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Mike Florio's SNF Extra chat: Second half

Below is a transcript of Mike Florio’s chat in Sunday Night Football
Extra for Week 4’s Bears-Giants game. You can access his live chat
every week here:

PFTonSNF: Record for sacks allowed is 12, done five times. Last done by the Giants in 2007.

PFTonSNF: Uh oh. Todd Collins entering game for Bears.

PFTonSNF: Cutler hasn’t comes out of the locker room.

PFTonSNF: Cutler has a concussion.

PFTonSNF: Andrea Kremer reports that Cutler is done for the night with a concussion.

PFTonSNF: Rosenthal says Tiki was booed heavily at halftime when he entered the ring of honor.

PFTonSNF: Maybe Tiki wanted to upstage McNabb by getting more boos in his homecoming.

AskSNF: Was Lawrence Taylor also inducted?
PFTonSNF: Yes he was but he did not attend the ceremony. Bill Parcells also was inducted but did not attend.

AskSNF: The Bears. We are what we thought they were. #snf #bears #giants
PFTonSNF: They could still wind up 4-0.

PFTonSNF: The Giants have let the Bears hang around too long. Seems like a game something crazy will happen … for Chicago.

AskSNF: when was the last 3-0 game
PFTonSNF: There was a 3-0 Steelers/Dolphins game a few years back. I’m guessing that’s the last one.

PFTonSNF: Ahmad Bradshaw is a different runner this year. Complete … very tough to take down for a smaller back.

PFTonSNF: What a great seventh-round pick Bradshaw turned out to be. Had off-field issues hurt his draft stock.

PFTonSNF: Now we need some Todd Collins magic or this one could really drag.

PFTonSNF: Just so you stop sending this one … This is Rosenthal. I picked Packers-Chargers before the year and not fair to change.

AskSNF: More like Phil Collins
PFTonSNF: Well done.

AskSNF: Why don’t the Giants trade Jacobs? If they are only going to give him 3-5 carries a game wouldn’t you rather get something better for him?
PFTonSNF: No one would take Jacobs with his salary. (And attitude/production.) Zero trade value.

AskSNF: good move by kubiak to bench foster today?
PFTonSNF: Sure. Embarrassed him a little and didn’t hurt the bottom line. He still almost had 200 yards from scrimmage.

PFTonSNF: Yeah noticed that too.

Needs to use the eraser in his ear.

AskSNF: do you think that the nfc south west and east are up for grabs this year
PFTonSNF: Oh absolutely. North too.

AskSNF: Ask Mike Florio when did collins sign with the bears?
PFTonSNF: August 23rd. So understandably rusty.

PFTonSNF: Todd Collins will get a chance to throw his 2nd pick since 1997!

PFTonSNF: Give the Bears defense credit … they have been consistently good all year.

AskSNF: I hope Jacobs doesn’t throw another helmet. #snf #giants
ANSWER: @PhotogAlice Don’t expect him to carry the ball again.

AskSNF: Are the falcons really the toughest team in the NFC?
PFTonSNF: Toughest? No. But smart, good O-line.

AskSNF: Will the Giants be able to turn around this rocky start and make the playoffs?
PFTonSNF: They will be tied for first if they can hold on here.

AskSNF: Ask Mike Florio Do you think that the giants are better off getting a different punter
PFTonSNF: Think they get out of Dodge this week.

PFTonSNF: Wow. Same exact thing happened to Ahmad Bradshaw last week against Titans near goal line.

PFTonSNF: Game was over … back on now.

AskSNF: Is Bradshow prone to fumbles?
PFTonSNF: Yes because of the way he runs.

AskSNF: Ask Mike Florio better chance-Bears going 99 yards here or me hitting the lottery?
PFTonSNF: Lottery was a better chance.

PFTonSNF: Yes because 2 division losses hurts. Titans and Texans aren’t going away.

PFTonSNF: Nicks is the offensive player of the game.

PFTonSNF: Not many WR groups better than the Giants top 3 with Smith, Nicks, Manningham. All talented and different.

AskSNF: Ask Mike Florio no chiefs talk…last unbeatin team in the nfl
PFTonSNF: Chiefs get the Colts and Texans next … win one of those two and you are in business.

PFTonSNF: Cowboys would still be my NFC East pick.

AskSNF: Tuck Defensive player of the game?
PFTonSNF: Umenyiora for setting the tone. Nice job by Giants secondary too.

AskSNF: Who’s the 4th stringer for Bears? Steve Bartman? #SNF
PFTonSNF: Devin Hester?

PFTonSNF: Well that should dim the optimism in Chicago this week.

PFTonSNF: Thanks for sticking with us this week! I know that wasn’t always pretty. But the Giants will happily take it.

PFTonSNF: Good night …

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9 Responses to “Mike Florio's SNF Extra chat: Second half”
  1. jwillie123 says: Oct 3, 2010 10:55 PM

    any word on the severity of McFadden and Portis injuries?

  2. jwillie123 says: Oct 3, 2010 10:57 PM

    Odds on Cutler faking his concussion as a mercy play.

  3. SDMF75 says: Oct 3, 2010 11:19 PM

    What’s the deal with the Ravens not participating in Breast Cancer Awareness today?

  4. 2MuchTime says: Oct 3, 2010 11:28 PM

    Game sucks

  5. Zach says: Oct 3, 2010 11:38 PM

    “What a great seventh-round pick Bradshaw turned out to be. Had off-field issues hurt his draft stock.”
    The dude served jail time the year after he was drafted.
    MSM Rules:
    -Praise teams for drafting troubled players if we like the team/GM/ownership
    -Bash teams for drafting troubled players if the team sucks or we don’t like the,

  6. Bordner says: Oct 3, 2010 11:40 PM

    ummm…d-uh bears suck.

  7. mrssmith says: Oct 3, 2010 11:44 PM

    SDMF75 for what it’s worth, I heard before the game started today that the Ravens are participating at home this week against Denver since it’s awareness month..

  8. Schatt Maub says: Oct 3, 2010 11:46 PM

    1938 called and wants its football back.

  9. Dirka28 says: Oct 4, 2010 12:00 AM

    Ravens are waiting until next week @ home.

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