Dolphins fall in early hole in AFC East

The last time the Patriots beat a winning team on the road, Matt Cassel was the team’s quarterback.  It was November 23, 2008.  In Miami.

On Monday night, the Patriots finally did it again.  In Miami.  The Patriots outscored the Dolphins 35-7 in the second half to win 41-14 game in a day dominated by New England’s special teams.  The Patriots scored touchdowns on a kick return, a blocked field goal, and an interception return.

Tom Brady completed 19-of-24 passes for 153 yards and a touchdown.  New England got a nice effort from the running game with BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead, but this wasn’t about the Patriots offense. 

The special teams carried the day.  Safety Patrick Chung had a blocked field goal, a blocked punt, and added an interception return for touchdown.

For Miami, it was a complete meltdown at the worst time possible.  The Dolphins are 2-2, but will be playing catchup in the division.  They have two division losses, both at home.

This game was also so important because the out of division schedule for both teams remains brutal.  New England has a bye, then faces the Ravens and heads to San Diego.  The Dolphins have their bye, then go to Green Bay and host Pittsburgh.

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  1. First time ever in NFL history a team scores by:
    Passing TD
    Running TD
    Int return for TD
    Kickoff return for TD
    Blocked FG return for TD
    All in a single game.
    Good thing it was in Miami, I don’t think the special teams coaches wouldn’t be allowed to board the plane to go home anywhere else. Probably would be stranded with half the special teams players too.

  2. pats build around a hall of fame qb with a hall of fame coach. dolphins bring in dirtbags like carlos ” best player ever” dansby and Brandon ” only practice when i want to and slips on mcdonalds bags alledgedly” marshall.. You do the math.

  3. Congrats on losing 2 in a row to your division rivals fin fans…see you next year…
    Hey, at least you have “rex is fat” jokes to keep you happy while your team continues to suck…

  4. Like the Jets people will proclaim the Patriots as the best team in football and they have no problems but its bull. Their defense still gave up over 400 yards of offense (Again), and it could’ve been over 500 if Miami would stop with the turnovers.

  5. That was like watching porn. I didn’t know that you could score in so many ways.
    What a beautiful beat-down.
    Man, the Dolphins suck.

  6. You know, as much as I hate the Patriots, good for Danny Woodhead. I’m happy for the kid. As a Jets fan, I loved Danny Woodhead. Good kid, plays hard. I’m glad he’s doing well, it sucks he’s a Patriot though.
    As for the Dolphins, it doesn’t look good, fish. I lost a bit of respect for that team tonight. I don’t think they’re beating the Packers at Lambeau, Clay Matthews is gonna get after Henne, and that secondary is solid. Aaron Rodgers has a better offense around him, if it became a shootout, I’d give the edge to the Packers. And the Pittsburgh D is gonna come to town and play hard. If Henne had a tough time against the Patriots defense, he’s gonna have a miserable time against the Steelers defense. All the Steelers will really need to do is keep Mendenhall running so the defense stays fresh. It’s gonna be hard for the Dolphins to not fall to 2-4.

  7. Tonight’s masterpiece performance was far more than a critical road victory and second-half blowout over a good opponent—something not accomplished by the Pats for quite some time. The real significance here can be seen in the fact that the team (offense, defense, and special teams) played mentally disciplined football for 60 minutes.
    This young Patriots defense is undoubtedly still a work in process. Tonight, however, they may have started to learn something about themselves.

  8. Suddenly Packer fans everywhere breathe a deep sigh of relief as we realize our special teams didn’t look *this* bad!

  9. couldnt happen to a better group of fans. enjoy an early offseason Dolphans
    The Pats came in and exposed the pretenders

  10. Seems like the FINS FANS have decided to lay low for a while.
    I can understand that. I do know this much…Mr. Henne is NOT the answer at quarterback for the Dolphins.

  11. To put it in Emmitt-ese…Miami got debacled.
    Perhaps Parcells should send an email to Tony Sparano and remind him that special teams play counts in the game(s).
    Maybe he’s the kind of coach you want to get a really bad team playing respectable football, but for getting to the level of legit contender, I’m not so sure.

  12. What a bizarre game. A total special teams highlight reel.
    I’m hoping this is a sign that the Patriots young defense is beginning to gel and can make plays. They still gave up a LOT of yardage, but points are what matter. We’ll see.
    Because with the schedule facing the Patriots, unless that defense is better, they are looking at 1-5 with games against Baltimore, Minnesota, San Diego, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis.
    Coach ’em up, Bill!

  13. Henne said after the game: “Coach Soprano and Coach Bonamego are fastidious friends – Tony better fire him fast because this is getting tedious!” (Rimshot) “Thank you all for coming, remember on Henne Given Sunday I can throw a backbreaking pick” (Rimshot) “You’re a wonderful group of reporters, try the veal”

  14. Neverend says:
    October 5, 2010 12:14 AM
    Like the Jets people will proclaim the Patriots as the best team in football and they have no problems but its bull. Their defense still gave up over 400 yards of offense (Again), and it could’ve been over 500 if Miami would stop with the turnovers.
    Does not matter, they could give up 500 yards. The only Def. stat that matters is points allowed, and they only gave up 14. You cant play that game “and it could’ve been over 500 if Miami would stop with the turnovers”. The Def made those plays to take the ball, Miami did not just hand them the ball.

  15. Where is KoaMisi fan? Where is Somefans? First lose to the Mighty, Mighty J-E-T-S then get blown away by the Pats……………Enjoy fighting with the Bills for last place ladies.

  16. Dolphins have been way way over-rated. Their coach lacks any creative thought whatsoever. This is a team that will win a fair share of games, but never excel. Schottenheimer all over again, but not that good.

