Revis, Ryan talk about the consequences of playing hurt

We like the fact that Jets coach Rex Ryan defers to his players when it comes to the question of whether they can or can’t play with an injury.  At a certain point, however, the coaching staff needs to be able to recognize that a guy is having trouble — and they need to pull him off the field before he makes his situation even worse.

The Jets failed in this regard on Monday night, and now cornerback Darrelle Revis has had a setback to his injured hamstring.

“During the game, it’s high intensity, I’m a competitor and I wanted to play,” Revis said in comments distributed by the team.  “I just fought through it.  As of right now, maybe I should have [said something], but I was just playing

The result?  Swelling in the injured hamstring and a missed practice on Wednesday.

“Before the game, I felt great,” Revis said.  “There
were no problems.  I just think the problem did come when I took a lot of reps.  
I hadn’t played in two weeks.  I wasn’t here for training camp, so coming back in
and playing a lot of reps, that’s where the swelling came in with the hamstring.”

Coach Rex Ryan apparently has learned a lesson, and he apparently will be changing the approach to letting players decide whether to play — and whether to stay in the game.

Or maybe he won’t.

“When I said it was going to be his decision whether he plays, I
think that’s wrong,” Ryan said.  “His decision is he’s going to play.  That’s just him being
a competitor.  I’m going to take his input for sure.   I’m never going to put a
player out there that doesn’t think he can play.  [I’m going to] take all of the
information, gather it and then make the right decision. 

“I’m not saying it
wasn’t the right decision to play Darrelle last week.   I’m not saying that.  I
will say this.  We are going to make sure we are watching him, because when I
watched the tape, at the end of the game in particular, Darrelle wasn’t the same
guy that he always is.  He wasn’t finishing plays like he always does, so
clearly the swelling bothered him, but he never said a word about it.   What we
have to have is eyes on him and I’ll have the appropriate guys with eyes on him. 
Then I’ll be able to say, ‘Hey, we have got to get him out.’

Ryan seems to acknowledge it was a mistake to let Revis play out the game.  But at the same time, Ryan refuses to call it a mistake.

“Step back and look at it, and I’ve made a ton of mistakes
before and this may be another one, but it wasn’t a mistake to play him,” Ryan said.  “I feel
that it was not a mistake to play him.  I think he could have played and we felt
good about it.  It’s just the way that every other decision, a football decision,
is made by me, with a lot of opinions. I don’t do anything individually, but I
collect all the facts and then I make the decision.  Why wouldn’t I make this
decision?  Obviously, I’m going to lean heavily on John Mellody and our doctors
and our medical staff and that’s the way we are going to do it.”

So it remains to be seen whether Revis will play against the pass-happy Broncos.  And it remains to be seen whether Ryan will defer to the player or whether Ryan will overrule him.  And it remains to be seen whether Ryan will pull him off the field if it appears that Revis is struggling.

Either way, what happened Monday was a mistake.  Unless it wasn’t.

28 responses to “Revis, Ryan talk about the consequences of playing hurt

  1. The Jets are really getting their 16 mil’s worth out of this guy LMFAO
    Serves them right for caving to Revis in the first place.

  2. it’s not that hard to understand what Ryan’s saying…he thinks it was right to play him, and they should have been tracking him to see if they should take him out.
    Reality is they shouldn’t have played him on that wet field, given him off for the Broncos too and hope with the bye he’d be ok for the second half. Now they have a problem for the rest of the year

  3. “During the game, it’s high intensity, I’m a competitor and I wanted to play,” Ryan said in comments distributed by the team. “I just fought through it. As of right now, maybe I should have [said something], but I was just playing football.”
    I Didn’t know Rex Ryan coached AND played football too. Florio, get the that cannoli out of you face and proof read your posts

  4. Who gives a rats ass….all i know is if Revis and Ryan were stranded on a desert island….Revis would become a lower member of the food chain…

  5. I highly doubt Rex Rryan said this…
    “During the game, it’s high intensity, I’m a competitor and I wanted to play,” Ryan said in comments distributed by the team.
    Florio can get no stuupidor aaahhhduuuurr!

