have to blame Big C for the lack of discipline.
    Coming out of half time they still had a chance but that chop block call for a safety after the 40 yrd bomb to Mannigham is what caused the collapse. They were not mentally tough enough to bounce back.

  11. i am not saying coughlin is not going to eat the blame for this but my gosh kevin gilbride has called horrible games for 3 years now…..the offensive play calling is horrible. the o line is trash and there seems to be no one calling them out and changing the direction of the offense to suit the team in a way where the ball can be protected and not forced down field. First Madden 2011 was disappointing and now THIS!!!!

  12. I don’t blame coughlin, just a lot of bad turnovers. I thought the offense moved up and down the field can’t really fault Gilbride today. I am still not sold on the “read and react or bend but don’t break defense” Seems like it is bending a little too much rather than stopping. Our pass rush just doesn’t seem to be even close as it used to be, and to me it is scheme. Whatever happened to beat the crap out of the guy in front of you and if you see the RB on the way to the QB knock him on his ass.. Also where is Osi, he disappears in games now, I did see him 8 yards up field when CJ hit that 40 yard run down the sideline. Keith Bulluck’s role seems insignificant, and Aaron Ross should just sit, he seems more of a burden than a boost.. Think they should use Deon Grant more. I think I just got spoiled by what spags brought to the table. Where teams got the ball on our 45 and ended up going the wrong direction.

  13. Those are Coughlin’s public comments. Privately, he gave a tongue lashing to the team according to Peter King. The personal fouls indicate a lack of team discipline, clearly something that Coughlin can address. But Fisher has owned Tom for years and there it doesn’t appear that Coughlin has an answer.

  14. “Also where is Osi, he disappears in games now, I did see him 8 yards up field when CJ hit that 40 yard run down the sideline? ”
    Correction to my earlier comment it was Mathias Kiwanuka, that didnt get off his block.

  15. TC needs to go and Kevin G needs to go with him. The offensive play calling has been horrible. What happened to establishing the running game? Im so sick of this pass happy offense. Why aren’t they bringing in Shawn Andrews? He was an absolute beast in preseason. On the defensive side of the ball, the only two players who are playing good football are Kenny Phillips and Kiwanuka. Bring on Cowher.

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