Things are looking up in Carolina

The Panthers have a lot of reasons to be optimistic this week despite an 0-5 record.

Foremost among them: it looks like wide receiver Steve Smith will make a surprisingly early return from a high ankle sprain.

Smith returned to practice on Wednesday, less than three weeks after suffering a high ankle sprain.  He’s traditionally been a fast healer and it looks like he will suit up Sunday, according to the Gaston Gazette.

Matt Moore returns at quarterback for Carolina this week.  It probably wasn’t an easy decision for John Fox to make — he’s essentially admitting a mistake going to Jimmy Clausen — but it was the right move.  Clausen gave the team no shot.

With a matchup against the one win 49ers on the docket this week, it wouldn’t surprise us at all if the Panthers’ positive week ends in a win.

19 responses to “Things are looking up in Carolina

  1. I was really hoping that following the headline (the Twitter headling which was “Reasons for optimism in Carolina”) would either be like a blank page or just “…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….”
    Instead I got this. And now I’m saying…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. The 49ers are a pretty good 1 win team and have lost a fair share of heart breakers this year. I wouldnt count this game as a W just yet.

  3. if you think things are looking up in carolina then you’ve obviously not seen carolina play this year. things look anything but up, and i’m a carolina homer…let’s not kid ourselves

  4. 9ers should win this game, but if they beat theemselves with turnovers n panalties I wouldn’t be shocked they lost.

  5. In 2004, we were 1-7 going against the Niners and fought our way back into playoff contention. We were a 60 yard FG away from a wild card spot.
    Hopefully San Fran will turn our season around again this year. We won’t make the playoffs (barring a massive NFC meltdown) but we need some wins to improve our confidence.
    And I actually like Coach Fox. I’d like him to finish his contract on a high note, so he can get a gig with another team.

  6. “Things are looking up in Carolina”?
    No sh!t, Sherlock Holmes! When you have hit rock bottom like this organization has, the only place you can look is up…

  7. Happy Gilmore, if you don’t know where all 32 teams in the NFL are located, your obviously not a real fan anyway. Or more than likely just a bandwagon Cowboys or Steelers fan.

  8. MercyMe says:
    October 20, 2010 5:01 PM
    My fantasy team is happy about the return of Smith and having Moore as the QB of that team.
    If you have either of these guys as starters on your fantasy team, your team has absolutely nothing to be happy about. Smith is a great wr, when he has a qb that can throw it his way.

  9. “The Panthers have a lot of reasons to be optimistic . . . ”
    – – – – – – –
    It’s always good to get Smitty back on the field, even with a gimpy leg. And Matt Moore has had more than a month to let his concussion heal. But I wouldn’t call that a lot of reasons. Our O-line is playing like crap. Nothing hard is ever easy.

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