Mike Florio's SNF Extra chat: First half

Below is a transcript of Mike Florio’s chat in Sunday Night Football
Extra for Week 5’s Eagles-49ers game. You can access his live chat
every week here: nbcsports.com/snfextra

AskSNF: Mr. Florio, how do the Saints/Chargers rebound after today’s big upsets?
PFTonSNF: They’ve got to take it all one game at a time. Learn lessons and move on.

AskSNF: Happy Birthday Mrs. Florio
PFTonSNF: Her best gift probably was me out of town.

AskSNF: Ask Mike Florio Who will win the NFC North?
PFTonSNF: If Minnesota can get this Favre stuff behind them, they could take it.

AskSNF: What’s wrong with the Saints?
PFTonSNF: I think the Saints miss Reggie Bush more than anyone ever thought they would.

AskSNF: What are the chances that Aaron Rodgers will be able to play next week?
PFTonSNF: Too early to tell. He’s now in the gears of the concussion procedures.

AskSNF: Is This A must win for the 9ers
PFTonSNF: This is a playoff game for the Niners, as a practical matter.

AskSNF: How Impressed were you with the Lion’s victory today?, and do you think thier on the right track?
PFTonSNF: Good win for the Lions. One of the few I picked right this week. They’re heading in the right direction.

AskSNF: Do you think that Moss will limit Harvin’s carries that much?
PFTonSNF: Moss could open things up for Harvin to get more touches.

AskSNF: why did it take so long after the 1st sterger report to go out to actully gain steam
PFTonSNF: First Sterger report was her account with no tangible evidence. The tangible evidence made this thing go.

AskSNF: do you think the jets will win 2morrow?
PFTonSNF: I definitely think the Jets will win tomorrow night.

AskSNF: How are you feeling about your Cowboys superbowl pick?
PFTonSNF: About as good as I felt about my Redskins pick last year.

AskSNF: Ask Mike Florio: Was the Raiders victory significant or just a fluke?
PFTonSNF: Depends on whether they can build on it.

AskSNF: Are the Ravens the most complete team in the NFL right now?
PFTonSNF: If that offense shows up every week, yes.

PFTonSNF: Former WVU fullback Owen Schmitt just swatted Shawntae Spencer.

AskSNF: what about the colts performance today they were unable
to dominate like usual do you think they will have a tough time making
the playoffs?
PFTonSNF: Few teams are dominating. Chiefs are no slouch. A win is a win and now there’s a four-way AFC South at 3-2.

AskSNF: Do you think that pierre thomas’ abscence today was the main reason the saints lost?
PFTonSNF: Main reason? No. A big reason? Yes.

AskSNF: You think the Bucs have a shot at the Saints next week?
PFTonSNF: Everyone has a shot against the Saints. They have blown out no one.

AskSNF: do you think there is something wrong with carson palmers arm or elbow ?
PFTonSNF: Something is wrong with Palmer. He hasn’t been the same guy for a couple of years.

AskSNF: What’s wrong with the Chargers?
PFTonSNF: Annual slow start. One of these years they won’t be able to turn it on.

AskSNF: is there a chance for max hall to win rookie of the year?
PFTonSNF: Yes, but he’s got a lot of catching up to do.

AskSNF: do you think the vikings first game will be a bomb to randy moss? or will it be a chilly ball play call?
PFTonSNF: Favre will do whatever Favre wants to do.

Mike, is the AFC South the toughest division in football? Also, who do
you expect to make the playoffs from the AFC South?
PFTonSNF: Top to bottom, probably. Each team is 3-2. I think Colts win it.

AskSNF: Is this season the end of the road for Matt Hasselbeck?
PFTonSNF: Probably. Not sure who the next guy for the Seahawks will be.

AskSNF: Do you think the Redskins’ defense is improving? They held the pre-season darling Packers to 13 points.
PFTonSNF: Possibly. It’s amazing they gave up 30 points two weeks ago.

AskSNF: Are the Falcons going to the playoffs?
PFTonSNF: 4-1 and first place in the NFC South, but not dominant. No one in NFC is dominant.

AskSNF: Should Favre be punished if she was a willing participant?
PFTonSNF: Willing participant doesn’t matter when talking about workplace-related conduct. Any employer would try to shut that down.

