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Week Four Friday 10-pack

It’s Friday morning.  And since the news flow often slows down on Friday morning, we need to fill space.

So we fill space with 10 story lines emanating from the upcoming slate of games.

It’s harder with two or three storyline-worthy teams on a bye, but we eventually found a way to milk the cow this week.

1.  Jets could soon be soaring.

After a disappointing Monday night loss to break in their half of the
New Meadowlands Stadium (it’s sort of like Fred and Barney sharing a
swimming pool
), the Jets have won two in a row against their primary
division rivals.  And they’ve done it with cornerback Darrelle Revis and
linebacker Calvin Pace injured, and with receiver Santonio Holmes on

So what happens when those guys come back?

The Vikings could find out on Monday, October 11, when Holmes definitely
be back — and when Revis and/or Pace could be dressed and playing, too.

Considering the level of play that the Jets have achieved without them,
the Jets could be poised to run away with the division.  Until then,
they won’t even have to switch to missiles to shoot down the Bills.

2.  Last chance for Mangini?

The Browns have been competitive in each of their first three games.  But they’ve lost each one.

After this weekend’s visit from the Bengals, the Browns play the Falcons, Steelers, and Saints.  Then comes the bye week.

As a result, a loss to Cincinnati on Sunday would make an 0-7 start
likely, and team president Mike Holmgren could decide to part ways with
coach Eric Mangini.  And so Sunday’s game could be Mangini’s last and
best chance to preserve his job beyond October 31.

If the Browns don’t win in Week Four, and in turn don’t pull off an
unlikely upset of the Falcons, Steelers, or Saints, there’s a chance
that, when the Jets come to Cleveland on November 14, coach Rex Ryan
could be looking across the sideline at his identical twin, Browns
defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

3.  Running back injuries confirm 18-game season concerns.

With Colts president Bill Polian sparking a belated debate regarding the
wisdom of an 18-game season, one of the primary concerns is (or at
least should be) the impact of two additional games on the short-term
and long-term health of the players.

Indeed, with seven running backs (Steven Jackson of the Rams, Pierre
Thomas of the Saints, Jahvid Best of the Lions, Ray Rice of the Ravens,
Cedric Benson of the Bengals, Fred Taylor of the Patriots, and Knowshon
Moreno of the Broncos) already dinged up after only three games and
Reggie Bush of the Saints out with a broken leg, the league and
the union need to be very concerned about the potential consequences of
additional games on the players who take the brunt of the punishment in
the 16 games that already are played.

Though the move from 14 to 16 games in the ’70s occurred without much public discussion or debate, the three-channels television universe and the absence of talk radio and the Internet fueled that outcome.  Besides, players continue to get bigger, faster, and stronger.  When they hit each other, the bones and ligaments we all possess are at more risk than ever before.

4.  Team of destiny wanted.

Last year, it was obvious after three weeks that the Saints and Colts
were headed for big things.  New Orleans hung 45 on the Lions, winning
by 18, and 48 on the Eagles, winning by 26.  Held under 30 by the Bills,
the Saints still won by 20.

The Colts started more slowly, beating the Jags by two and the Dolphins
by four.  By Week Three, however, the Colts had taken down the defending
NFC champions (the Cardinals) by 21.

This year, none of the three remaining undefeated teams have rolled over
their opponents consistently.  The Steelers and the Chiefs won close
games in Week One and Week Two before notching 20-plus point victories in
Week Three.  The Bears have won by five points, seven points, and three

The absence of a team that clearly and definitively is taking care of
its business has reinforced the sense of parity that could be laying the
foundation for a playoff run with plenty of teams still alive, and a
postseason in which anything can happen.

For now, the Steelers are the team most likely to emerge as the team to
beat, but first they have to beat the Ravens on Sunday.  If the Steelers
can’t — and if the Bears lose on the road against the Giants — the
off-this-Sunday Chiefs could be the only undefeated team left after four
weeks of action.

