With Tynes hurt, Giants sign Shayne Graham; Victor Cruz to IR

An injury to kicker Lawrence Tynes caused the Giants to do some roster juggling today.

The Giants signed kicker Shayne Graham because Tynes, who sprained his ankle in Friday’s practice, struggled in this morning’s walk-through. To make room on the roster for Graham, the Giants placed receiver Victor Cruz on injured reserve.

Tynes thinks he’ll be able to play on Sunday against the Lions, but now Graham will be available if Tynes can’t go.

Graham was cut by the Ravens after losing a training camp battle with Billy Cundiff. Cruz made the Giants’ roster after a great preseason, but he didn’t catch a pass in the regular season, and he suffered a hamstring injury in practice this week.

11 responses to “With Tynes hurt, Giants sign Shayne Graham; Victor Cruz to IR

  1. “To make room on the roster for Graham, the Giants placed receiver Victor Cruz on injured reserve.”
    How is that not player stashing?

  2. Slight correction – Graham lost the battle to Cundiff in Baltimore and not Cincinnati. Technically he got beat out by Mike Nugent in Cincy although really he beat himself because he turned into a quivering sack of choke every single time he attempted a kick that meant something. He successfully kept the Bengals out of the postseason twice – once on a failed extra point. On top of that, he really likes his lame self and while in Cincy was quite fond of playing the “don’t you know who I am” card. Unfortunately, we all found out exactly who Shayne Graham was, time and time again as he shanked important kicks. Have fun Giants…don’t say you weren’t forewarned.

  3. Could be considered stashing. There was no way he wasnt going to get signed by another team if he was released. Now they have him for next year.

  4. Shayne may not be the best, but I just read on the Post that Matt Dodge(Giants Punter) thinks he could hit any field goals under 35 yards which is funny consider he’s be struggling to well you know, PUNT! If they didnt bring in Shayne and went with Dodge as an emergency, maybe the Giants fans would prefer Fox and Cablevision dont strike a deal!

  5. Graham – excellent choice by Reese. Just like Tynes choked on 2 game winners for KC so Reese trades for him the next offseason. Graham chokes on 2 easy field goals in last season’s Bengals-Jets playoff game which cost Cincinnati the game, so Reese signs him – truly brilliant. Especially so when Elam was available.

  6. RexR#1:
    Elam missed 7 field goals in 19 attempts last year, and he’s 41 years old.
    Graham made 23/28 last year, a significantly better margin.
    To insinuate that Elam is better at this point than Graham is completely absurd.
    Graham is probably the best option out there, and I’d bet money he does better than Tynes.

  7. RexR#1,
    Brilliant post in which you show your wisdom. Jason Elam can’t kickoff. Also Tynes kicked the game winner in overtime versus GB to send the Giants to SB 42. I guess you missed that game. Reese signed Graham as insurance in case Tynes can’t kick this weekend versus the Lions. At least he didn’t use a 2nd round pick on a kicker like the Jets did with Nugent. How is that working out for you?

  8. Hey RexR#1
    How many Super Rings do Jets player have who are under the age of 60?
    Tynes has more then Every Jet player not on Social Security so do us all a favor and STFU

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