Macho Harris gets plenty of tryouts, but no contract

Last year, Macho Harris was the man in Philly.  With Brian Dawkins gone, Harris won a starting spot in the defensive backfield as a fifth-round rookie. 

It didn’t last.

Though he appeared in 15 games, his starting streak ended at six, with two more starts later in the year.  Then, after only one season, Harris was cut.

Since then, he has worked out for numerous teams, including the Lions, Rams, Texans, and Saints.  Today, he worked out for the Titans, per numerous reports. 

We’re told that he also has a workout scheduled with the Jets.

It’s unclear why Harris is continuing to get interest, but he’s unable to get a contract.  Part of the problem is that he’s no longer eligible for the practice squad, given the number of games he played in 2009.

For now, teams remain sufficiently interested to bring him in, but not sufficiently interested in what they see to sign him.

7 responses to “Macho Harris gets plenty of tryouts, but no contract

  1. I’m fairly confident it’s as simple as people having an infatuation with a guy named “Macho”.
    Nate Allen + No Macho = Perfect Decision.

  2. macho would be a great corner in a cover 2 defense. i wouldn’t be surprised if the vikings gave him a look now that cedric griffin’s gone.

  3. Can’t stand Hokies, but Macho Harris is one of the best names ever. Chuck Hayes good? I don’t know about that, but pretty close.

  4. I liked him. I think the Eagles gave up on him too son, like they did with Cornelius Ingram. There are fools like Mike Bell and King Dunlap, yet there’s no backup free safety if I’m not mistaken. Macho could have been a nice player to have in certain play packages. He at least could contain tight ends.

  5. Harris is a pretty good player and he’s pretty smart. His problem is he is just a little too slow to play corner in the NFL and hasn’t mastered the changeover to safety yet. Teams don’t have time to coach a kid up when they’re trying to fill an injury void.
    Harris’ best chance of getting a gig this year is when a team is extremely desperate for both DB and special teams help. If not, it’s likely he’ll get a shot in somebody’s camp next season.

  6. Theres alot of BAAAAAD secondaries out there. Im a little suprised someone hasnt picked him up. Hes not great, but theres flat out bad players in secondaries on NFL teams.

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