Report: Pats will get a third-round pick for Randy Moss

Last night, our pall Todd Wright of Sporting News Radio asked me to peg the compensation that the Vikings would send to the Patriots for receiver Randy Moss.

I flat-out guessed that the Vikings wouldn’t be giving up much more than a third- or fourth-round pick.

As it turns out, this blind squirrel is having his eggs with a side of grilled acorn this morning.  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that, when a trade happens, the Patriots will get a third-round pick from the Vikings.

When the Vikings traded Moss to the Raiders in 2005, they received linebacker Napoleon Harris (a failed former first-round pick), a first-round pick (which became failed receiver Troy Williamson), and a seventh-rounder.  Two years later, the Raiders sent Moss to New England for a fourth-round selection.

Following a record-setting 2007 season, Moss actually became an unrestricted free agent.  After a couple of days on the market, the Eagles made a run at Moss.  He reportedly took less money to re-sign with the Patriots for $27 million over three years.

So Moss gets a third-round pick for the Patriots, and the Chargers wanted two second-round picks for Vincent Jackson?  A hundred times out of a hundred, Moss is the better choice.

77 responses to “Report: Pats will get a third-round pick for Randy Moss

  1. Thats a steal for only a 3rd round pick. Hope they can flip that 3rd and another 4th for V-Jack!

  2. So Moss, Harvin, Berrian, Camarillo. That doesn’t sound like a team who is fired up to run the football.
    If Sidney Rice comes back this year, do they just keep getting rid of special teamers and play them all?

  3. Now trade the raiders 1st round pick, the panthers 2nd pick and the vikings 3rd pick to the titans for a rb named Chris Johnson!!

  4. How can we get this deal done before any other team jumps on it!!!!
    I could think of a couple teams that should be interested right know in talking to the Patriots before the deal is done, BUT screw them!!
    GO Vikings!!!!!!! The Chargers organization obvisouly must think VJ is the best WR ever
    **We need Moss, Rice will be coming back soon, but even than it will take him a few weeks to get back to normal if he ever does. No one else is anygood. I thought Harvin would be huge this year but not yet.

  5. Do that deal in a heart beat. And give him the $9 million per year he wants. The money the Vikes will make in merchandising alone will more than cover. Once Sidney returns, get rid of Berrian to replace the lost draft pick. We are on our way…

  6. A 3rd round? that is ridiculas why do this trade? makes 0 sense… you would most likely get that in compensation at the end of the year when he leaves. this could be the stupidest trade I have ever heard of by the Pats! has to be a second, then package that and the Pats second and get V. Jackson (they would still have Carolinas 2nd).

  7. If accurate, this is an absolute steal for the Vikes. Great job Mr Wilf, and you too Colonel Klink…maybe Chilly actually WILL get a kick-arz offense now.
    If Rice does come back this year I cannot imagine stopping Adrian Peterson with seven in the box while trying to cover Randy Moss, Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin and Visanthe Shiancoe.
    This part of the NFL at least, WILL be fun!

  8. How badly will he complain once he realizes that Brett can’t throw the ball this year? If Moss truly cared about winning he would stay with Brady until he couldn’t walk anymore.

  9. I don’t understand this trade from the Patriot’s perspective if they only get a third round choice. The Patriots could keep Moss for the year, let him go in free agency, and get a third round compensatory pick. They are going to lose a guy that demands double coverage and has played more than any other skilled position player for the Patriots with the exception of Brady. If Moss is forcing a trade to get his payday and threatening a disruption of the team that would change the reasoning.

  10. The person happiest to see this trade is Percy Harvin. He hasn’t scored any good weed in Mpls since arriving and with Moss back in town, the quality level of daily dime bag just improved.
    Of course, avoiding hitting the meter maids and other assorted on-field behavioral issues are still of concern to the Vikings but hope springs eternal when you are in the midst of celebrating your 50th Anniversary with an empty trophy case.

  11. So the Pats traded away a HOF wide receiver and their playoff hopes for a stupid 3 round pick. Robert Kraft, way to go you cheap bastard!

  12. Vincent Jackson is not part of the trade. My guess is that Favre has thrown a hissy fit for Minnesota to get some receivers since it looks like Rice could be done for the year (he is still on crutches) otherwise Favre is going pack his toys and go back to the farm.
    As a Pats fan, I do not like the trade but then again the offense is changing and possibly Moss is getting twitchy about his contract. If they don’t plan to resign him, getting value in return is best way to go.
    Wouldn’t hurt to throw in Ray Edwards.

  13. Does Belichick believe Brady is a better quarterback when he doesn’t force the ball to Moss? One stat that stands out this year is the lower percentage of completions on throws targeted to Moss. A number of Brady’s turnovers have also been on throws to Moss. Otherwise, this trade can only be justified if Moss is a major disruption or if the Patriots don’t want to pay the man even this year. The only net difference they will get is a 2011 third round pick versus a 2012 compensatory third round pick. Giving up a year of Rany Moss for that net benefit is odd.

