It's a good thing Osi Umenyiora didn't retire

Giants coach Tom Coughlin wants everyone to get past talking about defensive end Osi Umenyiora’s retirement threats or trade requests from the offseason.

“We go round and round on this,” coach Tom
Coughlin said Monday via Ernie Palladino of “Osi has played well and he’s made
up his mind to play well and I think that his teammates and the
encouragement, what he brings to the table in terms of his ability, his
conviction, his desire to be the very best that he can be.

And that’s pretty good.  Umenyiora has eight sacks and seven forced fumbles in six weeks.  Justin Tuck has four sacks of his own.  There are a lot of reasons for New York’s defensive turnaround, but Umenyiora’s improvement is the biggest one.

Last year, he was a petulant guy that struggled in run support and saw his playing time diminished.  Umenyiora started the offseason as a backup.  Now he’s on his way to making a Pro Bowl.

Maybe he’ll get that contract he’s been looking for, after all.

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  1. All of the Giants defensive stats are inflated. Any team playing the bears this season will get the chance to do the same.

  2. Well Philly Bear please tell me when any other team had 10 sacks againts the bears this year…better yet u better hope M. Vick is playing on 11/21…

  3. Philly Bear
    Umenyiora is on pace to break the record for forced fumbles in a season. He didn’t do it all in one game. He is also second in the NFL in sacks with 8.

  4. Hey Philly Bear… Osi has forced 2 fumbles in 3 straight weeks. We only played the Bears once in that span. He has forced at least one fumble in all but 2 games this season. He’s having a great year.
    Don’t know if your name is Phil, or if you’re a Philly fan… But if it’s the latter, we’ll see your weak o-line in a month, pal.

  5. Philly Bear, the Giants also had a great defensive performance against the texans (one of the best offenses in the NFL)

  6. Look what a contract year did for Haynesworth, and what the big money also did to Haynesworth. The difference is that Snyder money is not going to be available if Allen and Shanahan have any say in the matter.

  7. Umenyiora is not a contract year. I think Rosenthal’s referring to Umenyiora’s past efforts to renegotiate a new contract, but he’s not going to be a free agent at the end of the year.

  8. Philly Bear says:
    October 19, 2010 2:58 PM
    All of the Giants defensive stats are inflated. Any team playing the bears this season will get the chance to do the same.
    Thank you for proving, once again, that Philly fans are the worst fans in the United States.
    I hope Vick is back, so Big Blue can slam him to the ground like he did to all of those helpless dogs.

  9. Which side is it that Osi will be rushing when we play Philly? The side that has the weakest member of your O Line. He’s barely a college starter.
    Dont you remember what happened 3 years ago, against a better QB than you have now?

  10. and we also knocked out 3 qbs.
    i cant wait for philly, we will end that QB controversy.
    you guys will get to see what Kafka is made of!

  11. He took two full seasons to properly recover from ACL surgery, that’s all it was. Now he’s back to 100% and he’s back to playing like he should be. He’s a great player, and he’s awfully similar to a certain other Giants D-Lineman who’s jersey number ended with ‘2.’

  12. “on his way to making the Pro Bowl.”
    Sounds like he’s on his way to the DPOY and if that’s the case, he will be well underpaid.

  13. I have to admit that I’m surprised by Osi’s play thus far and hopefully he keeps it up as the games grow in importance. (It should be noted that Chris Canty’s presence has helped both Osi and Tuck this season).
    That said, by June he’ll ask to have his contract torn up for the fourth consecutive year.

  14. Bottom line: I could care less about Osi and any future contract that may or may not happen.
    Right now all I want are more W’s next to the Giants logo. Do you think anyone will be thinking about Osi’s contract this Monday night in Dallas?

  15. well nothing wrong with playing for more money,besides family and good health ,theres nothing more important than money on planet earth hope he sucks this mon im a cowboy fan

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