Steelers starter Brett Keisel will miss game against Dolphins

After an injury-plagued offseason, the Steelers have mostly stayed healthy during the regular season. 

They will have to adjust, however, to playing without defensive end Brett Keisel for at least a week.  Steelers coach Mike Tomlin announced Keisel would miss Sunday’s game in Miami because of a hamstring injury.  Tomlin indicated after Pittsburgh’s win over the Browns that Keisel’s injury could keep him out a while.

The only other big injury question in Pittsburgh is right guard Trai Essex, who continues to recover from a high ankle sprain.

12 responses to “Steelers starter Brett Keisel will miss game against Dolphins

  1. Whew.
    I was worried there for a second the Dolphins might not have a chance. Yeah, it won’t be the deplorable special teams play that will do-in the Dolphins. Neither will it be our largely missing running game. No doubt it surely won’t be Pittsburgh’s amazing defense that will stop us. I’m not thinking our porous run defense will hurt us versus Pittsburgh.
    No, Brett Keisel was who I was afraid of.
    Thank God he’s not playing!

  2. Interesting game. The Dolphins are 0-2 at home. PIT is 2-0 away. Mia QB Henne has to play an extraordinary game to be able to win. The run game is going nowhere this Sunday against the Steelers. Pit has won every game against Mia in the last 12 years, including preseason.
    Pit 23-10

  3. With Eason and Hood on the bench they should be fine. Must be nice to have that much depth for the D-line. I really think those two plus Hoke would be starters if they were on most any other team.

  4. Get well soon Brett!!
    The NFL should do something to prevent these types of injuries…whatever could they do????
    I know, they need to pass a new rule to slow the game down, it is just way too fast, and people are getting these types of injuries…I am just looking out for the safety of the players.
    So, I propose suspensions for players that run too fast, hit too hard, and who may make contact with other players wherein an injury occurs. HOW ELSE WILL THIS BRUTALITY STOP???!?!!?
    I thought there was already an NTFL (National Touch Football League)

  5. TexasPHINSfan, I understand Patriot fans talking smack, I understand Ravens fans talking smack, I understand Colts fans talking smack. Their records speak for themselves. But you have done nothing of substance in this League since Marino retired. Now please take your seat in the back of the room and be quiet.

  6. jack lamberts dentist he was talking smack about his own team moron. learn to read before dishing out the harshness

  7. You missed it, Lambert’s Dentist. He wasn’t talking smack at all. He listed 3 reasons why he’s extremely worried about Sunday and that Kiesel is the least of his concerns. He was being very critical of the Dolphins’ ability to match up against Pittsburgh. I took that all as a compliment.

  8. @Jack Lambert’s Dentist
    It’s called sarcasm, not smack talk… now please stfu before you make yourself look like more of an idiot.

  9. The Steelers might have the most underrated — if not the best — rotation/depth at defensive line in the league. I’m excited to see the kid Hood get a shot. He was impressive in the offseason/preseason.
    Keisel is a decent player, but this doesn’t really impact the game much.

  10. Keisel is a wonderful player and busts his ass on every play, but he is part of a rotation. The only lineman that is in nearly every down is Aaron Smith. Hoke takes Hamptons spot on 3rd down; Eason and Hood spell Keisel regularly. Maybe this can be Hood time to show that he was worth a first round pick..??

  11. Miami needs to score TD’s not FG’s to win the game. With the defense the Steelers have, I would feel good if the Fin’s score 14 points!

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