AskSNF: Obviously, the 49ers are better than their 0-4 record. How much longer do you think it will take them to become serious playoff contenders?
PFTonSNF: They could become serious playoff contenders this year if they win tonight. They’re in the “none of the above” division.

AskSNF: Will the Vikings QB situation next year play a part in Randy’s decision to sign an extension with the Vikings this offseason?
PFTonSNF: Absolutely. And it will be a factor in whether Vikings want him.

AskSNF: Who would you say is the best team in the NFL now that there are no undefeated teams?
PFTonSNF: It doesn’t really matter who is the best now. BUT … Pittsburgh, Baltimore, NYJ has been the best so far.

PFTonSNF: I don’t think so. They would have to lose a lot more.

AskSNF: is there any truth to the rumour that Mike Sims Walker is on the trading block?
PFTonSNF: Haven’t heard that. Makes zero sense.

AskSNF: Why do you think McNabb is off to such a slow start?
PFTonSNF: Terrible wide receivers and a new system. And he’s usually not that accurate. They are winning, though.

AskSNF: Is Wade’s job on the line in Dallas after the debacle with Tennessee?
PFTonSNF: Jerry Jones has never made an in-season change. They can’t afford to fall much further behind though.

PFTonSNF: LeSean McCoy is not messing around this season.

PFTonSNF: This game points out how mediocre the 49ers defense has been all year. Almost as big a problem as the O.

PFTonSNF: Big moment for the 49ers. Need a score to make this one possession at halftime. Not a good come-from-behind team.

AskSNF: hey mike, do you feel that kyle ortons success is his talent or is it mcdaniels sytstem?
PFTonSNF: Have to give a lot of credit to both, but McD has a knack with quarterbacks.

AskSNF: Ask Mike Florio Who do you think is the best cornerback in the league?
PFTonSNF: Nnamdi Asomugha

AskSNF: what’s going on in New orleans? after today Drew looks a bit rattled.
PFTonSNF: Way too many red zone mistakes. Fewer big plays. Lot of injuries on both sides. Think they will be OK but trailing ATL now.

PFTonSNF: Trent Cole heading to the locker room early.

AskSNF: What is up with the Pack?
PFTonSNF: Hooo weee. What up with Pack? What up with Pack?

AskSNF: How do you think the Pats do without Moss? Does Tate step up and help fill that void?
PFTonSNF: I think Tate is part of the solution. Aaron Hernandez could get a lot more looks.

PFTonSNF: Just went into SNL studio, which is being set up for live 30 Rock on Thursday night. Then they told me to get out or they’d call security.

AskSNF: If the Bears get Vincent Jackson will that make that bears team a Super Bowl Condender?
PFTonSNF: I’d be shocked if the Bears make a play for Vincent Jackson.

7 responses to “Mike Florio's SNF Extra chat: First half

  1. The Favre scandal…do you think he is truly guilty of bad personal conduct, or does it smell a little, if not a true setup, that perhaps there’s more to it?

  2. Florio,
    I think you still owe an apology for your classless post about Haynesworth’s brothers death.

  3. Would be nice if this thing ran a little more real time. It’s 9:13 & your last post is from 8:48

  4. You never answered my question about whether you would prefer Randy Moss’ beard or Tom Brady’s haircut in exchange for your hairpiece?

  5. AskSNF: If the Bears get Vincent Jackson will that make that bears team a Super Bowl Condender?
    PFTonSNF: I’d be shocked if the Bears make a play for Vincent Jackson.
    Bears would avoid him for the same reason the Pata didn’t want him.
    If anything the Bears need to make a play for Manchild in NE.

  6. NationalFelonLeague.com © says:
    October 10, 2010 10:13 PM
    AskSNF: If the Bears get Vincent Jackson will that make that bears team a Super Bowl Condender?
    PFTonSNF: I’d be shocked if the Bears make a play for Vincent Jackson.
    Bears would avoid him for the same reason the Pata didn’t want him.
    If anything the Bears need to make a play for Manchild in NE
    Im with you but I think its the Eagles that need to go after Mankins… Bellicheck and Reid have a good repour and have made a bunch of trades with each other. I think they should work something out here.

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