Bart Scott warns Ryan Fitzpatrick, scoffs at Harvard education

Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard. Jets linebacker Bart Scott went to Southern Illinois. In discussing Fitzpatrick prior to their teams’ meeting on Sunday, Scott noted sarcastically that an Ivy League diploma won’t protect Fitzpatrick on Sunday.

“I don’t know, he’s a pretty smart guy,” Scott said of Fitzpatrick, per Chris Brown of “I don’t want him to hit me with a book.”

Scott also issued a bit of a warning for Fitzpatrick about trying to run while Scott is on the field.

“You just know that whenever he sees two-man or man-to-man coverage he’s a threat to run the football,” Scott said. “But with that being said, he’s also declaring himself as a runner and sets himself up for, all you need is one good hit and possibly get him out of there. So whenever he does that he’s making himself a runner.”

Does issuing a warning about one good hit that could get an opponent out of there make Scott a bad guy? If it does, that’s fine with him.

“We’re not afraid of the role of bully or villain or whatever,” Scott said. “Whatever comes with the territory, we’re going to go about how we feel what’s best for this football team. If that’s as a villain or bullies than so be it.”

49 responses to “Bart Scott warns Ryan Fitzpatrick, scoffs at Harvard education

  1. big surprise, the Jets running their mouths and looking foolish. Amazing amount of talk from a team that folds at the end of almost every season

  2. Bart Scott is the ultimate tough guy when he can take a shot at an unprotected quarterback.
    On the other hand he whines like a little girl in frilly pink panties when Hines Ward cleans his clock.

  3. Now, Scott talks a lot of smack since he left the AFC North so he doesnt get killed by Hines Ward every time.

  4. Talk to me in 20 years Bart when you are a broke, bankrupt, forgotten nobody and Fitzpatrick is using that Harvard degree to own and run businesses. Maybe you can beg him to hit you with a book and maybe he’ll hire you to clean the bathrooms.

  5. The same Bart Scott that called Hines Ward “Soy Sauce” and threatened to kill him after a game? Oh… Why is this a surprise?

  6. “Scott noted sarcastically that an Ivy League diploma won’t protect Fitzpatrick on Sunday.”
    Neither will his O-line.

  7. When a team like the Bills continues to lose, the players start to get frustrated and if they can’t win the game, at least they can inflict some damage on the other team. Perhaps when Scott tries to take a shot at Fitzpatrick, Marshawn Lynch might need to protect his QB with a “Beast Mode” shot from the side to Scott’s knees. It would be fun to see Scott carried off the field, as he cries like a little baby.

  8. This is where an O-line needs to defend their QB.
    “Hey Bart, you know anytime you blitz, you come behind the line of scrimmage, you’re setting yourself up. All you need is one good hit to the knee and possibly get him out of there.”

  9. bart scott is everything that is wrong about football. From placing bounties to bragging about QB hits. I hope he rots in hell.

  10. bart scott is everything that is wrong about football. From placing bounties to bragging about QB hits. I hope he rots in hell.

  11. So basically Scott is telling us he will be head hunting for the QB if he runs? ” It only takes one good hit to get him out of there”
    I never liked Scott when he was with Baltimore, but atleast they kept a leash on the things he said. No wonder Harbaugh did not want him back! Now he is with the loud mouth Rex….. perfect fit!

  12. The Jets should beat the Bills but it Fitzy runs for a TD or two, I’m going to send Bart Scott some face shots of him signed…….
    Fitz You!!!!!!!!!
    Not a Bills fan, but I dislike the Jets!!!!!!!

  13. well written!!! usually writers (pft pepl not-withstanding) would take this piece and make it something flagrant… thanks… wish it were like that for not jus bart scott tho

  14. Geez c’mon Jets can we have 1 friggin week where the players and coach stay out of the news?
    As a very long time fan I really need them to STFU and just play football.

  15. Bart Scott is not good. All he does is talk. As a Ravens fan i loved when he left. No more over pursuits and missed tackles like he would do in every steelers game.

  16. Bart Scott is the ultimate tough guy when he can take a shot at an unprotected quarterback.
    On the other hand he whines like a little girl in frilly pink panties when Hines Ward cleans his clock.
    And Hines Ward IS the ultimate tough guy because he runs full speed into stationary players who aren’t looking at him and knocks them over (as ANYONE would do in that situation)? If Bart Scott and Hines Ward run full speed, head-on into each other, Bart Scott wins every time. Hines Ward is just a huge pussy who’s scared to hit anyone unless they aren’t looking.

  17. I didn’t hear Bart Scott barking when Michael Oher plowed him into Kris Jenkins’ knee and ended his season/possibly career.
    Maybe if he could take on a block better, Jenkins would still be there. Put a hat on Bart Scott, and he becomes silly putty.

  18. wow look at all the haters, if you’re a real football fan you gotta love when these guys talk crap, and thats what it is, talking crap. its better than hearing the same old tired cliches.

  19. Who is Bart Scott? Gholston is getting more face time, that should be a good indicator of where he ranks now.

  20. Scott is an a-hole for other reasons, not for saying he’d hit a QB who was running.
    Leave it to the “genius” Scott to make fun of someone who went to Harvard. Frankly, it’s far more impressive to be in the NFL after attending Harvard than it is to be an idiot linebacker on the Jets that went to Southern Illinois. Why not pick on a guy who hasn’t been a starter his entire career?
    Scott is an idiot. I hope the Bills smoke the Jets

  21. most of you guys have obviously never played football, because 95% of defensive players feel the same way about the QB. Is it really so crazy that a LB wants to smash a QB with a big hit? really?