  6. why don’t they talk about holding out, missing practice, taking yourself out of game shape and thus pulling a hammy on a sprint covering Moss.

  7. Um, does T-Rex realize he’ll need Revis at full strength for, you know, the PLAYOFFS?
    I would have said T-Rex was the biggest windbag in the NFL, if not for that ridiculous guarantee by the 49ers owner that they would win the division. Starting 0-5.

  8. Ohh poor Darleen Revis. Did you get hurt from Harvin schooling you! LOL!!! I thought you were the best CB in the league, eh? WUSS!

  9. AFC has a great point. When field conditions became questionable, they should have pulled him from starting and possibly from playing. He’s, also, right that what Ryan said isn’t nearly as confusing as the blogger is making it out to be.

  10. Moss burns him, injured. Harvin burns him, injured. Notice a pattern?
    Maybe sleeping on a large pile of money isn’t doing his hamstring any favors

  11. I wish the Jets never paid this guy. I was hoping they wouldn’t all along. At least he’s setting the stage for his next holdout perfectly – he’ll be released when he realizes that the Jets learned their lesson with him and nobody will trade for a guy who’s following Haynesworth’s lead. I don’t like Revis because he acts like this is all the Jets fault as an organization… He doesn’t think it was on him to come in at least in shape, he thinks its on the Jets for not paying him in time for him to make it to training camp. He’s a punk. I honestly think that we Jets fans deserve a public apology from this punk. I know that he’s gonna be the recipient of some hostility from his teammates… This guy Kyle Wilson was thrown into the fire early because Revis held out… Nobody should really even be aware of Wilson’s ability on the field, good or bad, like they are… he was forced to play bigger roles than he was ready for because Revis is a punk.

  12. I love the fact that Revis is so F’n good that people freak out and act like children when someone catches the occasional pass against him. While injured, no less.

  13. At this point in time, I think most Jets fans are even questioning if he is worth the $1 million he was due to earn this season before the extension ?
    Unless he shuts it down for a period of time, this will be a season long problem. The only thing that helps hamstring pulls is rest.
    As a Pats fan, I think the Jets have looked better w/o Revis in the lineup this season, and are making a mistake trying to placate him as he looks like his hammy has made him into a mediocre DB so far.

  14. I posted a long time age that Revis is over-rated. I would rather have Cromartie – he’s a tough matchup.

  15. So, since he likely isnt going to see the field for the next 2 weeks, it is a safe bet that he is going to be talking a TON of smack about the players he wont have to suit up against this week and next….. STFU Mevis, and just do your job

  16. HarrisonHits says:
    October 13, 2010 9:30 PM
    The Jets are really getting their 16 mil’s worth out of this guy LMFAO
    Serves them right for caving to Revis in the first place.
    NOt paying 16 mil you ,dumb F’, he’s the one who caved ….

  17. Hammy’s take forever to heal, and Revis’ hammy won’t fully heal till the off-season anyhow. He’s probably the best CB in the league, but with that hammy injury, Harvin made him look mediocre at best. If Lord Favre had thrown with any accuracy, Revis would’ve looked even worse.

  18. Do the Jets have any doctors on the staff? The rehab for this type of injury is well known to athletes. When you get one, lots of rest and no strain for weeks. The Jets coaches are responsible for wrecking one of the best at the position. In this era of football where the passing game rules favor the offense, losing Revis could be a season killer for the RATS. One can only hope.

  19. And then the Best corners in the league were down to two…Bailey and Nammdi (or how ever you spell his name).

  20. Alot of you in here say about Revis..”lets talk about the results of missing training camp”.
    Well lets apply that to ALL (Favre)NFL players.

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