Santana Moss: Redskins' offense not comfortable

With 22 catches for 290 yards through four games, Redskins receiver Santana Moss is on pace to have one of his best NFL seasons. But he says the Redskins’ offense still has plenty of room for improvement.

“We, as an offense, are not comfortable with everything yet,” Moss said, per Mike Jones of “People look at it as, ‘OK, you got Donovan [McNabb], you got this new offense, but why aren’t we seeing more from the offense?’ Because we’re still learning. We’re still trying to get in that zone where we know everything from A to Z without having to think about it, and it takes time and the only way you can learn it is by playing. . . . Every week is a work in progress, like on the job training type of thing.”

Moss has combined for 16 catches and 213 yards in the two games the Redskins lost, but just six catches and 77 yards in the two games the Redskins won. McNabb says the Redskins are going to be better off if they do more on the ground and less through the air.

“We just don’t want to come in and be an air-it-out-throw-40-to-50-times-a-game, although I wouldn’t mind,” McNabb said. “But the thing about it is, we’re working to establish that run because we know that you can do so much off of the run. If it calls for us to throw 15 times and we win, then that’s all that matters to me.”

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  1. That’s what makes this offense so scary because defenses get caught off guard with the some of the things we can do. I listen to the opponents radio stations over the internet at work and Green Bay is so consumed with the Randy Moss trade and why there GM hasn’t addressed any of their needs the Skins have become an after thought. When their beat writer was asked whether the Packers will beat the Skins he said ” Yeah, What they score last week 17points? Yeah even missing 6 starters I think the Packers will Win on the Road.” All I have to say is after the Body Bag Game in Philly Packers be wary in DC!

  2. Santa needs to improve his hands, particularly in the middle of the field.
    The toughness factor needs ramping up.

  3. We are going to injure Aaron Rodgers. Vikings fans, thank us when you win the division. Hail to the Redskins. Lets go #84

  4. @wd40 -Yeah I agree with you he’s had some costly drops and fumbles last time we played the Packers, But I love Moss Man that boy is good! I just wish he would interact more with the fans after the game. I can’t tell you how many times he goes straight to his ride after a game. Actually he’s not the only one. If you want to be a legend in DC you need to Mingle with the fans after wins and losses! Hint Skins players!

  5. Redskinfansince82 says:
    October 7, 2010 9:00 AM
    That’s what makes this offense so scary because defenses get caught off guard with the some of the things we can do.
    “we”? Which position do you play?

  6. Scored 17 points against the Eagles before the 0-3gles knew what hit them, they just went into cruise control after that.

  7. I think Redskinfansince82 has blinders on if he thinks the game against the Eagles proved anything. All it proved it that the Eagles offensive line sucks.

  8. you guys are out of your minds if you think that Redskins will be going anywhere. They are going to lose their next 3 games and easily. The Eagles came out unprepared to play and they still almost lost the game. Truth of the matter is you didn’t do anything after the second drive of the day. All you crap talkers should realize that the redskins aren’t very good. They have the worst defense in the league and McNabb is past his prime and now no Portis for 4-6 weeks. Just because The Eagles werent prepared to play and your back up running back ran over them the first two drives doesn’t make him good. Enjoy another losing season

  9. Santana has always been a reliable target for the Skins, and he has reliable hands; however, he tends to carry the ball somewhat carelessly after the catch. Often, he holds the ball like Deion Sanders after an interception: two-handed in front of his body instead of tucked in. Now that he’s in the slot, which I think is a great fit for him, he’s definitely exposing himself to fumbling the ball more like we saw in the Rams game. Last year, only Calvin Johnson and Anquan Boldin fumbled more (although to be fair 15 were tied with Santana with two fumbles). If the other Redskins receivers can finally get open (which probably won’t happen), then some pressure will be off Santana, and he won’t be exposed to defenders trying to strip the ball.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Santana has a career high in fumbles this season adjusting to the slot position with a poor receiving corps. With his speed and the poor performance of Galloway, Roydell Williams, and others (Anthony Armstrong has been OK), I wonder how much the Redskins can benefit by putting Santana back in the split end position.

  10. Redskins are actually getting an upgrade at RB with Torain. This kid is a beast!
    And why did the Eagles come out unprepared to play? Isn’t that what teams do the week leading up to the game?

  11. mikedog44 if I am not mistaken your egirls suck so quit making lame excuses and just suck it up. Egirls are not winning any superbowl, never have and probably never will.
    You have had the same offense, defense and Coach for years. It should be on automatic. Skins, new D, new O, new QB, new coach. And beat the Egirls butt. I dont know that I would feel that confident and talk all your smack after losing to us if the Skins are so poor. It makes you sound really stupid. It wasnt because the egirls werent prepared to play, its because the egirls suck. Thats whose going nowhere. They lost dimwit.

  12. There should be one of those signs in Ashburn akin to the ones at construction sites displaying the number of days without an accident that states:
    “Redskins Offense: Now 6,865 days in a row of being uncomfortable”

  13. Nice to see that on Redskins blogs at least it is mostly Redskins fans and not a bunch of bashers and haters posting irrelevant blabber.

  14. First of all Im not saying that the eagles are good and its their own fault for not coming out prepared to play. They suck too, but what I am saying is the Redskins are just as awful. And Torvain’s a beast really?????? You are really coming at me with that. There is a reason he was on the practice squad idiot and he’s supposed to replace Portis?? The Redskins have sucked for years and that will continue this year. You didn’t kick the Eagles butt but more like the Eagles came unprepared to play. Is it right?? Is that what teams should do? NO, but that doesnt change the fact thats what happened. YOu scored the first 2 times and offense and then got SHUT DOWN. Argue all you want but thats what happened. You played badly against a bad team. Thats worse than winning but you guys are a good team(Sarcastically speaking) differnt year same results. Why dont you go sodimize some hogs? and what are you the 32nd ranked defense?