Somewhere, Pete Rozelle will be smiling broadly.

5.  Time for Texans to prove themselves.

When the Texans toppled the Colts to open the season, the team that has
played eight years without a playoff berth seemed to be destined to
finally bust through to the postseason.  But then the Texans struggled
to beat a Redskins team that suddenly has inherited the stink of the
Rams, and the Texans lost fairly convincingly to in-state rivals who
were on the ropes, in danger of being punched through.

So are the Texans a contender, or did they merely give the first game of the season the Daytona 500 treatment?

Beating the Raiders won’t mean conclusively that the Texans are legit,
but losing will mean that Houston isn’t ready to hang with the likes of
the Colts and the Titans in arguably the best division in the
conference, if not the league.

6.  Desperation shifts from Dallas to New York.

Last week, a strong sense of desperation emerged in Dallas, where the
Cowboys had lost their first two games — and faced falling to 0-3 at
the hands of an upstart team from Houston that had started the year 2-0.

The Cowboys found a way to push the dark cloud away last week, and it
now has settled in New York, over the Rubble half of the Fred-and-Barney
pool.  (That’s the third Flintstones reference of the day.  And it’s not even 1966.)

The Giants, after beating the Panthers (who have turned out to be
toothless, de-clawed, malnourished house cats), have been spanked by the Colts and
Titans in successive weeks.  Only 14 days after losing decisively in
Indy, the Giants cannot afford to be embarrassed again before a national
audience.  (On NBC.)

With their backs firmly pressed against the wall and the Bears
overachieving their way through two of their three wins, look for the
Giants to get their act together, if only for a night.

And who knows?  Three years ago, the Giants lost their first two games
and gave up 80 points in the process.  More than four months later, they
only won the Super Bowl.

7.  Fins, Pats face “must” wins.

Yeah, it’s only Week Four.  But with the Jets, Dolphins, and Patriots
getting an early start on their round-robin routine, neither the
Patriots nor the Dolphins can afford to drop to 0-2.

The Dolphins need it even more; they play the Jets in New York on
December 12 and the Pats in New England on January 2.  Already in danger
of being swept by the Jets, the Dolphins can’t afford to lose at home
to New England, if the Dolphins have genuine designs on winning the

The Patriots need this one, too.  But they still get the Jets and the
Dolphins at home.  For the Dolphins, the season could potentially be over less than a
month after it began.

8.  Loss to Browns could help the Bengals in the long run.

The Bengals, despite their 2-1 record, don’t project the same vibe as
they did a year ago.  With a good defense (Week One at New England
notwithstanding) and a capable running back, the Bengals have relied too
heavily on the passing game.

Though T.O. has thrown the offensive line under the bus without overtly
throwing the offensive line under the bus, questions persist regarding
quarterback Carson Palmer.  Whether he has lingering elbow issues or he
simply has lost his zip on the ball, the Bengals seem to be in the same
style of denial that plagued the Panthers in 2009, when they refused to
face reality regarding quarterback Jake Delhomme.

And so a loss to the Browns could help jar the Bengals into facing
reality.   Eventually, they need to ask themselves whether Palmer
truly represents the future of the franchise at the quarterback

With a base salary of $11.5 million due to Palmer in 2011, we’ve got a
feeling that, win or lose on Sunday, the notoriously frugal Bengals will
think long and hard about paying that much money to a guy who has no
career playoff wins, and whose best days may be fading far behind him.

9.  Snyder’s biggest test could be coming.

For more than 11 years, Daniel Snyder has owned the Redskins.  And for
most of that time, Snyder has been impatient when it comes to the men
who are coaching the team.

After two years, Norv Turner was dumped.  (A playoff appearance likely
saved him in 1999.)  Marty Schottenheimer lasted a season.  Steve
Spurrier made it for two.  But for his resume and Hall of Fame bust, Joe
Gibbs may not have made it four years.  Jim Zorn lasted only two.

