Rams not interested in Vincent Jackson

The minute Mark Clayton was hurt, the speculation started in St. Louis.  Perhaps the Rams could re-kindle their prior interest in Chargers wideout Vincent Jackson.

Don’t expect it to happen.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch writes in a mailbag on Tuesday that Vincent Jackson’s contract demands need to come down before the Rams were interested.

Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith has been blamed for Jackson’s predicament, but Jackson’s high asking price and two DUI’s haven’t helped matters.  A league source also told NFL.com’s Steve Wyche that the Rams were not interested in Jackson.

The Rams will look towards their young receivers like rookie Danario Alexander, who they promoted from the practice squad on Tuesday.

13 responses to “Rams not interested in Vincent Jackson

  1. They also have Mardy Gilyard, but apparently he has been having a hard time picking up the playbook. So they just use him for KR/PR.

  2. FireJerryJones says:
    October 12, 2010 7:28 PM
    Cincinnati is his only option.
    Oh I think Miami would be just as good an option.
    Washington is another

  3. VJ, it’s not like college where you were paid a lot of money to get wasted all week provided you showed up on gameday.

  4. That sucks, I wish the Chargers would let go of him, all this off the field B.S. creates distractions.

  5. as a life long charger fan, at this point, all i can do is laugh when i see malcom floyd put up 200 plus making aso look bad in some situations on sunday. chargers receiving core is as strong as ever. vince jackson, you had 2 good seasons, not #1 season, good seasons. now youre at home with the proverbial thumb in buttocks as 90ragtop so eloquently put it

  6. no one wants to trade for Jackson because if they do, he’s going to miss some games, plus the cost is too much.

  7. A.J. Smith, that freaking genius of a general manager in San Diego has made the price so high (poison pill) that Vincent Jackson would have to be the greatest player in the NFL for another team to make the leap.
    So what is A.J. Smith going to do when the season is over? Fire Jackson like he did Marty Schottenheimer?

  8. This is not a problem for VJ because his agents will be giving him $3.2 million to cover this for him. Im sure they will take care of their guy wont they?

  9. DUI – period.
    Uh, that’s TWO DUI’s. Period/exclamation point. NFW I want a turd with two DUI’s on my team. In order for that to happen to an NFL player, he’s got to either be a)dumb as a bag of hammers, b)have an alcohol problem, or c)all of the above. Any one of those answers immediately disqualifies him.
    How the hell this guy ever got so much attention is beyond me. His numbers aren’t THAT impressive, and they’re inflated by having Marmarlard slinging passes all over the yard in that pass-first offense that San Diego runs.

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