Arian Foster not playing for Texans, due to coach's decision

Several minutes into the second quarter of Sunday’s game at Oakland, Texans running back Arian Foster has yet to make an appearance.

Per CBS, the team says it’s a “coach’s decision.”

In his absence, Derrick Ward has carried five times for 52 yards.  Steve Slaton has carried four times for 35 yards.

Foster was not listed on the injury report this week.  If he was disciplined, it was not announced by the team before the game.

16 responses to “Arian Foster not playing for Texans, due to coach's decision

  1. so b. edwards gets 1 quarter for driving drunk and violating his probation. Foster better have murdered someone to get a whole game

  2. I know why he”s not playing. TO SCREW WITH MY FANTASY TEAM!!!! WAY TO ADD TO MY ‘GREAT’ WEEKEND!

  3. All I can think of is maybe Foster was late to team meetings or not giving his full effort in practice.
    Still…a curious decision in a game that Houston must win if they want to consider themselves a true contender to make the playoffs.

  4. I got him and Vick on my fantasy team. I was undefeated before this and I want answers. I want to punch the coach in the giblets, Shaun Smith style.

  5. JFRESH says:
    October 3, 2010 5:12 PM
    he was hurt Florio how did I know that before you? Pregame ankle injury.

  6. gameday says:
    Indeed. Haven’t seen too many injured guys standing on the sidelines with their bucket on, waiting to get a call. Didn’t matter anyway. The backups gashed Oakland’s Charmin-soft run defense, and Foster was fresh for the second half. I’m amazed Oakland managed to keep it as close as they did. They had no pass rush, no run defense, and from what I recall, two catches by wideouts against the league’s worst pass defense. Credit to Gradkowski, McFadden, and Miller for avoiding the blowout. By the way, someone needs to tell Gradkowski he’s an idiot. Nobody cares if you slide, little dude. We know you’re tough.

  7. Hey, if he plays like this after a benching I’d say bench him every week.
    Went from a tight matchup in fantasy football and he blew it wide open.
    Thanks Arian Foster!

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