And throughout most if not all of Zorn’s final year, Snyder was wooing
(or at least planning to woo) Mike Shanahan, the presumed savior of the

In Week One, it appeared to be a brilliant move, thanks to an unexpected
win over the Cowboys.  But after blowing a 17-point lead against the
Texans and somehow losing by 14 against the Rams, the Redskins face what
could be a very long day at Lincoln Financial Field.

It gets no easier with the Packers and Colts coming to town, followed by trips to Chicago and Detroit.

Yes, Detroit, where the Lions managed to beat the Redskins in 2009, for
their first win in 22 games.  After a bye, the Redskins have the Eagles
again, the Titans, the Vikings, the Giants twice, and the Cowboys

It all easily could add up to a losing season.  Though the outcome may
be better than 4-12, it easily could be yet another two-digit collection
of losses.  And then Snyder will have to find a way to resist the urge
to act, and to instead commit to staying the course.

Given the open and obvious salivating for Shanahan, there’s no way
Snyder can make a change after only one year.  Based on his history,
however, Snyder surely will approach 2011 with questions swirling in his
mind as to whether there might be another guy out there whose name
Snyder should pencil onto the top of the latest version of his wish

10.  Rams have a chance to make some noise.

Based on their pattern of three wins in 2007, two in 2008, and one in 2009, the Rams were on track to go 0-16 in 2010.

Already, they’ve blown that trend out of the water by climbing to 1-2.

This weekend, the Rams have a chance to break a 10-game losing streak to
the Seahawks, a string that dates back to 2004, when St. Louis took
three games from their division rivals, include two in the usually
impenetrable Qwest Field.

If they can — and if the Cardinals lose in San Diego — the Rams will
find themselves in a  three-way tie atop the division after four weeks.

With three of the next four games against the Lions, Bucs, and Panthers,
the Rams could be on the right side of .500 at the bye.  And that could
give them the confidence they need to make a serious run at the
division crown and the postseason home game that goes along with it.

Sure, they likely won’t win the division.  But the fact that they won’t
be dead in the water with 25 percent of the season in the books is
nothing short of stunning.

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NFL has no comment on Vikings bounty allegations

NFC Championship: Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints Getty Images

If the NFL will be doing anything about allegations that the Vikings had a bounty program in 2009, the NFL isn’t saying so.

The NFL has informed PFT that it has no comment about the allegation made by former Vikings offensive lineman Artis Hicks in the new Brett Favre biography from Jeff Pearlman. (The Vikings have denied the allegations, as has former Vikings head coach Brad Childress.)

Despite the league’s official silence, a full-blown investigation would be a surprise. The league showed no inclination to investigate claims of other bounty programs that emerged in 2012, after the Saints were whacked for allegedly offering cash to players for incapacitating opponents in games like the 2009 NFC championship, against Favre and the Vikings.

Various other players claimed that former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams used a bounty program at his past stops, which included Washington, Buffalo, and Tennessee. Faced with a rabbit hole that could have displayed a more widespread cultural phenomenon, the league instead plugged it with cement, hammered the Saints, and scared everyone else straight.

And for good reason. Faced with then-mushrooming concussion litigation, the last thing the league needed was proof that more if not most if not all teams offered a reward for knocking a player out, perhaps in more ways than one.

Of course, now that the concussion litigation is settled (almost), perhaps the league could choose to make an example out of the Vikings, in the same way it chose to make an example out of the Saints.

Ultimately, isn’t that what these issues always come back to? The league, arm with the ability to investigate and discipline most if not all teams for potential violations ranging from the real to the ridiculous to the sublime, can and will do whatever it wants, whenever it wants.

Given the mere passage of time, it would be a surprise if the league decides to reach back seven years for proof of a bounty program in Minnesota when it opted to apply tunnel vision at the time these accounts emerged. Regardless, if the league decides that it wants to pursue this matter aggressively, it can and, as recent history tells us, it will.

