Nick Kaczur heads to injured reserve as Patriots announce Deion Branch trade

Once expected to start in place of guard Logan Mankins this year, Patriots offensive lineman Nick Kaczur will wind up missing the entire 2010 season.

The team placed Kaczur on injured reserve Tuesday.  He had been trying to recover from a back injury suffered early in training camp.  Kaczur started 42 games between 2007-2009 as a swing tackle, usually playing on the right side.

Kaczur’s roster spot went to Deion Branch, who joined the Patriots for practice Tuesday.  Branch was wearing No. 84. (Wes Welker has Branch’s old No. 83.)  The Patriots sent the Seahawks a fourth-round pick for Branch.  The Patriots have two picks in the round — their own and Denver’s.   Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times reported Monday that the Seahawks will receive whichever pick winds up higher. 

The Patriots have a surplus of 2010 draft picks, but it’s a nice deal for the Seahawks considering Branch’s salary and lack of production.  Branch’s role in New England is unclear, but we’d imagine he’ll play less initially than Brandon Tate.

13 responses to “Nick Kaczur heads to injured reserve as Patriots announce Deion Branch trade

  1. A commenter on has a great perspective on the Branch trade:
    “Justin Says:
    October 12th, 2010 at 6:51 am
    On the news of Deion Branch returning to New England I realized something.
    The Patriots drafted Deion Branch in the second round.
    He helped them win two superbowls and became one’s MVP.
    They traded Branch for a 1st round pick giving them two.
    That 1st round pick turned into Brandon Merriweather (Pro Bowl Saftey)
    The second 1st round pick was traded to the 49ers for a 1st and 4th round picks the next year.
    That first rounder became Jerod Mayo (Defensive rookie of the year)
    That 4th round pick then turned into Randy Moss when they traded with the Raiders.
    Randy got them to a superbowl and helped break huge records including going 16 – 0.
    They trade Moss for a 3rd round pick getting back more value. (received for 4th traded for 3rd)
    They trade Maroney for a 4th round pick which they then used to pick up Deion Branch.
    Which is basically like trading Maroney (a bust) for Deion Branch.
    So basically..
    They turned Deion Branch into Moss, Merriweather and Mayo.
    And now they have Branch back PLUS a new 3rd round pick.
    That’s just mind boggling lol. They actually gained and lost nothing from all of this.
    Now the Patriots have young talented receivers a young learning defense and Branch to teach them.
    Thats just insane. They got so much for Branch and now they have him again LOL.”

  2. @Somnambulus :
    Most of this is true, but I’m not exactly sure that all of those maneuvers were as listed. And no mention of losing a 1st rounder because of spygate. Which was an absurdly punitive measure. Also, while it looks good on paper, it remains to be seen how much losing Moss damages whatever chances they had this year. Because like it or not, the Jets are formidable.
    They can only build so much for the future because they have their franchise QB now. There should be some sense of urgency in that locker room.

  3. seattle gave up a 1st round pick for this guy and got a 3rd round pick back. stupid is as stupid does.

  4. There’s a little “slight of hand” in Justin’s post. They already had the second 1st rounder so you can’t count Moss or mayo in the equation. They got Merriweather for Branch and got Branch back for a bust in Maroney. A good deal, but as good as Justin would have us believe.

  5. @saudishot
    I am not sure where the sleight of hand would come in, as the poster does not appear to deliberately mislead, even though he may not be entirely accurate, as 8man suggests.
    The post does seem to work from the premise that the progression from trade to picks to players and so on was almost premeditated. Also, I think you are correct to say that one should not (necessarily) count slotted picks as part of the equation, even though having Seattle’s number one did perhaps increase the team’s comfortability with trading its own, slotted pick that year, just as having San Fran’s pick the next year (Mayo) helped soften the impact of losing a first-rounder as a result of the so-called “Spygate” scandal.
    That said, I think adopting a long perspective on the trade, developing a genealogy of sorts, is useful. What the Patriots have been able to do over the past few years to accumulate high-round draft picks, and even secure top-shelf players (Moss, Welker) for mid-round picks in trade (Miami did get a two, I know) is impressive.

  6. Somnambulus makes some good points.
    But the Pats have never been the same since the league decided they werent allowed to cheat anymore.
    I think thats a valid point too.

  7. Patriots are always looking long term. This is why they won 3 super bowls and remained very competitive, even making the 07 SB, and 06 AFC title game, while losing almost the whole team and having to replace them.
    It may not make the fans happy initially on draft day when we trade away picks and trade down in the draft, but this trading and long term outlook is why the Patriots are sitting 3-1 in year 2 of rebuilding the defense.

  8. @ Somnambulus:
    It all sounds good except the Branch trade cost them the SuperBowl. The Pats would have never lost to Indy if they had Branch in the AFC Championship game.
    Yamchargers is a MORON bc the Pats went something like 17-0 after spygate many victories being blowouts and went 11-5 with a back up QB also missing the playoffs @11-5! Then they win the AFC East the next year. Millions of fans wish their teams were that bad.

  9. Well I guess this makes it official. Logan Mankins really pissed off the Patriots with his comments and he will be sitting this year, and possibly next year, and likely not become a free agent. I feel for him because he signed a 6 year rookie deal when 5 was the norm, but perhaps this could have been handled better. I’m wondering who his agent is…..

  10. Nick Kaczur can now go into full time drug buying, his offseason job for which he was never punished.

  11. I’m loving the trade. Still can’t believe New England would give up a 4th for Branch. Say what you want, Seattle got excellent value in this trade. Pete Carroll and John Schneider are starting to look brilliant.
    Oh, and all you NE fans talking about how Branch suffered due to a bad offense, that just cracks me up. The reason Seattle fans hate Branch is because the guy dropped a TON of passes that were right to his hands, and was constantly injured. He was never worthy of even a 4th rounder. I still can’t believe NE was willing to throw away a draft pick on that loser.
    Seattle fans are LOVING this trade.

  12. Can’t follow this draft roullette from “Somnambulus”.
    They drafted Branch in 2nd round. He exceeded expectations. They let him go to Seattle where he earned big $. They got a first rounder for a good player. He’s old now.
    They never won another Super Bowl.
    The end.
    They drafted Laurence Maroney in the first round. Traded him for a fourth rounder.

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