Bengals give Adalius Thomas a tryout

It’s been almost a month since we’ve had a good Adalius Thomas tryout post.

The latest team to kick Thomas’ tires was the Cincinnati Bengals on Tuesday, according to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.  Thomas and coach Marvin Lewis have a history together from their days in Baltimore. The Dolphins and Jets tried Thomas out earlier in the year, but didn’t sign him.  

Carson Palmer has received much of the blame of the Bengals’ struggles this year, but the team’s defense has been thoroughly average by every defensive measure this season.

23 responses to “Bengals give Adalius Thomas a tryout

  1. Does this guy have anything left? Or is he just a self indulgent ass that nobody wants in their locker room.
    It’s like he went to New England and died.

  2. @Ridnaway
    Isn’t Dhani leading the team in tackles? not sure but last time I checked I think he was.. They are just trying him out.. he won’t get signed…

  3. 8man says:
    October 13, 2010 8:10 PM
    It’s like he went to New England and died.
    No, he left Baltimore and died! Ray Lewis made them who they were.

  4. Trying out Adalius Thomas is saying something about the coaching staff’s view of the defense. I remember when he was in Baltimore. He played some incredible football then. It couldn’t hurt to add some experienced depth at the position. Middle linebacker might be an interesting experiment for Adalius.

  5. WTF Adalius?
    They drove a dump truck full of money up to your house and then you figured you had “arrived” and didn’t need to produce or listen ever again?
    You used to be cool man, now you’re a punchline.

  6. How is that defense underperforming? The offense I understand, but that was anything but an average secondary last season.
    And they’re looking at Thomas? With Owens already complaining that the coaches are ignoring his advice on how to fix their offensive problems? Maybe Thomas can give lectures on motivation for kindergartners.
    Good grief.

  7. He could still have a little game maybe. I predict Zimmer gets the head coaching nod when Marvin Lewis runs for the door at the end of the season

  8. Man, Did money turn that clown into a first rate loser….Do not sign him unless you wish to continue losing

  9. you guys got any other clever sayings besides kicking the tires?
    i’m sure if you google it something else might come up… but keep up the good work! I love all your headlines all season long.

  10. This is where they move Rey to middle and run a 3-4 occasionally. Give them a little more versatility and helps to groom Rey to take over for Dhani in the middle. They need more pass rush, but I don’t really remember Zim running any 3-4 previously. Anyone else?

  11. Why can’t they bring in a QB for a tryout to light a fire under Palmer’s ass? He knows his little brother isn’t taking his job so he has no reason to worry about his job.
    Are we allowed to try out a new OC as well?

  12. Not sure how signing him could be a bad thing, everybody wants to criticize the Bengals for picking up everyone’s “trash” but the truth is all of their “controversial” signings are productive players for the team. I’m pretty sure the Bengals problems lie somewhere between management and coaching, but it’s hard to tell exactly where. Wish it wasn’t so, but it is what is.

  13. Bengalsdouche, I love your comments. Keep it coming. According to Ken broo, get ready for more of the same. Mediocrity is celebrated by the bengals front office. More more mediocre than bob brat!

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