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Matthews fined for leading with helmet on Hoyer

GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 27:  Inside linebacker Clay Matthews #52 of the Green Bay Packers during the NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium on December 27, 2015 in Glendale, Arizona.  The Cardinals defeated the Packers 38-8.(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Getty Images

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews has been fined $18,231 for roughing the passer in last Thursday’s win over the Bears, per multiple reporters.

Matthews led with the crown of his helmet on the hit that ended the season of Bears quarterback Brian Hoyer, who broke his left arm.

Matthews is battling a hamstring injury and trying to get healthy enough to play Sunday at Atlanta. He was limited in practice on Thursday and Friday, and the Packers list him as questionable.

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Owa Odighizuwa fined for fake photo touchdown celebration

BERLIN, GERMANY - JULY 21:  An attendee tries out a Polaroid Land Camera at the second annual Hipster Olympics on July 21, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. With events such as the "Horn-Rimmed Glasses Throw," "Skinny Jeans Tug-O-War," "Vinyl Record Spinning Contest" and "Cloth Tote Sack Race," the Hipster Olympics both mocks and celebrates the Hipster subculture, which some critics claim could never be accurately defined and others that it never existed in the first place. The imprecise nature of determining what makes one a member means that the symptomatic elements of adherants to the group vary in each country, but the archetype of the version in Berlin, one of the more popular locations for those following its lifestyle, along with London and Brooklyn, includes a penchant for canvas tote bags, the carbonated yerba mate drink Club Mate, analogue film cameras, asymmetrical haircuts, 80s neon fashion, and, allegedly, a heavy dose of irony. To some in Berlin, members of the hipster "movement" have replaced a former unwanted identity in gentrifying neighborhoods, the Yuppie, for targets of criticism, as landlords raise rents in the areas to which they relocate, particularly the up-and-coming neighborhood of Neukoelln.  (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images) Getty Images

When the Jaguars were in London earlier this year, their quarterback Blake Bortles punted a ball to celebrate a touchdown.

Bortles wasn’t fined for the act because the ball didn’t land in the stands. It’s a good thing he didn’t pretend to take a picture of the ball falling short or he’d be out a nice chunk of change.

Giants defensive end Owa Odighizuwa learned that lesson during his own trip to London to face the Rams last Sunday. Odighizuwa whipped out an imaginary camera to take a picture of Giants safety Landon Collins while Collins was in the end zone after a 44-yard interception return that saw Collins weave through the Rams and across the field on one of the more exciting scoring runs of the year.

He was penalized during the game and, per multiple reports, has been fined $12,154 by the league for his faux-Kodak moment. And here you thought a picture was only worth 1,000 words.

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Broncos place C.J. Anderson on IR

DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 24:  Running back C.J. Anderson #22 of the Denver Broncos rushes for 19 yards and is tackled by free safety Andre Hal #29 of the Houston Texans in the third quarter of the game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on October 24, 2016 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) Getty Images

The Broncos have decided to place running back C.J. Anderson on their injured-reserve list, meaning Anderson will miss at the least next eight weeks.

Anderson had arthroscopic knee surgery Thursday, and the Broncos waited to evaluate his knee and their options before choosing to place him on IR. Teams can designate one player per season to return from IR, so placing Anderson on IR now gives the Broncos the option of bringing him back for a potential postseason run if Anderson’s knee heals.

Rookie Devontae Booker will replace Anderson as the Broncos’ No. 1 running back.

Anderson has run for 437 yards and four touchdowns on the season.

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Seahawks will be without Michael Bennett and Kam Chancellor this week

GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 20:   Michael Bennett #72 of the Seattle Seahawks looks on prior to their game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on September 20, 2015 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) Getty Images

The Seahawks didn’t come out of last week’s tie with the Cardinals unscathed.

