T.O. takes aim at Herbstreit

One of the more bizarre developments of Saturday came when ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit lamented on the air the performance of the Bengals offense, despite the presence of Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco.  The decision of Herbstreit, a long-suffering Bengals fans, was a little unusual since his beat is college ball.  The reaction from T.O. pushed the scenario into the world of Looney Tunes.

Owens took to Twitter, and he engaged in extended bashing of Herbstreit.  T.O. also responded to tweets he received from several followers, claiming that the thin-skinned wideout isn’t insecure and admitting once again that he indeed loves him some him.

The decision of Owens to pounce on the topic and beat the dead horse sufficiently thoroughly to qualify for a writing gig at PFT ignores the facts.  Herbstreit was right.  The addition of T.O. to a team featuring Chad Ochocinco was supposed to pinball the scoreboard.  Instead, Ochocinco has one touchdown in three games, and Owens has none.

The good news (if there is any) comes from Owens’ catches and yardage.  Last year with the Bills, he had only five catches for 98 yards through three games.  This year, he has 14 for 152.

Still, that projects to only 810 yards — lower than the 829 he ultimately churned out for the Bills in 2009.

Bottom line?  Owens should worry less about Herbstreit or anyone else who may be pointing out reality, and Owens should instead be committed moving forward to altering it.

28 responses to “T.O. takes aim at Herbstreit

  1. TO’s problems are never TO’s fault.
    When TO is in trouble with management, management is persecuting him and doesn’t respect his value to the team, the NFL, and the planet.
    When TO is playing the mediocre sort of football one would expect from a WR his age and someone has the gall to mention it, that person is a hater who doesn’t understand football and the fact that TO is the greatest player on his team; the hater doesn’t understand the fact that the OL isn’t giving his QB time to throw and that his QB has a rag arm and that neither the OL nor any of the RBs are doing anything to help open up the passing game.
    It is never TO’s fault. It is always someone else.
    He needs therapy.

  2. I too am a “long-suffering Bengals fan” and agree with Herbstreit. Although most people identify Palmer and the o-line as the weak links in the chain, the fact is that TO and Ocho talked a big game with their Batman and Robin schtick but haven’t come through. They need to get serious if they ever want to win a Super Bowl. They should quit worrying about what other people are saying and just do their jobs the best they can.

  3. it’s been Herbie’s m.o. for years to bash anything Ohio-based to appear ‘neutral’ on TV, no news to anybody here (except for T.O.).

  4. “The decision of Owens to pounce on the topic and beat the dead horse sufficiently thoroughly to qualify for a writing gig at PFT ignores the facts.”

  5. The Browns gave a short burst of life to Joe Flacco and probably will to the circus WR’s….they’ll all go back to mediocrity as they only play the Browns twice.

  6. Last year after 3 games the Bengals had 615 pass yds., Benson 293 rush yards, 234 yds by leading receiver.
    This year they have 707 pass yds, Benson 202 rush yards, 275 by leading receiver .
    Against the Pats the Bengals put up 345 passing yards playing from behind but Owens only have 53 of those on 7 catches.

  7. Give. Me. A. Break!
    TO has been PI’d more than any other receiver this year. Look at the tape. Ravens in the end zone, Panthers twice, once in the end zone, both sure touchdowns without the holding/interference. They know he poses a much larger threat on the Bengals than he did the Bills. The season is young my friend. It only takes a two touchdown game to get you guys going again on how great he is…
    The addition of TO is supposed to help with the running game and takign the top off of defenses. Seeming as thse are the two things defenses look to stop when they play the Bengals it is only a matter of time before the TO move pays off, and it may not just come in the form of TO TDs if ya know what I mean. Remember PFT, football is a TEAM sport, maybe TO knows that more than you these days…

  8. Nobody has cared what T.O. has said for about 4-5 years now, why keep giving him the ink that he so desperately wants and needs. The dude is about as insecure as a Wall Street stock right now, it’s time to let him either figure it out on his own or let him fade away into the sunset. At least when Ocho talks he backs it up once every 5-6 games, T.O. hasn’t did chit in how many years.

  9. DPR is right. If T.O. and Chad Johnson cared as much about improving their game as they care about their marketable image and what people think about them, they would be mentioned amongst the elite receivers in the league. They just want publicity…and that is exactly what they and the fans are getting.

  10. Uh, it’s definitely Palmer, not TO. I think a lot of people mistakenly think Palmer is a good QB, when he’s just mediocre to poor QB that has had two good seasons. He has no arm anymore, no mobility and seems tentative, probably due to injuries. You could put Fitzgerald and White on either side of the field for him and he’d still suck. Their success last year was ONLY due to running game and defense (and the Steelers sucking).

  11. I agree with Herbsreit. Herbstreit is just expressing how most Bengals fans feel right now. I’m surprised he did it too when his forum is college football, but I’m glad he did. I don’t blame TO for our offensive troubles and I don’t think any legit Bengals fans do. TO is just working with that he has been given, what more can you ask for? I’m concerned with Palmer and our coaches ability to fix reoccuring penalties. Not TO.

  12. PFT, your writers have a tendendency to exagerate and sprinkle unwanted opinions into the news. Hell during the summer you specialize in making a mountain out of a mole hill, for that reason it would be nice if you actually put up what T.O said.

  13. Shouldn’t T.O. be more concerned about getting ready for a game against a division rival instead of what Kirk Herbstreit has to say? Bengals had to go to the end of OT to win in Cleveland last year.
    Seems like the best move any player could make would be to turn off their Twitter account.

  14. That’s what happens when you run your mouth. If you don’t deliver on the BS you put out there, you deserve to get bashed by whomever. How ’bout just shutting the yap and playing the game??? We’re not interested in your bullshit anyway.

  15. Owens, Terrell: Has been, continues to be, and always will be a big crybaby!
    He has never helped a team win a Superbowl. The closest he came was in Philly and he burned that bridge. He has been, largely, irrelevant since then.
    Happy trails Mr. Owens! Go join Barry Bonds in the retiree’s clubhouse for Total Dicks!
    On the bright side, I heard another kids book starring Little T will be hitting bookshelves in time for the 2010 holiday season!
    So he’s got that going for him….which is nice.

  16. For what it’s worth, I think that Kirk Herbstreit is the best color analyst in all of football, college or NFL.

  17. am i the only that sees the truth? carson palmer is the most overrated quarterback in history. no one else gets a pass like this guy. and he’s never done ANYTHING of note in this league.
    TO and OCHO would have far better numbers if they had a competent thrower instead of this scrub.

  18. In defense of both, T.O., and Chad Johnson, they do not have a QB that can get them the ball. You cannot score when you do not have the ball.
    Oh yeah, I wasn’t soft enough in the head to fall for that Ocho Cinco BS. Y’all lose.

  19. Just wondering, why is it that every time that T.O. criticizes somebody, the guys at PFT title itthe story “T.O. Takes Aim at ______.” I’m not kidding, just use the search function and you find “T.O. Takes Aim at Favre” “T.O. takes aim at Sanchez, Herbstreit,” etc. It’s just a random observation. I just want to know if I’m missing some kind of joke about T.O. and taking aim at things/people

  20. To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw – Those who can do, those who cant criticize. Herbstreit in his playing days was the personification of mediocrity. TO will end up in the hall when his career ends – the only way Curt will get in the hall is with a ticket….

  21. “Over 200 yards and a TD today. Maybe Herbstreit should slam Owens every week?”
    And a loss to the Browns.
    I was wrong to believe the Bengals were the 3rd best team in Ohio. Clearly the Browns are better too.

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