Mathias Kiwanuka hopeful he can return next week

There have been reports that Giants pass rusher Mathias Kiwanuka “could” miss 2-3 months with a bulging disk in his neck.  Kiwanuka, however, expressed optimism that he “could” play soon.  Like next week.

Kiwanuka told the news to reporters after Sunday night’s Giants win against the Bears.  Bob Glauber of Newsday writes that Kiwanuka will visit a neck specialist tomorrow for a second opinion on his neck.

It’s hard to know if Kiwi is just being overly optimistic or perhaps he could play through the injury.  The Boston College product is in a contract year.

3 responses to “Mathias Kiwanuka hopeful he can return next week

  1. Don’t do it, get healthy and then return. Don’t end up with permanent damage. The spine is nothing to play with.

  2. tell me! where was this intensity by the giants defense 2 weeks ago in indy? tell me how hard these players try EACH AND EVERY GAME!

  3. Play through the ‘injury’? That would be categorically insane. Does he realize that the result of another hit to his neck could include being paralyzed for life on the field?
    There’s tough, like playing with your jaw wired shut because it’s broken, and there’s stupid. Playing while risking eternal paralysis would fall into the latter category, I’m thinking.

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