Jaguars sign Todd Bouman with Trent Edwards hurt too

The Jaguars may be short two quarterbacks this week.

The team signed Todd Bouman on Tuesday following David Garrard’s concussion on Monday Night Football.  It turns out backup Trent Edwards was hurt during the game as well.

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio revealed Edwards isn’t guaranteed to be ready for practice this week.

“I hate to be breaking things right now but there’s a chance, you know, [Edward’s] got a little bit of a thumb issue that could be problematic,” Del Rio said Tuesday during an appearance on SIRIUS radio via Paul Kuharsky’s AFC South blog. 

“So Todd Bouman will be back and potentially another quarterback in the mix as well.
We’re just a little banged up right now at that position. David’s
obviously not going to be working tomorrow and there’s a question mark
whether Trent will be able to go tomorrow.”

It’s uncertain when Edwards suffered the injury.  He was still throwing passes after Del Rio’s now infamous late timeouts.

15 responses to “Jaguars sign Todd Bouman with Trent Edwards hurt too

  1. the announcers mentioned it right after it happened during Trent’s first series (I think) ..
    anyway it was not long after he entered the game…
    there was a play where the cameras showed him favoring his throwing hand after a play …
    the announcers said he had hit a helmet with it, and that there was no one left to play QB if he had to leave the game … he stayed in ….

  2. Why dont we just start Keith Null….we keep on cutting the guy in the practice roster! im sure he’ll do a better job than Bouman! SMH

  3. welcome to the wonderful world of Trent Edwards…
    If he plays enough, you will be begging for Byron Leftwich to come back

  4. We’d need to sign a QB anyway, even if Trent wasn’t hurt, because we’d need a backup if David was out.

  5. Why do they bother with this guy? I’d like to get an NFL team to sign me, pay me the league minimum game’s pay and I’ll go out there for 2 plays throw a pick and get hurt.
    If Buffalo ever takes another QB from California I think they should change the logo to a pile of buffalo chips.

  6. Maybe they could sign Bradshaw… man they were horrid on Monday. I hope the Jag players cash their game check in a hurry.

  7. Who cares, Monday night showed the team has no direction, no urgency, no plan other than handing it off to MJD 50 times a game. I bet the kicker can do this.

  8. Those infamous late timeouts made me lose my fantasy football matchup. I was going against CJ and the Titans D, CJ’s 20 yard TD run and the Titans sack on the 3rd last play of the game made me lose by .6 points. TALK ABOUT SOME BS

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