Kevin Mawae on 18-game talk: I didn’t know Polian had the authority

Colts president Bill Polian caused a stir on Monday when he said that an 18-game regular season is a done deal.

NFLPA president Kevin Mawae found that surprising.

“My knee-jerk reaction is that I didn’t know [Polian] had the authority to make announcements on his own,” Mawae told Albert Breer of the Boston Globe.  “But the way I understand it — and I had meetings all day — he said he wasn’t in favor of it.”

Breer reports that the league presented the players with a formal proposal on the 18-game season yesterday.

Polian said about the 18-game season is that it’s happening no matter who is or is not in favor of it.  But Mawae says the union doesn’t see it that way.

“From a players’ perspective, this is not a done deal,” Mawae said. “We spent three hours in the bargaining session talking about this and, as players, the thing that concerns us the most is the toll this will take on a player’s body.  Look at someone like me, a 16-year vet — that’d be 32 more games. Of all the things we’re trying to sell to other players, the 18-game season is the hardest thing to sell.”

But if Polian is right, the league doesn’t view the 18-game season as something it has to “sell” on the players at all — the league views the 18-game season as something it has already decided to implement, whether the players like it or not.

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  1. Isn’t that how it works? The boss makes changes and the employees have to deal with it. Oh wait, that’s only people who make 50k per year, not the ones that spend 50k on dinner.

  2. Well Kevin, he didn’t call a press conference and make an official announcement on behalf of the NFL. He answered a question on a radio talkshow. So what you’re saying is, you didn’t know that in this country we have a thing called the first amendment. He doesn’t need to have authority, but he has the right to state his opinion, and that’s what he did. I get your point about the players’ position on the 18-game season, but what does that have to with Polian’s “authority?”
    Come on, now.

  3. So I guess this is Mawae’s concession that preseason games don’t mean crap. The NFL is a money grab and it’s getting old. At the end of the day, NFL players work for NFL owners, so Mawae and the rest of the “workers” should just STFU. Further, maybe the NFLPA should start paying for new stadiums. It’s not the players’ money, it’s not even the owners’ money. It’s the money paid by fans not just for tickets, but at the stadiums for parking and concessions, for merchandise, for pay tv programming which funds the broadcast agreements, not to mention the NCAA football system funded by taxpayers, fans and alumni so these players can cash in. I’m not saying owners aren’t greedy, but they are the ones who risk their own money in the NFL. What do players risk? Yeah, some get injured but that’s why the minimum annual salary is more than many people earn over 10 or more years of work. Is an NFL player’s job more dangrous than a police officer? Than a firefighter? Than the oilfield? Than a service member? Save it Mawae, you overrated whiny bitch.

  4. Good for the owners. These brats are paid too much as it is to do far too little. Take your union and shove it players!

  5. I know it’s not this simple, but isn’t football supposed to be a GAME? If you told a team of pee-wee football players they got to play two more games they would be overjoyed. I know there are injury and compensation concerns and that it boils down to money from all angles but doesn’t anybody play football for the fun of it?

  6. It doesn’t matter to Polian since he’ll rest his starters for the last 4 games so they can be fresh for their playoff loss.

  7. # hard left media says: September 29, 2010 8:20 AM
    What have the Bengals ever won?
    …a free stadium 100% financed by the great taxpayers of Hamilton County.

  8. Funny I hear all this stuff about how extending the games by two would cause such serious injury to the players. I don’t doubt more people will get hurt but if they increase the pool of players on each team wouldn’t that be good for the players. More people making more money?
    Also, I know football is tough but when you actually breakdown a 6o minute game the average time of Players going FULL SPEED comes in at around a total of 6-7 minutes a game. Divide that in Half for offense and defense and the MOST a player is actually going full speed in a game is 3.5 minutes? So adding 2 games really only adds about 7 minutes to the players window of injury? They barely hit in practice after training camp so it’s not like that’s an increased risk threat.
    Again, those 6-7 minutes of full speed action can be brutal but it’s not the end of the world the players make it out to be.