  14. I don’t care how much of a rip off it was but how does Roy Williams go for a 1st 3rd and 5th and Moss only goes for a 3rd?

  15. That’s just dumb… the Pats could hold him and get a 3rd round pick when he leaves in free agency.

  16. The only problem I foresee, is for the Minneapolis traffic cops. They’ll have to start wearing their flack jackets again.

  17. This totally proves that AJ Smith is the stupidest human being in the NFL. A 3rd round pick for Moss, and he can’t deal Jackson? What a stupid, egomaniac D-bag.

  18. I’ve bitched about Moss over the years he was here in Minny. But I’m pretty stoked to have him back. He’s a good WR and we need one.
    IF the Vikes make the playoffs, we are talking Sid Rice, Randy Ma, Percy, Camarillo and Berrian. Brett Favre. Shank. And the best RB in the league All Day. Not to mention a terrific looking defense with a healthy EJ in it…
    Ruh roh raggy.
    So while Packer fans watch their team pass on a RB it clearly needs, Vikes fans get to watch their team go get Randy Mah. Sucks to be us I guess.

  19. So Moss wants leave Tom Brady, still on the edge of his prime, to go to Minnesota to play with a QB that has looked 100% of his 40 years this season. And Favre wants to play with Moss thinking that he can still cut and run as well as he did when he was still on the edge of his prime. Good luck with that.
    The only winner here is Percy Harvin, unless of course Sidney Rice comes back this season and Percy’s relegated to WR3 status.
    However, good for Wilf for going ‘all in’ this season. I think the move will backfire towards the end of the season, but until then he’s injecting his fans with hope.
    And I think that he, as well as everyone else that doesn’t root for The Purple, knows that this is the last year Minnesota’s SB window will be open unless/until they further mortgage the future by trading for Kolb/Vick.

  20. What about Mankin??? I wonder if the Steelers could pry him away in a trade. He would look great in black and gold on that line.

  21. Hooray for the Vikings! I can’t see a downside to this trade for them. Not sure what this means for the Pats, but they can take care of themselves. The Vikes desperately needed help until Rice can return, and this is even better. You never know how things turn out, of course, but this is the best birthday present Favre could receive. I want him to go out at the Super Bowl!

  22. If they are just a 3rd round pick for Moss it is a dumb trade. Why not dangle him out there for everyone. Someone has to have a better offer than that I would think.

  23. Randy only plays when Randy wants to play. Only a matter of time before he starts whining in Minnesota and scooting along traffic cops with his car…

  24. If the Pats can pair the 3rd round pick and a 2nd for Jackson, that’s a much better long term move than signing Moss to a long term contract.
    They got Moss for a 4th round pick, got 3 great years from him and a a 3rd 4 years later
    The next time Moss plays after this season ight be 2012 when he’s 35.
    Better to have a 27 year old Jackson who’s taller, younger, faster and a better deep threat – IF they can pull it off

  25. V-Jack just keeps looking more stupid each day. If V-Jack comes back the later possible time this season to Chargers to get his year of service and the league does go on strike next year, V-jack may no play any football for more than 2 years. He has ruined his career and better start working on his after NFL career.
    Not everyone can be TO or Moss and these 2nd tier WR need to learn it.

  26. Seriously? Moss is the better choice? Sure Jackson is a moron (DUI, anyone remember when he spiked the ball forward w/o contact against Oakland in 06?) but he ISNT locker room cancer. So dont let attitude, age and production get in the way of your opinion. Moss is a has been and a thug. Seriously, would you really take an over the hill Moss over a in his prime Jackson? Anyone?

  27. Unless Moss is making a ton of noise behind closed doors about wanting out of N.E., I can’t see them trading him to a desperate Vikings team for a 3 only. Wouldn’t the Pat’s get a 4th round compensatory pick if they hang onto him for the year and then lose him as a FA this off season? Didn’t they get a 4th for the bust of 1st rounder Maroney? Seems like a lopsided trade to me, and BB isn’t normally in the charitable mood when it comes to trading away valuable assets. Again, all of this is providing Moss IS NOT being a diva behind the scenes. If he is, then I can see BB trading him for a 3, but to a cellar dweller team (Buffalo, St. Louis, Tampa, etc.) not a possible contender.

  28. I don’t care what Pats fans want to try and convince us of; this is pretty much the Pats conceeding the season here.
    I got a bad feeling about these Vincent Jackson to the Pats rumblings I’ve heard,though. They’ve got the picks to swing a trade for him with San Diego.

