Ravens-Browns one-liners

Browns CB Eric Wright had a tough day against Ravens WR Anquan Boldin in Cleveland’s 24-17 loss to Baltimore.

Boldin might’ve had four touchdowns as opposed to three had Browns S T.J. Ward not broken up a late-game pass intended for the receiver.
Browns KR/WR Joshua Cribbs was in a walking boot after the game to protect his sprained ankle.
Browns RB Peyton Hillis was the M.V.P. on Cleveland’s side, keeping Baltimore’s defense honest with 144 powerfully-earned rushing yards.
Ravens QB Joe Flacco didn’t take a single sack despite frequent blitzing by Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.
Said Ravens coach John Harbaugh of Flacco, “He’s the kind of guy you want playing quarterback for you.”
Ravens RB Ray Rice appeared to suffer a sprained knee against the Browns.
Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun calls the Ravens “a work in progress” after they were only able to squeak out a seven-point win over such a bad team.

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  1. Such a bad team my @$$. Did you watch the game before writing on it? They out played the play off contender Raven’s in almost every facet of the game!

  2. Such a bad team my @$$. Did you watch the game before writing on it? They out played the play off contender Raven’s in almost every facet of the game! If the Browns actually had a true wide receiver they would have dominated that game.

  3. summing up all of this – all can’t be negative. There is things to look forward too…well mainly Peyton Hillis. I will re-iterate what I said last week – terrible draft last year! How the hell did the management think our receivers were capable of carrying this load? How could we have so many penalties? How was Eric Wright not switched off when Mary Kay reported something may have been wrong “physically and mentally”? Bad coaching. Daboll – nice call on 3rd and 2. A deep ball to Cribbs, thrown 5 yards out of bounds. We are improving. But mistakes and coaching errors are getting us.

  4. …and Ray Lewis isn’t bitching about the referees making bad calls, which means one thing: the Ravens won.

  5. Silva needs to fix his stats. Peyton Hillis had 144 rushing yards and another 36 receiving. It’s been since Kevin Mack that I’ve seen such a battering ram on the Browns. I’d feel sorry for the safety he drove for 10 yards if the safety wasn’t a ratbird. Hillis didn’t even try to go around that guy.
    It looks like the Browns are starting to get things going. I hope it continues.

  6. The only thing that i wish to hear from a Baltimore fan is that the Browns gave them a harder time than they expected because they are a better team than last year.

  7. I ask what can Brown do for you. How about pitching it to the goal line? I love Brown.
    First the Ravens, next up: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – downtown Baltimore. Cleveland gets our old ESPN Zone with those really old TVs.

  8. This is the first game of the season that Cleveland didn’t have turnovers issues and they hung in there with a team that many have picked to represent the AFC in the superbowl….on the road even. Peyton “the hulk” Hillis had a heck of a game. I don’t think we had a bad ’10 draft at all. Joe Haden and TJ Ward both look like they’ll be very good for a long time. People criticize the Hardesty pick because he got injured, and had injury issues in college. I’m ok with that pick, I think he’ll be good still next season. We desperately need to find a true #1 receiver. We have a crop of 2’s and 3’s but definitely nobody who is a 1. I like Ben Watson/Evan Moore at TE however.

  9. How did the Browns dominate in every facet of the game? The ONLY facet they won was rushing. Ravens had more overall yards, passing yards, first downs, Time of Possession and points.

  10. We need a true #1 WR and a corner to take over Eric Wright’s spot. Stats show that he defended 1 pass, and he was picked on all game. If Wright would have turned around to look at the ball just once, we’d have a completely different game. The next thing to work on is Seneca Wallace’s tendancy to throw the ball high and out of bounds in the 2nd half. He didn’t do that in the first half.

  11. We don’t need to replace Eric Wright. It was clear that Boldin was a terrible match up for him, and yet Mangini left him on Anquan…that is a coaching error. Wright is in fact a very good corner, Boldin just had his number yesterday. Wright is a finesse, pure cover corner….we needed to put a physical, get in your face type corner on Boldin, we have one learning to play with Haden…hopefully next meeting Haden is ready to start and we can play him on Boldin.

  12. I agree with Trickbunny. Wright keeps having games like this. He’ll look good for a game, then put up a string of sub-standard performances. At the very least, he could have drawn a penalty instead of giving up an easy score. Unfortunately, on two of those scores, he wasn’t close enough to interfere with boldin.

  13. I can live with another losing season (what choice do we have), as long as the coaches and players look like they belong in the NFL. The players have not disappointed.
    I questioned the Hardesty pick at the time it was made. I thought we were pretty well stocked at RB, while the WR cupboard looked pretty bare. I feared we would sign that cancer known as TO but, figured Holmgren’s brain trust knew what they were doing.
    I’m still believe Holmgren has the organization on the right path…and, I still question the capabilities of the coaching staff to think for a full 60 minutes.

  14. Mike Preston is an idiot. All he ever does is build the Ravens up in the off-season and then complain when they fail to live up to his impossible expectations. So when he says the Browns are “such a bad team”, it doesn’t mean anything. Browns fans need not feel bad about the bile this jackass spews.
    JLawless87: The Browns gave us a harder time than we expected because they are a better team than last year. They’re starting to look good. I think they can probably look even better if they get rid of Mangini.
    The Ravens, right now, do not look like a Super Bowl team. Playoffs, maybe. But I think they have time to make adjustments and the talent to get there. It’s way too early to be speculating who is going to go to the Super Bowl anyway.

  15. As a Browns fan, I’ve hated Eric Wright since day one. His coverage consists avoiding the receiver until he gets the ball and gently push him to the ground or out of bounds.
    He desperately needs to be released/traded at the end of the season.

  16. I was really trying to roll with Mangini, this is not working. Bad Bad Bad coaching the dude out thinks himself. Getting tired 12 years back and still searching for f*#@!!$#%^ing answers. No QB no receivers Wright is a bum he should be gone with Mcdonald, Dabol sucks ass, I dont get it. Too hard to be a Browns fan.

  17. RayRay,
    Hey MURPH73, Thanks for hitting the nail on the head. The coaching sucks !!! No effective defensive adjustment in the second half of any game. Why not double team Boldin, jam him at the line or switch another DB on him. Game calling not optomizing limited talent we have and/or putting our guys in a position to compete. Young team playing against their opponent plus bad coaching. Give me a break. Hard being a Browns fan; A fan since 1971; Try, Rocket 88, the Fumble, the Drive, blowing 17 point lead in 3rd quarter of playoff game: against Pittsburgh, Anderson’s 4 interceptions against bad Bengal team, ruining 10-6 season and no playoff. Now Hardesty out. Now back to back horrible season for sure. Enough, Mangini OUT.

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