  22. I can’t wait until Bart Scott is running full speed at Fitzpatrick with a smile on his face…..
    Then Baammmm!! Eric Wood smacks Scott so hard that Mr Bart Scott is spending his Sunday’s watching the Jets games from his Southern Illinois home. What a piece of sh-t Scott is. You wanna play the Villain? Well let me tell ya this, the Villain never wins.

  23. Bart Scott is a boot lipped punk! He couldn’t catch Fitz if he had a block of Reagan cheese tied around his neck!

  24. So let’s do the math …
    Bart is afraid of Hines Ward, Ryan Fitzpatrick, “Text Books” … and oh yeah the Bills (?!?)
    I’m a Bills fan and certainly don’t understand why he’d have another case of diarrhea of the mouth for this game.

  25. Bart Scott is another in the collection of low life scumbags the Jets have welcomed on the team.
    I’m glad I don’t live where they would be the local team I’d have to root for. That would have me following an out of town team.
    As others have said,once Scott is out of football his mental shortcomings and big mouth won’t put food on his table.

  26. Scott seems to have forgotten he was neutralized by an O-line that included Harvard grad Matt Birk a few weeks ago. I don’t recall any book throwing in that game.

  27. Hey Coolahan, if you ran into Hines Ward in an alley you’d pee your pants so STFU. Another internet tough guy, lmao.

  28. I wish the players on the Bill’s D had this attitude. Football should be a violent sport and who cares if the guy wants to trash talk. Hopefully one of our LB’s takes out Sanchez – even if it’s a late hit.

  29. It’s pretty funny. No one has bothered to diss the Bills in a decade as who cares if you are playing such a nothing team going nowhere. Bart Scott made the Bills (and Ryan Fitzpatrick of all people….did he think it was Marino or Kelly….jeesh) relevant for 10 seconds. How weird.

  30. i love how the jets player keep running their mouths like they have something to be proud of this all coming from a team that said they were gonna win the superbowl this year, they should be un-beaten plus they barley made it to the playoffs last year. if scott wants to talk to smack pick someone like beast mode and see how you make out trying to take him out the game he is equal to 2 tons pulling a trailor(its proven on sports science)

  31. hey jcjets, there´s a difference between talking about a big hit or talking about injuring other players… obviously, in your time playing nobody told you that…

  32. All you tough guys. Not the one of you will take that guy on. He did the dirty work in the Ravens scheme. Taking on o-lineman while Ray Lewis gets to run free

  33. Bart Scott is one of those guys comfortable hitting defenseless offensive players – including of course, little lilly white QBs from Ivy League schools.
    Bart Scott is the polar opposite when he’s getting hit. Scott spazzes out – has a complete psychological meltdown …… an embarassing little freakout fit, if you will.
    Hines Ward dinged Scott when he played for the Ravens (many know about this), and Scott couldn’t handle it ….. he was overwhelmed emotionally and just kind of “lost it” for months. Scott was evidently quite traumatized that a 5’11, 200 pound man laid his hands on him.
    So Scott promised to kill Ward time and time again and he huffed and puffed for weeks, months. Ward just smiled about Scott’s antics.
    So what happened when they played next? Scott could be seen on tape repeatedly aborting attempts to pursue the ball out of fear for Ward. Scott played in a state of constant fear – always having his eye on where Ward was. It was with good reason — Ward was targeting Scott …. and each time Ward would move in, Scott would flee.
    Bart Scott — he’s the Mike Vanderjagt of LBs. Lots of mouth and tough talk —-> and lots of wilting miserably when actually tested.

  34. Someone should do a segment on the 100 dumbest athletes in the nfl. I bet the jets would have the most players on the list. These idiots should be playing in a prison league.

  35. The Jets are just full of class act players…..I want the Bills to whoop their asses so bad…..if he hits Fitz late and gets a penalty, I hope Fitz uses that Harvard Education and this news-story to sue the crap out of him.

  36. old barts just jealous, yea that harvard education won’t protect him on the field but like a couple have already said it will sure come in handy when he is done. Bart you about as dumb as a box of rocks and your just salty that fitzy beat you all last year when you guys had the game wrapped up and they came back. I don’t remember him running his mouth like this when he was in the AFC North, thats kinda funny and speaking of which now that he doesn’t have suggs, lewis, johnson and Ngata to take the heat off of him he has completely fell off the map and not lived up to that 48 million dollar contract. All he does is run his mouth. You know what they say the louder the bark the smaller the bite, its the quiet ones you got to watch out for.

  37. I actually went to graduate school at Southern Illinois. The undergraduate community was largely composed of kids who wanted to go to college but only managed C’s in high school, so they weren’t able to get in to anywhere else. It was a party school for the most part. When I was there, they used to close the campus and send everyone in the dorms home for Halloween weekend, because if they didn’t, drunken rioting students would burn half the town down.
    One of my profs told me that the Carbondale town council passed a law stating that you had to be 21 to go into a bar (18-20 year olds were allowed in, but weren’t allowed to buy drinks, wink-wink). The following fall, enrollment dropped from 21,000 to about 18,000.
    So, yeah, you can see why someone from SIU would want to hate on someone from Harvard.

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