  9. I still like the idea I read here for a 17 game schedule with 2 bye weeks. That would be 19 weeks of football and only one more game, but with an extra weeks rest. 3 preseason games which is all they use for the backups anyways, and no more tie seasons. 17 is the way to go for sure!

  10. Technically, an 18 game season is a done deal. The owners have had the authority to extend the season since the last labor deal, so it has been a ‘done deal’ since 2006.
    According to DeSmith the players would be 100% fine with operating under the current CBA for the future, so according to DeSmith an 18 game season is a done deal.
    The ONLY reason players are bitching about the 18 game season is because they need to complain about something as a reason they want more money.

  11. A statement from Chappy’s Mom’s basement:
    # Chapnasty. says: September 29, 2010 8:14 AM
    Good for the owners. These brats are paid too much as it is to do far too little. Take your union and shove it players!

  12. I can’t believe all of the people siding with the owners. They get public financing for their stadiums because they hold the public hostage. example – Minnesota threatening to move without a new stadium and they sell out every game. They buy a team for 200 million, get a stadium built and it is worth a billion. THey have guaranteed TV revenue rolling in. And they are risking nothing – they have other cities courting them if they aren’t selling out and if they are -they can rape their fans for higher ticket prices and PSLs.
    Players don’t have guaranteed contracts, can be cut at any time and can have a career ending injury at any time. Just because it is a “union” people are hating on them. Does it matter that the owners practice collusion on a daily basis ?(Mawae not having a job when a ton of teams are down centers) – And I pay to watch the players – is 60% of the revenue shared over 53 guys too much? I don’t think so.

  13. Considering the current CBA already allows for 18 game regular season; instead of the owners bargaining to get it, the players are actually in a position where they would have to bargain to prevent it. Now what exactly are the players willing to give up to prevent 18 game regular season and the additional income that would come with it???
    I’m with Polian, this is a done deal!

  14. How about a 45-week season with 5 bye weeks = 40 regular season games for each team. The playoffs will be over a 5 week period with every team making it. It will start with all 32 teams and end after 5 weeks with a week off for the superbowl. The superbowl will then be on Week 51. The probowl will be played the week after the superbowl. The players that make the probowl will have their offseason cut to 6 days, while players who do not make the probowl will get the much needed 2 weeks off…. and then the new season will begin.

  15. Another thought…
    Given that the NFLPA’s current plan is to not reach an agreement on a new CBA but instead let the owners impose their final proposal on players and then de-certify the union and go to court and file an anti-trust lawsuit…
    The players won’t have any say in whether there is an 18 game regular season or not. And once that horse is out of the barn there will be no putting it back in (whether they ultimate win the lawsuit or not – which will be years down the road).
    Maybe someone should tell Mawae what the current plan is at the NFLPA, he seems to think they are still trying to collective bargain while his boss has made it perfectly clear that he is trying to get this in front of a judge. The union is already holding decertification votes, where has Mawae been? Then again Mawae still thinks he is a starting caliber center in the league and that he isn’t playing because he is a union official (enough said).

  16. @allinstackme:
    It’s what happens when you have a labor agreement that has to be negotiated. Happens all the time with $50k employees that are part of a union.
    Last time I checked your average $50k white collar worker didn’t have to worry about having some 250 pound linebacker knocking him out of a job either.

  17. have any of you seen the slop half of the teams in the league have playing at QB right now? We really need another two games?
    I could deal with 17 and 2 byes with the superbowl on pres day weekend if thats what they are really looking for.

  18. have any of you seen the slop half of the teams in the league have playing at QB right now? We really need another two games?
    I could deal with 17 and 2 byes with the superbowl on pres day weekend if thats what they are really looking for.

  19. “From a players’ perspective, this is not a done deal,” Mawae said.
    Yup, it IS a done deal, because that’s what the owners want.
    At the end of the day, the owners are in charge, as they should be.

  20. Bill Polian has a massively inflated ego of enormous proportions, such that the egos of Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Bob Knight, Rex Ryan, Deion Sanders, and Michael Irvin, when COMBINED, would fit inside his ever-growing ego,
    so in his pompous mind it’s a done deal.
    That is not reality, though.