  15. What’s with the headline? Santana is not complaining. He’s a team player. He’s absolutely right that this offense is a work in progress. It’s year one after two years of high school offense. The Redskins are conducting a year-long training camp to put in the system and find out which of these 53 want to be players. So far, camp is going well.
    As to Santana himself – he is a Ruthless Gangsta Superstah who alters Time and Space! Hail!

  16. So Funny. Haven’t you redskin fans been paying attention for the past 11yrs? You laugh at the Eagles for never winning anything?! Yet you now are convinced that YOU will win with our ex-choker-QB?! funny. The redskins scored on the 1st drive because of a big kick return. Next drive was good. after that, cruise control? Again very funny. Get used to “cruise control” from 5. Then he’ll blame everyone but himself for the failures. You beat a backup QB. Now you are the champ!
    Did you notice how McNabb couldn’t lead the team to any points late to put the game away? You better. You will. Again and Again.

  17. You are right mikedog44, I didn’t kick the eagles butt. I don’t even play football. But the skins kicked the Eagles butt, so who’s the idiot?
    And Torain is a beast. He was on the practice squad because Shanahan didn’t want to lose him. He drafted him in Denver and loves the kid. Maybe you should watch him play.
    And if the Skins have the 32nd ranked defense what does that say about the Eagles offense. Must be horrible.

  18. The Redskins Win over the Eagles proves one thing. They made a terrible mistake in Trading McNabb in the Division. He Is the QB, The skins went into Philly and laid the smack down. Score wise, it wasn’t a blow out. The Skins were laying the wood all day Sunday, and were manhandling the Eagles. DeSEan Jackson looked like a little bitch. Hail! Eagles front office and Fans look like a bunch of Losers!!!!

  19. mikedog44 –
    You got BEAT and you got BEAT by your former QB. Quit your sniveling and pull up your panties you little wuss.
    Ask Mikell if Torain is a beast, you idiot
    cry beagles cry

  20. @realitypolice
    “we”? Which position do you play?
    Look here Reality Popo, I know this is a big world to you and everything but yeah “we” means my fn team. You know my season tickets help pay salaries everytime “I” plunk down $6,500k every year with the rest of my tailgating buddies to sit in the Club level. So my official position with the team is “Cheerleader” if you want to be technical. If your a Packers fan I hope Moss moons your team after he smokes Charles Woodson and then Farve sings “Pants on the Ground” after you lose the division title again.

  21. @pt8106
    I think Redskinfansince82 has blinders on if he thinks the game against the Eagles proved anything. All it proved it that the Eagles offensive line sucks.
    Blinders? If you see Torain Trucking your safety for a touchdown and Mcnabb’s laser bomb to Cooley for a touchdown and come away thinking your offensive line is the problem I question your Eye sight. Do you read in Brail? Vick getting a Rib sandwich at the goal? YOur running back getting his rib sandwich also? These are signs your team ran into a buzz saw called the first place Washington Redskins. How many players didn’t practice this week for you? lol really stop kidding yourself saying you beat your selves. These games are televised.

  22. @Redskinfansince82
    I tell you what big mouth. I will bet you your 6500K seats and the promise that you never post here again that the “the first place redskins at 2-2” will lose the next 3 games. You guys are going to get rolled like the little B*thes you are. If I lose I will give my 6500k phillies season tickets and the same promise. YOU ARE 2-2 you friggin idiot. So you have to beat Indy,Green Bay and Chicago. Hmmm. I wonder what record you will be at then 2-5. That sure sounds like first place to me.By the way Im a Jets fan and I was just stating the case that you guys suck. Live in Philly doesnt mean I like them

  23. @mikedogg, who gives a rats a$$ about a practice squad? That’s where players come from you idiot. Arian Foster was on the Texans practice squad last year. Are you gonna tell me he sucks?? Because last time I checked he’s been lighting everybody up this year.
    And as for the Eagles “showing up unprepared”, that was probaby the most emotional game they will have this season, so saying they showed up unprepared is the worst excuse you could posibally come up with. They were probably more focused on that game then any other game they will have this year.
    I have faith in my Skins, and anybody that has the nerve to talk sh!t about the superbowl winning coach or the established veteran qb we have is somebody who can’t say anything good about their own team.

  24. mikedogg a jets fan…what a surprise. A win is a win. We all know the Redskins dont have great talent but it was enough to get a win. Why come on here and start bashing them? Go worry about the Ravens.

  25. Front Runners Anonymous Meeting – today
    I’m MikeDogg anda I’m a Jets fan, oh wait, I’m an Eagles fan. Hold it!! I’m a Cowboys fan!!! Dammit who is in first place?????????? Hey, i’m a CHIEFS fan!!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
    “Hello, Mike. You are among friends” , say all the the rest of the Sunshine Fans.
    Bleed your colors, prick. I Bleed Burgundy and Gold Forever!!!

  26. mikedog44-
    Why the hell would he trade his Redskins tickets for Philly tickets? Oh and the Eagles scored 12 points dude, the Cowboys scored 7 points. The Redskins scored every time they touched the ball in the 1st half.
    Yes and the QB you guy’s traded to Washington beat both your Qb’s you traded him for. The Redskins pretty much beat you guy’s up so bad in the first half you guy’s couldn’t recover when the Redskins slacked up either. The past 5 games the Redskins have won 3 of them and you guys got rid of the Qb who was the reason you guys even won 2 of those games.

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