The team just announced that defensive end Michael Bennett was out for Sunday’s game against the Saints, with a knee injury. Safety Kam Chancellor (groin) is also out, taking two key defensive playmakers off the field for what would have been a challenge anyway.

Bennett’s initial knee problem came during the Falcons game, but he and the rest of the Seahawks defense had a heavy workload, and he logged 81 snaps last week.

After playing 75 minutes against the Cardinals last Sunday night, the Seahawks get to fly across country to New Orleans for an early game.

Quarterback Russell Wilson was limited earlier this week because of his growing list of problems (pectoral, knee, ankle), but he’s not even listed on today’s report with a designation for the game, so he’s clear to play.


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NFL pits Eagles-Cowboys against Indians-Cubs

CLEVELAND, OH - OCTOBER 26:  Jake Arrieta #49 of the Chicago Cubs throws a pitch during the sixth inning against the Cleveland Indians in Game Two of the 2016 World Series at Progressive Field on October 26, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) Getty Images

Before Thursday football became Thursday Night Football, one of the limited occasions for having two teams square off against each other on a short week came during the World Series, when the NFL avoided scheduling a game against the World Series, either due to courtesy or strategy.

That ended in 2010, when the NFL scheduled a Steelers-Saints game on the same night that Game Four of the Fall Classic was due to unfold. Back then, the NFL won in a showdown with the Rangers and the Giants, 11.8 vs. 10.4.

Six years later, with NFL prime-time ratings down sharply, a more-compelling-than-usual game between the Eagles and Cowboys will kick off roughly 15 minutes after the first pitch in Game Five of Indians-Cubs. Depending on what happens over the next two nights, Game Five could be the deciding game, and if the Cubs win the next two the prospect of the home team clinching in Chicago its first World Series in however-many-years it’s been will surely increase interest in the baseball game.

Regardless of the stakes, a loss by the NFL in the head-to-head contest will be pooh-poohed by Park Avenue because of the rare circumstances. Regardless of those rare circumstances, it will be interesting to see what one of the most compelling NFL regular-season games will do when pitted against a compelling offering from a sport the NFL has dominated in recents years.

With Thursday Night Football now a weekly phenomenon, the NFL is now locked in to playing a prime-time game against the World Series. Unless the NFL would start playing the game on a Tuesday night.

Which I suppose could then become the next portion of the pizza into which the league would be tempted to cram cheese on a regular basis.

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McNary not fined for unnecessary roughness on Walker

joshmcnary AP

Colts linebacker Josh McNary was not fined for his hit on Titans tight end Delanie Walker last Sunday that resulted in an unnecessary roughness call and negated an interception by Colts cornerback Patrick Robinson.

Walker was helped off the field after being blindsided by McNary while running a pass route late in the third quarter. He returned to the game a few plays later and caught a touchdown pass to finish the drive.

Via social media, McNary offered an apology to Walker earlier this week, writing that he believed the ball was coming Walker’s direction and that it was too late to stop his momentum by the time he realized it wasn’t. The call was costly to the Colts at the time, but they won the game and McNary avoided a fine.

Colts linebacker Akeem Ayers was also not fined for his unnecessary roughness penalty earlier in the game.

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Bills promote Gerald Christian

GLENDALE, AZ - AUGUST 01:  Tight end Gerald Christian #83 of the Arizona Cardinals arrives during the team training camp at University of Phoenix Stadium on August 1, 2015 in Glendale, Arizona.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Getty Images

The Bills promoted tight end Gerald Christian from their practice squad Friday.

Christian has previously spent time on the team’s practice squad and active roster this season. He was a seventh-round pick of the Cardinals in 2015.

The Bills released wide receiver Ed Eagan and tight end Manasseh Garner, who was promoted from the practice squad last Friday. Eagan was promoted earlier this week.

