Browns downgrade three, including Massaquoi

James Harrison’s helmet-to-helmet hit will indeed knock out Browns receiver Mohammad Massaquoi for a game.

The Browns downgraded Massaquoi, tackle John St. Clair (ankle) and quarterback Seneca Wallace (ankle) to out, indicating they didn’t make the trip to New Orleans for Sunday’s game.

Jake Delhomme was not downgraded, but is listed as doubtful to play with his ankle injury.  Receiver Josh Cribbs, who also left last week’s game after a hit from Harrison, is expected to play.

4 responses to “Browns downgrade three, including Massaquoi

  1. Interesting that the guy that Harrison hit is coming to his defense. It flies in the face of Roger Goodell’s effort to improve football.
    Josh Cribbs on Friday defended Steelers linebacker James Harrison for his vicious style of play and the fact he tries to knock players out of games. In fact, he may have helped talk Harrison — his good friend and fellow former Kent State Golden Flash — out of retiring this week by urging him to continue playing his bone-rattling brand of football. “He plays to knock people out,” said Cribbs, who will return to action Sunday in New Orleans after Harrison’s helmet- to-helmet hit knocked him out of the game against the Steelers last week with a concussion. “Wouldn’t you want a linebacker like that on your team? Honestly, a guy that you know is going to try to knock the key players out of the game?”
    Cleveland Plain Dealer

  2. That will be the first “helmet to helmet” hit in history in which the helmets did not touch. But, don’t let that dissuade you from printing such sensational prose, Gregg.

  3. Effective immediately, weekly player injury report ratings will change to Probable, Questionable, Doubtful, or James Harrisoned.

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