Tom Brady: You don't lose Randy Moss and say you're better

Tom Brady said in an NFL Network interview shown this morning that he can’t claim the Patriots got better by trading receiver Randy Moss. And he laughed at the CBS report that he and Moss had a confrontation prior to the trade.

“You don’t lose Randy and say we’re better,” Brady told Michael Lombardi on NFL GameDay Morning. “I’d be foolish to say that.”

Brady added that he liked Moss a lot as a teammate and thought he was a major contributor to the offense.

“He was a great player for this offense, great teammate and someone I always enjoyed being around,” Brady said. “In the huddle he was such a smart player. We’ll miss that with him, there’s no doubt about that. At the same time, the guys we have here will have to carry on. I looked at it as a great opportunity for this offense to see what other guys can do to step in, and fill his big shoes.”

As for the CBS report that Brady and Moss got into an argument that included insults about Brady’s hair and Moss’s beard, Brady scoffed.

“No, there was nothing to any of that,” Brady said. “Those sound like little girl games that little girls play. We’re big boys and that’s not the way it works around here.”

And Brady said he considered his relationship with Moss to be strong both personally and professionally.

“It was great,” Brady said. “We spent a lot of time together, in the building and outside the building.”

10 responses to “Tom Brady: You don't lose Randy Moss and say you're better

  1. Good spokesman for the team…..Randy could come back.
    As Jerry Glanville use to say, ‘NFL stands for Not For Long’

  2. Teddy Bruschi made some great comments about hitting reset after their record setting year. Made a lot of sense.

  3. Instead of asking all the players and coaches to refute Casserly’s accusation, maybe the media should be asking Casserly why no one seems to know what he’s talking about.

  4. Wow – this doesn’t make a very scandalous storyline. Are you sure you want to post it? It sounds like they got along and the much reported “shave your beard/cut your hair” story was actually invented.
    Imagine that.

  5. “You don’t lose Randy Moss and say you’re better”
    Look how bad things got when you lost the cameras.

  6. Moss IS a temendous talent and we are about to find out if the statement should be past tense. It is clear Bady has not stood behind Moss on his trading. Mental note to all Patriot wide receivers: apparently, the hair and the buttchin are just off limits.

  7. @3octaveFart
    Yes, nipplehead, they were so bad we came one play away from having the first 19-0 season in history, broke all kinds of offensive records, then followed it up by going 11-5 with a backup QB, and then going back to the playoffs with one of the toughest scheds in the league.
    Oh, and 4-1 this year, too, with one of the youngest D’s in the league that is prepped to be good for the next 5 years.
    Shut the windows in your Saturn on a rainy day, let out one of your 3 octave farts, and suck on that for a while. I bet it smells like Favre celldong.

  8. (2nd attempt at a reply that does NOT get blocked.)
    Dear 3octavefart,
    In the years since the camera nonsense, the Pats have been 1 play from an undefeated season, won 11 games with a backup QB, and earned a home playoff game (where, yes, they got beat.)
    This year we are 4-1 and its really looking like Pats will be loaded with youth for Phase II of Brady’s career. So, barring injury to Brady, you’ll be seeing the Patriots winning 10-games and getting into the playoffs for the next 5 seasons, at least.
    Maybe you ought to sit in your ’98 Saturn, roll up the windows, let out one of your “3 octave f*rts,” and think about the above while you take a good, long sniff of your hater-stench.
    Most disrespectfully,
    Real Fans

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