Trevor Pryce glad to be back with future President Rex Ryan

When the Ravens released defensive lineman Trevor Pryce this season, they thought he’d quickly re-sign. But the Ravens weren’t counting on Pryce to be courted by one of his favorite people in the NFL, Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

Pryce told ESPN Radio New York that the Ravens told him they’d be bringing him right back and had merely released him as a quick roster-juggling maneuver.

“They said, ‘We’re going to give you a week vacation and you come back Monday like nothing happened,'” Pryce said, per “I was like, ‘OK.’ But something happened, so that’s behind me now. I’m over it.”

The something that happened is Pryce finding out that Ryan, who had coached him in Baltimore, wanted to bring him to New York. Pryce says that Ryan is a hard man to say “no” to.

“It’s a thing where you’ve got to say, ‘OK, who has it and who doesn’t?’ Rex has it,” Pryce said. “He has something about him. . . . Some people just have that effect on other people. It’s said that those people often become President.”

President Rex Ryan? I don’t know if the White House press corps could handle that many F-bombs.

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  1. Got my Vote ,just think how good our Defenses would be,both those wars would be over!!!!LOL

  2. Wish Trevor Pryce well. Hope the Jets figure out a way to get some production out of him, Ravens sure couldn’t this season.

  3. Rex Ryan: Athletes like to play for him, and they believe in him. I think we’ve read every unfunny fat joke from the Third Grade Level PFT Reader faction, and find it funny that all you can resort to is insulting his appearance.

  4. The Ravens have a problem if Pryce is telling the truth (which is obvious he is). That whole wink-no thing is against NFL rules.
    Someone has some splainin to do.

  5. This guy is below average at best. At one time he was one of the best. You could argue he was still very good two years ago. Just like every defensive player that leaves the Ravens…he wont make a difference on any other team.
    Its too bad his replacement last week was injured and will be out 2-4 weeks.

  6. Well, the Ravens could have “risked” cutting 52 other players on the roster and chose cutting Trevor. He was clearly the guy they thought was most expendable. I don’t think they are crushed by the signing. Trevor is a good guy though and people in Baltimore wish him well.

  7. Can you imagine if the American President had the mentality of the defensive coordinator in Rex Ryan ? Organized chaos is the first thing that comes to my mind lol

  8. Its the same playbook that Marvin Lewis, then Mike Nolan evolved.
    Rex added onto an already well developed defense but its not ‘his’ playbook. Lewis is the true architect. Rex is just riding coat tails. I don’t blame the guy but I also have never seen him compliment this predecessors.
    Baltimore North takes what the Ravens give them.
    AND finally Pettine is a PUPPET just tagging along. Dude is not missed at M&T.

  9. kantnockdahustle89 has it right…good riddance trevor price, what an over rated player..he had less that 10 tackles as a DE in 3 games. have fun in new york with all ravens wanna be’s..ur way below average.

  10. Just like every defensive player that leaves the Ravens…he wont make a difference on any other team.
    I don’t know I think Bart Scott and Jim Leonard made a big difference in turning the Jets from a mediocre defensive team to the league leading defense last year. Even marques Douglas made a difference last year.
    but thanks though

  11. I’m pretty sure only the VP is allowed to drop f-bombs. At least, that’s the case with the last two.

  12. kantnockdahustle89 says:
    October 6, 2010 2:13 PM
    This guy is below average at best. At one time he was one of the best. You could argue he was still very good two years ago. Just like every defensive player that leaves the Ravens…he wont make a difference on any other team.
    Its too bad his replacement last week was injured and will be out 2-4 weeks.
    Rex Ryan seems to disagree with you. I wonder who has a higher football IQ, a guy that doesn’t seem to know how to spell “can’t,” or an NFL head coach. I’ll go with the coach’s decision on this one.

  13. # sacdaddy says: October 6, 2010 1:54 PM
    Of course they were counting on Rex to grab Pryce; he’d poach our entire D if he could.
    Ummm… really? I doubt he wants that defensive line that can’t get any pressure on the quarterback. I doubt he wants any of those linebackers(with the exception of Ray Lewis).
    Baltimore thought they just “made” linebackers… when really they just got steals in the draft. Sorry, but Tavares Gooden and Jameel McClain are NOT Adalius Thomas and Bart Scott.
    And I highly doubt Rex Ryan wants anything to do with Chris Carr and Fabian Washington.
    Baltimore’s starting corners should be Lardarius Webb and Josh Wilson… but they’re too dumb to realize this.
    And I doubt Rex Ryan wants Tom Zbkikowski either. But hell yes he would take Ed Reed, and possibly even Dawan Landry.
    ANY team would take those guys. So what’s your point? I bet Ravens would take half of the Jets defense if they became available, too.

  14. kantnockdahustle89 say, “Just like every defensive player that leaves the Raven…he won’t make a difference on any other team”
    Uhm, like James Harrison whom the Ravens wisely cut and became defensive player of the year for the Steelers, or Bart Scott for the Jets, or Jim Leonhard, or…ahhh shut up already.