  17. @ Dave:
    No Dave, this is New England’s division, they are the defending champs and the wheels will fall off for the Jets, just as they always do. New England returns to glory this year, deal with it NFL fans!

  18. Tony Sparano couldn’t make the proper adjustments because he couldn’t see the game. The idiot forgot that the sun went down and as a result never took his sun glasses off.

  19. We all know that week by week, luck plays a role in winning or losing. Consider Parcells. The Bills would have won the Superbowl 63 times out of 65 times. But because the Bills didn’t, Parcells acquired godlike status. He does not deserve it. Sparrow is his coach in Miami, and frankly, Sparrow sucks. Parcell has sucked every time he has taken a job after his lucky SB wins. He has proven that he doesn’t really know how to build a team. His elite and amazing players w the Giants won the SB, his coaching did not.
    Parcells and Sparrow are both mean-spirited guys. They’re not into “team,” they’re into “head coach is a dictator.” Best of luck to Sparrow, you’re fated to miss the playoffs, now and forever. Parcells, please retire so you don’t mess up the fins or other teams.
    Parcells is one one of the most ego-centric coaches of all times. Ironic, given that this is a team sport.

  20. Wow, you’d think that the fins were 0-4 the way everyone was talking. 2-2 is not great, but it’s still 500 and if they can fix some of their problems, they can still contend for the playoffs.
    They do need to fire the S.T. coach though. They looked terrible before this game and now look like they are on life support.
    Enjoy piling on the Fins for now. It will change.

  21. But how could this be ….There best team to ever to take the field just a mere 2 weeks ago right Fin Fans….isnt special teams Karma a BITCH Dolfag fans,

  22. Dolphins should be 0-4. They are just not ready to win vs. the big boys in the NFL. Change in Miami is coming to satisfy Ringmaster Ross with King Carl. The Dolphins need a big change in coaching. Tony is not a head coach, he had a shot, the O -Line is where he belongs.
    At least the Miami Heat are getting ready to start, so the fans in Miami can have a winning team to cheer about.
    Pittsburgh will be taking over Steeler Life Stadium in a few weeks. Teams love to travel to Miami, its just another home game for them. It will be black and gold. Dolphin fans will be dumping their tickets.
    Now that the “biggest party in south florida” is over, whats the marketing slogan for next season…back to basics, back to football! The party sucked!!!

  23. CollegeToPros says:
    October 5, 2010 12:09 AM
    Patriots in a rebuilding year, still own this division.
    Slow down a little bit there buddy ,the Jets already handed the Pats an ass kicking ,they might be lined up to take 2nd and maybe a wildcard ,but NYJ wins the division,,,

  24. Maybe all the Jets Guarenteed implosion talk from all you Haters was actually pointed at an OFFENSIVE explosion with the 33 points a game we’ve posted against our friends from the east , so I had missed read your meaning of implosion or explosion…..

  25. To Jets fans until you win the AFC East, you dont own anything except alot of hype.
    We are 25% into the season, the Dolphins still can be a factor but losing both games at home doesn’t help.
    Funny considering the Pats won last night that it is only the Jets fans on this blog dumping on Miami.

  26. It’s gonna be a few days before I can look at this game objectively. It was disgraceful. I actually felt sick last night.
    -The O-Line was awful
    -Henne seemed to allow things to spiral out of control before they had to
    -Another week where we abandon the run wayyyy too early
    -2nd straight week Miami consistantly moved the ball up and down the field but could not score TDs.
    -This goes without saying but… Special Teams was simply an embarrasment. Bonamengo absolutly needs to be fired during the bye-week. No team in the NFL can afford to tolerate a performance like that.

  27. I have sad news everyone.
    Somefans was just found in some Broward county trailer park hanging from the awning on his double wide. Apparently gator’s have been gnawing on him for over a week.

  28. @ iampats
    Dolphins fans deserve whatever anybody wants to hit them with. They have been chirping way too long and loud.

  29. Dolphin fans were never talking trash, I don’t know where all this “take your medicine” attitude comes from. The Jets fans were the ones talking smack. The worst we did was make Fat Rex jokes, as lame as they might be.
    This was an eye-opener though. Frankly I hope this puts a huge scar on Parcells. He came here, brought his guys, built a team in his mold, then as soon as he leaves it implodes.
    This was Parcells’ work. I hope other teams think of that before offering him millions and handing him the keys. You want your team to go into primetime games and put on performances like THAT?

  30. Neverend says:
    October 5, 2010 12:14 AM
    Like the Jets people will proclaim the Patriots as the best team in football and they have no problems but its bull. Their defense still gave up over 400 yards of offense (Again), and it could’ve been over 500 if Miami would stop with the turnovers.
    You do realize that in your own post you proved how you are lacking football knowledge right…”if it weren’t for the turnovers”??? Really, Hmmm well I will take a D just like we had seen during the beginning of the decade give teams the yards between the 20’s only to take the ball away, force a penalty or get a sack.
    Unreal…if it weren’t for the turnovers you say. Ugh.
    Points, not yards decide a game…it’s been that way since the beginning.

  31. Chapnasty: Sparano’s eyes were seriously injured when he was a kid so he has a hypersensitivity to light and has to wear sunglasses nearly all the time…. nice comment jerk
    Phins are going back to rebuild mode….
    new Special Teams and Henne proved he was too inconsistent when the Pats were bleeding bigtime in first half and he threw easy INT’s to probably the weakest defender on either team TWICE twice and killed his team… consistency would have made the score 21-6 going into the half….
    Brandon Marshall is a beast, but someone has to throw him the ball.

  32. The Dolphins better pray that some lineman decides to take thier talent to South Beach. Man what an ass thrashing that was.

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