With wide receiver Marquise Goodwin out due to a concussion, the Bills releasing Eagan is a sign that wide receiver Robert Woods, who is listed as questionable with a foot injury, will be able to play Sunday vs. the Patriots.

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Za’Darius Smith fined for roughing Ryan Fitzpatrick

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 23:  Za'Darius Smith #90 of the Baltimore Ravens celebrates blocking a pass in the second half against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on October 23, 2016 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Jets won 24-16.  (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) Getty Images

The most memorable hit on a quarterback during last Sunday’s game between the Jets and Ravens was the one Ravens linebacker Matt Judon delivered to Jets quarterback Geno Smith.

Judon dragged Smith down for a sack and Smith had to leave the game with a knee injury that further examination found was a season-ending torn ACL. There was nothing for the league to look at regarding a fine for that play, but Judon’s teammate Za’Darius Smith wasn’t so lucky.

Smith was penalized for roughing Smith’s replacement Ryan Fitzpatrick in the fourth quarter of the game. The extra yards didn’t help the Jets put any points on the board, but it allowed them to get a first down on a 2nd-and-19 play and eat a little more time the Ravens could have used in a 24-16 loss.

Smith has started the last two games for the Ravens, who were without outside linebackers Elvis Dumervil and Terrell Suggs against the Jets because of injuries.

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Anquan Boldin fined for throwing game-winning TD ball into stands

DETROIT, MI - OCTOBER 23: Anquan Boldin #80 of the Detroit Lions and his teammates celebrate Boldin's game  winning touchdown against the Washington Redskins at Ford Field on October 23, 2016 in Detroit, Michigan. The Lions defeated the Redskins 20-17. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) Getty Images

Lions receiver Anquan Boldin probably won’t mind this week’s fine too much.

Boldin got his paycheck docked $6,076 this week because he threw the ball into the stands during the game. Boldin did it in an exuberant celebration after scoring the game-winning touchdown, so he likely feels OK about losing some money under those circumstances.

The NFL does not fine players for handing footballs to fans, but it does fine players for throwing footballs into the stands. The league is concerned about crowd control and safety if large numbers of fans are climbing over each other trying to catch a thrown football.

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Jarvis Landry fined $24,309 for block on Aaron Williams

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - OCTOBER 09:  Jarvis Landry #14 of the Miami Dolphins rushes during a game against the Tennessee Titans on October 9, 2016 in Miami Gardens, Florida.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) Getty Images

During an interview for Friday’s edition of PFT Live, Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry told Mike Florio that he had not received notice of a fine from the league resulting from the high block he delivered to Bills safety Aaron Williams during last week’s game.

Landry has either since learned that he was fined or he’ll be finding out about it sometime soon because PFT has confirmed with the league that Landry has been fined. Landry was penalized for unnecessary roughness on the play and he has been fined $24,309 for the infraction.

Landry apologized after the game for a hit that several members of the Bills deemed to be a dirty one. Williams left the game and his playing future is in doubt after his father told the Associated Press that his son will decide about continuing to play in the offseason. Williams made a similar decision after a previous neck injury limited him to three games last season.

Dolphins defensive lineman Jason Jones was not fined for an unnecessary roughness penalty he received in the fourth quarter and Bills linebacker Jerry Hughes was not fined after being penalized for grabbing Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi’s facemask.

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Jaguars rack up fines from loss to Raiders

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - AUGUST 11: Malik Jackson #90 of the Jacksonville Jaguars in action against the New York Jets during the first quarter of an NFL preseason game at MetLife Stadium on August 11, 2016 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) Getty Images

Not only are the Jaguars smarting from an embarrassing loss to the Titans last night, but three of them are short in the wallet from last week’s game against the Raiders.

Defensive tackle Malik Jackson was fined $24,309 for unsportsmanlike conduct after being ejected, cornerback Jalen Ramsey was fined $9,115 for fighting and wide receiver Marqise Lee was fined $12,154 after being flagged for using a racial slur.