  15. Trevor Pryce had 1 tackle in 3 games. Good luck with that Rex. Trevor, looks like we beat the Steeler and held Mendenhall to under 80 yards/3.2 ypc without your services.
    HOFer Ray Lewis > Wannabe Bart Scott
    2nd year Paul Kruger > 35 year oldTrevor Pryce
    Harbs > Rex (except in an loudmouth or eating contest)
    ’nuff said. The NYJ need to stop fantasizing about us. Gotta still love Jimmy Leonhard. Only player to go over to the Jets and not start spewing garbage. Apparently, the only former Raven turned NYJ with some class.

  16. Please…, give me a king-size break.
    Here’s the real TRUTH:
    Trevor Pryce is a aging play of declining skills. He’s fallen from starter to back-up role on the Ravens team and faces the certainty that this will be his last NFL season after a long, successful career. When the opportunity to ‘double dip’ on salary came along.., he was all about cashing in. If Detroit, Cleveland, San Francisco or any bottom-dwelling team called and offered him the payday.., he would have take it.
    This is a quick money grab, before he’s out the door and more power to him for seizing the opportunity. But it is what it is…, and what it is.., is a money-grab.
    I wonder how that payday will feel if the Ravens go to and win a super bowl without him?

  17. Funny all you guys who know at this point what Pryce brings to the table more than Rex does…
    But, bottom line – The Jets D has had injuries and for them this is a GREAT SIGNING…
    Rex has a role for Pryce. he needs BODIES.
    As if the Jets were going to find a guy to fit right in who knows the defense at this point.

  18. Can you imagine if Rex was leading the troops over in the Mid-East right now. “Come on boys….Kill like a Jet today” “It’s Go Time”

  19. You don’t spell kant with a K? Damn I better hit the books.
    James Harrison was cut by the Steelers first and then the Ravens only to be signed again by the Steelers. The guy was always good just a head case and now hes got his stuff together. Not sure how you can make an arrangement since the guy barely even played for the Ravens let alone started.
    Im talking about the Ed Hartwells, the Adalius Thomas’ and the Will Demps’. All of the guys earned huge contracts and barely made a dent. AD was good for a short while but now look where he is.
    Marques Douglas was a good player I will agree to that. Bart Scott plays second fiddle to David Harris just like he did to Ray. The guy just likes to talk smack so everyone thinks hes the best out there. Clearly not the case. And as far as Jim Leonhard…hes a poor safety at best.
    Every team loses players and they perform well on other teams but once these guys have left the Ravens they don’t perform as well.

  20. @ BCfromhell the TRUTH is that Baltimore is a great team,But they will not be in a SuperBowl this year… and the payday will feel just the same.

  21. Guys like Rex Ryan and Brian Kelly have a aura about them that makes people believe in them. I could totally see a guy like Ryan running the country. His confidence rubs off on his players. He might be a little rough around the edges, but he gets my vote.

  22. steeelfann says:
    October 6, 2010 2:58 PM
    Uhm, like James Harrison whom the Ravens wisely cut and became defensive player of the year for the Steelers, or Bart Scott for the Jets, or Jim Leonhard, or…ahhh shut up already.
    Bart Scott and Jim Leonhard are overrated. Bart’s mouth is bigger than the play’s he makes on the field.

  23. RavNation – You gotta be kidding me about Rex taking the playbook of Nolan and Lewis. You’re joking right? I understand you’re a homer and everything but give me a break.
    And why is everyone talking like we got T.Pryce because we think he is going to set the world on fire? We got him for depth and situational pass rushing.

  24. Everyone is always looking at stats. Pryce is a beast and will complement an awesome defense. Just because he doesn’t get tackles or sacks doesn’t mean he isn’t creating gaps or creating pressure. It sure seems like LT’s career is over and he’s a declining player huh. I wish the Broncos had offered him some money to head out west.
    As for President Rex (obviously we aren’t serious). All poor-natured fat jokes aside, in the current era, the American people would never elect someone likely to suffer a heart attack while in office. And he’s overweight and unhealthy (everyone saw him chowin’ down on those M&Ms in Hardknocks). Unless of course his VP candidate is Jon Stewart. Maybe an appointment to Secretary of Defense. The US Military is the Jets defense of the world; we can employ so many weapons. His strategy might be useful.

  25. Jim Leonhard is an avg. safety at best but part of his value to the Jets is returning punts. He usually calls for a fair catch, reliable hands, but he does have one or two decent returns this year. Good character guy on a team that needs ’em.

  26. @ NewYorkJetstaketheEastin 2010:
    LOL, I like your post.
    Trevor Pryce was great in Denver. We’ll see what he has left.

  27. Trevor Pryce went to the Jets because it made him an extra 750K this year. It was a business decision. He can slice it and dice it anyway he wants, but that is the truth. Also true is that he is in the December of his great career. He had one tackle in 3 games. That just doesn’t cut it for a DL.
    @ Habib – just because your Bengals lost to the Browns, you crap all over our front office and their moves. Who are you kidding. Mike Brown as the GM vs Ozzie? What a typically stupid comment. Time to back to New Dehli.

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