  29. Pats are stupid to get only 3rd round pick. It is better to do business like AJ Smith. If Moss is a malcontent, then keep him in the game day inactive list. Belichick era sucks with draft picks.

  30. Another source has a second and fifth going to the Pats.
    Would it be that surprising if the Pats sent a second and third to the Chargers for V-Jax? That’s also flying this morning.
    There are more sources than those from ESPN. I mean, it’s not like ESPN hasn’t ever made up its own stories, right Mike? Mike?

  31. A 3rd? Unless Moss is a locker room cancer, why would the Pats do the deal? If Moss plays out the year and goes elsewhere as a UFA next year, aren’t the Pats likely ot get a 3rd rd compensatory pick in 2012?

  32. 1. Randy is in the last year of his contract and has already expressed displeasure at not having an extention
    2. Randy has a history of being a distraction when he is unhappy
    3. The Patriots are running more of a spread offense with smaller quicker players
    4. The emergence of Hernandez, Edelman, Tate, and Gronkowski
    5. Like Seymour the Patriots get something for a player they would not have resigned (either by their choice or Randy’s)
    I thought the compensation should have been a 2nd round pick at a minimum but will wait to see if there is more to the compensation.

  33. Vikings fans are pathetic to think that favre will instantly hit the go button on his 40 year old body since he has moss. The question remains can that horrid oline keep old man river from dying on the field.

  34. Well, lets see:
    Krafts are happy, they have managed to stuff yet a few more million $ in their pockets.
    Minny fans are happy. Why not? A great player, with a great attitude, for a stinking third round pick (cause we all know that’s all it will be).
    Tom Brady, Bill and the rest of the team, since now they don’t have nearly as good a team as before the trade. These guys want to win.
    New England Fans. But our ownership just does not give a sh#t as long as the tickets are selling and they are getting richer.
    The only one I am happy for in this deal, is Randy. He’s a great player who deserves a new contract. He has a better chance of getting a fair contract in Minny.

  35. The deal is all but done Hauschild. And for all you morons who think this wont work out in the Queens favor, remember that Pats coach Bill Belichick has said that Randy Moss is the smartest receiver he’s ever coached. When Moss is motivated (he will be because of being back home and with Favre) he’s proven to be unstoppable.
    In four weeks they’ll have Rice and Moss on the outside and Harvin in the slot with Berrian and Camarillo coming in when they trot four and five out.
    Rice, Moss and Shaincoe in the Red Zone…….game over.

  36. And the genius is unable to ask himself this question: Did the Chargers/VJ want too much, or did the Pats accept too little? Keep in mind that Florio’s shoddy “reporting”, if we call it that, neglects the fact that the Chargers had gone so low as to accept a 2nd and a 4th for VJ. Not the two 2nds he erroneously reports (and will not bother to correct, since he is in fact not a reporter but an editorialist/gossip monger).
    Let’s see what the fans have to say…
    (Hint: Brandon Marshall fetched two 2nds)

  37. I am speechless, without speech.
    First, I was shocked the Steelers ran of Santonio Holmes for a lowly 5th rounder. He is really tough, pro-bowl caliber and super clutch when the lights are brightest. Yes, I know his contract was expiring (as Moss’s) and Wallace is a bad dude, but still, a 5th!
    Now the Pats deal (albeit a 33 year old) a guy for a 3rd rounder named Randy Moss, who possibly could challenge Jerry Rice’s all-time TD mark
    (208). Moss is at 151, so 57 behind. He should get 10 from Farve and be able to play decently till he is about 37. Depends on QB after Farve. Moss will kick butt this year, just watch. Welker has to be sick to his stomach. I don’t know, but Moss must have been acting the fool for the Pats to run him off at this point. Has to be the answer. Pats are awesome at cutting their losses and continue to gather draft choices in rounds 2-3.

  38. I think the NE receiving core is much more of a threat than what Minn has. Now its even better with Moss gone.

  39. .
    With Moss gone the Patriots will start Welker, Brandon Tate, and Julian Edelman. I’ll bet Rex Ryan is in panic mode.

  40. The Patriots got Moss for a 4th. They were not going to offer him another contract.
    Hernandez made him even more expendable.
    2011 Pats have:
    2 1sts
    2 2nds
    2 3rds
    2 4ths
    I don’t mind this move at all. This is Bill being Bill. Stone cold Killer.
    It was pretty obvious after Monday Night looking back on it now.
    Stretching the field is ovverrated. Tate catches a deep ball and he’s stretching the field.

  41. So Moss gets a third-round pick for the Patriots, and the Chargers wanted two second-round picks for Vincent Jackson? A hundred times out of a hundred, Moss is the better choice.
    …except, of course, when you consider you can have VJ for 6-8 years and Moss for about 1-2…

  42. Seems low, something must be going on for them to dump him so cheap. If he is not resigning with the Pats and is going to dog for the rest of the year the essentially get a free draft pick.