  21. If the NFLPA isn’t on board for 18 games, where does Polian plan on getting players for the last two games? Instead of Peyton Manning you get to watch someone like Curtis Painter for the last game(s)?
    Oh wait, been there.
    Still, typical league arrogance.

  22. Why are people like Al Cortez so stupid?
    Polian isn’t saying he’s for it, against it, and certainly not claiming he’s created it.
    He’s only commenting, when asked btw, on what he thinks will happen.
    the NFLPA may either cease to exist or have a lot of unemployed workers if they do not abide.
    As a season ticket holder I’m sick of paying $300 x 2 for preseason games to WATCH Curtis Painter

  23. Neither the league nor the players have ever had an issue with season ticket holders paying full price for 2 exhibition games. Please go on strike or lock them out. You will get a lot of sympathy from the fans during this recession.

  24. I’d say the owners cannot just implement this. Gonna be hard to play an 18 game season without players to play in them. If the players don’t agree and chose to, for example, strike…….then the ownership would be assed out. The fans aren’t going to watch tv or buy tickets to games with scabs. Didn’t work the last time, not gonna work should it happen again. The players DO have one trump card……..they are the ones the fans pay to see.

  25. I like 17 Games with 2 Byes and make the 17th game an inter-conference game at a neutral site.
    Think of the possibilities….
    Jets-Giants at Yankee Stadium one year, Citi Field the next. Yes, the capacity is much lower but those would be hot tickets.
    Steelers-Eagles at Penn State
    Cowboys-Texans at Austin one year, San Antonio the next
    Broncos-Seahawks on the blue field at Boise.
    Panthers or Falcons vs Titans in Knoxville
    Bucs vs Dolphins or Jags in Orlando
    Play a few games in LA, Of course you’d see games in London and Mexico, Maybe Canada and look at cities wanting expansion teams, give them a game or two every year to gauge support.

  26. CaptainFantasik,
    Actually the owners can just implement this. They already have the authority to under the current CBA. The players have already backed themselves into corner saying that they won’t strike, besides since they are planning on de-certifying a strike isn’t even gonna be an option anyway. The players have a trump card, but its not what you think it is… it is an anti-trust lawsuit. And that is there plan, but it will take years to work its way through the legal system in the time being there will be an 18game season.
    By the way, for a little history – the owners did fine with scabs (replacement players) back in the ’80s. It was the players that caved and accepted the deal and returned to work. But what they did do was de-certify the union and file an anti-trust lawsuit which was settled years later and resulted in the current CBA (which among other things yielded free agency and and a salary cap). Its exactly what they are threatening to do again. Only this time with free agency already in the mix, the potential gains from the players in an anti-trust lawsuit are likely a lot smaller this time around. But still it is there best play, since the owners are determined to get what they want or shut it down, and the players as a whole can’t afford to go a season without there salaries.

  27. CaptainFantastik,
    The owners are billionaires with income from other sources
    The players are millionaires with income 100% due to being players.
    Let’s see who get’s hungry first 🙂

  28. how can a individual who no longer is a player, be president of a palyers association when he does not play……
    18 game season is a done deal, or change the price of the preseason games to 5 bucks.

  29. CaptainFantastik says: September 29, 2010 10:33 AM
    The players DO have one trump card……..they are the ones the fans pay to see.
    Real fans will watch their team play, regardless of who the players are.
    Don’t get me wrong, we’d all like the best players available, but at the end of the day, the fans are pulling for their team, not the players.

  30. Didn’t know Polian had the authority?
    I didn’t know that the NFLPA President could NOT BE IN THE NFL ANYMORE.
    Maybe the president should be somebody still in the nfl. Just a thought.

  31. ‘What have The Bengals won?’ Well they currently own PITTSBURGH and BALTIMORE with sweeps of both last season and a won over The Ravens this season already..
    Who’s asking?

  32. @ captain
    I am actually looking forward to watching guys play who can play with some heart and appreciation for their chance to play in the NFL.

  33. There’s a lot Mawae doesn’t know.
    In this regard, he’s not unlike Florio and the PFT staff.
    Losers looking out for each other, eh?

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