That’s a costly week for the individuals involved, but it also speaks to some of the problems the team as a whole is dealing with.

Owner Shad Khan had a meeting with players and coaches wondering why they aren’t winning, and he’s reportedly upset about the rash of penalties. Coach Gus Bradley had to address the issue again today, which makes it reasonable to wonder why it’s a consistent problem.

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Dez Bryant listed as questionable to face Eagles

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 25:  Dez Bryant #88 of the Dallas Cowboys celebrates after a touchdown in the first quarter during a game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears at AT&T Stadium on September 25, 2016 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) Getty Images

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant ruled himself in for Week Eight while the Cowboys were on a bye last week, but the team hasn’t quite guaranteed that he’ll be playing against the Eagles on Sunday night.

Bryant got in a third straight day of practice as a limited participant and also worked with the team during Monday’s return from the bye, which gave him extra time to recover from the hairline fracture in his knee that’s kept him out for the last three games. The Cowboys have gone with a questionable designation for their NFC East clash, but the signs point to Bryant’s return.

It also looks like the Cowboys will have a good chance of getting cornerback Morris Claiborne on the field. He’s listed as questionable, but was a full participant all three days after suffering a concussion in Week Six. Left tackle Tyron Smith is also questionable as he continues to deal with a back issue.

Quarterback Tony Romo sat out Friday after returning for a limited practice on Thursday and he’s been ruled out again this week with a broken bone in his back. Defensive end Ryan Davis will also sit out this weekend.

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Browns’ cornerbacks listed as questionable, expected to play

Joe Haden AP

The Browns list starting cornerbacks Joe Haden and Jamar Taylor as questionable for Sunday’s game vs. the Jets, but Browns coach Hue Jackson said Friday he expects both to play.

Haden has missed the last two games with a groin injury.

Taylor was added to the injury and participation report Thursday with a groin injury. He was a limited participant both Thursday and Friday.

As expected, Browns rookie wide receiver Corey Coleman is out. He returned to practice this week for the first time in more than a month but is still recovering from a broken hand. Jackson previously announced that Josh McCown will start at quarterback Sunday and that rookie quarterback Cody Kessler has not been cleared to play after suffering a concussion last week.

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Bowles gets testy when pressed on Hackenberg and Petty

File - In this May 6, 2016, file photo, New York Jets second-round draft pick Christian Hackenberg throws a pass during NFL football rookie minicamp in Florham Park, N.J. Hackenberg currently sits fourth on the Jets' depth chart, behind Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith and Bryce Petty. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun, File) AP

The Jets will start Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback on Sunday, but they’re declining to say whether Christian Hackenberg or Bryce Petty is the No. 2 quarterback. And coach Todd Bowles is tired of being asked about it.

Asked by reporters today if Hackenberg or Petty would be next in line should Fitzpatrick go down, Bowles refused to answer.

“No offense, but if I’m not going to tell you who it is, why are we having this discussion? It’s really a waste of time,” Bowles said. “I’m not going to tell you anything. It’s not open for discussion. Guys, let it ride.”

When he got a follow-up to that question, Bowles wasn’t in the mood to answer.

“Can we move on from here? Let’s move on please. It’s not happening,” Bowles said.

Bowles did say that both players practiced well this week, and that Hackenberg has gained ground on Petty because Petty missed several weeks of practice with an injury.

“They looked fine. Both of them are ready to play,” Bowles said. “Before the injury, they weren’t on equal footing. Petty was clearly ahead of him. He’s been hurt for a month, so the other guy got a lot of reps.”

Whether those reps are enough to move Hackenberg ahead of Petty, we don’t yet know. The Jets would prefer not to find out, as they’re sticking with Fitzpatrick for now. Eventually, however, the Jets are likely to fall out of playoff contention and decide to see what one of the young guys can do. And that’s when Bowles will have to say for certain which of the young guys is next in line.

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