  43. “aznjay7 says:
    October 6, 2010 7:43 AM
    So the Pats traded away a HOF wide receiver and their playoff hopes for a stupid 3 round pick. Robert Kraft, way to go you cheap bastard!

    I agree. Any hopes of winning the division just went out the window with this trade. Did they think that beating the Fins that handily means that they are a beast of a team? Idiots. Jets will have them for lunch now.

  44. I’d have to say that Moss to the Vikes looks good on the surface… Rice and Harvin could have monster years with Moss drawing double coverage in 3 WR sets.
    However, with ol’ Greybeard’s longtime history of “going for it” at the most inopportune times, I could see him routinely launching some 40+ yard bomb to Moss while he is under triple coverage, resulting in the opposing defenses having a field day with picks. Favre was one of the best in his youth, but his bad habit of throwing it up for grabs was getting tiresome back when he was finishing his career in Green Bay. I can only imagine what kind of headaches and heartbreak will be created by throwing an over-the-hill former superstar primadonna into the mix.

  45. Randy is and has always been about Randy. Complained is way out of MN the first time, then out of Oakland, then out of New England. Cancer.

  46. maybe this also means that Rice’s progress hasn’t been good & the Vikings will be placing him on IR soon ?
    Florio, it will be interesting to check with your sources in MN on Rice’s current health
    3rd pick for a guy in the last year of his contract seems quite a bit to me but hey the Pats got a 1st rder for somebody in the same scenario lol

  47. As a Colts fan I am glad Moss is leaving the AFC. He has in the past and would have again, torched our undersized, unaggressive cornerbacks. I know it’s probably not that big of a deal but Moss gets no bye week this season.

  48. Damn Belicheck ,conceding the division to the Jets already though it was inevitable, you probably could of held on for few more weeks to at least please the fan base

  49. The trade value difference with Moss and VJ is the age difference. Do you want a receiver for a few more years for a 3rd or 5yrs+ for a 2nd and a 3rd. Moss is 33, VJ 25.
    Talent wise they are both pro bowlers.
    Brandon Marshall (similar age) was worth 2 2nds so VJ is worth something similar.
    For the AJ haters, other GMs felt SD was reasonable in their trade demands.

  50. “So Moss gets a third-round pick for the Patriots, and the Chargers wanted two second-round picks for Vincent Jackson? A hundred times out of a hundred, Moss is the better choice. ”
    I’d like to respectfully disagree. You’re right about the value versus the cost, but bear in mind, that Jackson could be signed to a longer deal and be in the league much longer. Moss is what, 33, 34? Jackson is like 27… Which means he could provide 4-7 more years than Moss can, and at most likely a better skill set over the long hall.
    Again, strictly on price and value, and not considering the long term, you’re right that Moss is the better deal, but once you add that the potential of signing him to a long term deal, my vote goes to Vincent Jackson…

  51. Brandon Tate had a nice day because Moss draws the premier defender or even double coverage. Welcome Welker, Tate and Hernandez to being constantly covered and Brady to a world of new hurt when time runs out and nobody is open … These guys had nice production because Moss drew the coverage…
    Can’t wait to see Edelman, Welker and Tate against the Jets corners ….

  52. Totally at a loss for words.
    I get you weren’t gonna re-sign him. I get that he may have been becoming a distraction. But a 3rd round pick? I gotta believe he’s worth more than that. I was thinking a first rounder. Second at the very least.
    This is nuts! BB has finally gone round the bend. I am dreading hearing this is final and seeing the Patriots play the Vikings. Hallloween is really going to be terrifying. WTF?

  53. But Vincent Jackson is one screw up away from costing himself a year, and quite possibly his career ending…. and its not like very many athletes show a propensity for learning from their previous mistakes….. Randy, for all his headaches… is not a stupid decision away from being out of football……

  54. Moss is not better than Jackson… Jackson plays hard every down unlike Moss…. However its not a bad deal.
    Look for the Patriots to go after Vincent Jackson now even though I don’t think AJ Smith would deal him to another potential AFC threat like the Pats.

  55. tatum32 says:
    October 6, 2010 11:11 AM
    Wonder if Shiancoe gives up 81?
    Why not just take his 84 back?

  56. Moss for a 3rd….. hmmnnnnn….
    I can only see this making sense if Bill has conceded the season or if he plans on trading that 3rd and maybe another third or second for Vincent Jackson. That would make sense. Bill is almost always two steps ahead in a chess match, so there is no way he doesn’t have some kind of plan in place. Since the Pats bye is week 5, they could sign Jackson and he would be eligible to practice with the team week 6 and then play the following week. That REALLY makes sense. But with Bill, you just never know.

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