Alex Smith knocked out against Panthers

49ers just got their wish: David Carr is in at quarterback for San Francisco.

Smith took a massive hit early in the third quarter on Sunday against Carolina, and left holding his arm gingerly.  It appeared to be a shoulder injury.

Carr entered the game and promptly missed an open receiver on third and long.  Let the record show Carr entered the game with score 10-10 just after halftime.

UPDATE: X-rays revealed a shoulder “sprain” for Smith.  He’s out for the remainder of the game.  San Francisco’s dwindling NFC West hopes are in Carr’s gloved hands.

8 responses to “Alex Smith knocked out against Panthers

  1. Shouldn’t that read 49ers fans, as if the 49ers wanted carr to start, they’d just insert him into the position.

  2. I for one am excited to watch our offense go from wildly inconsistent to consistently anemic.
    Go 9ers!
    Well at least we’re in the running for a good draft pick.

  3. The niners first messed up when they got rid of shaun hill and replaced him with another #1 over-all pick bust. Second is droping Nate davis in favor of troy smith who hasn’t done anything either. I don’t know for sure but, I think this is last year on his contract and the niners shouldn’t resign him. The season is over and its time to look to the future.I would like them to bring back nate davis just to see if he can hang in the nfl, or draft a qb next year.

  4. Nate Davis should be in this mix.. he can out play these other 2 jokers with no problem. He may make some mental mistakes but he is a fighter and judging by preason he can get the job done when given the practice reps. They showed him on the sideline wearing street clothes.. heres to hoping we see him next week with a helmet on and a ball in his hands.. Season is all but over baring some miracle plays by SF and a total collapse of the rest of the West.. Lets see what this kid can do and get us into the playoffs next year.. or hell maybe he is the miracle and we get in this year. We do have just about all of the division games left so there is still a chance.. technically speaking..

  5. Next year we might have 3 #1 overall picks on the team! I thought David Carr did a nice job of making Alex Smith look good. What a joke this franchise has become!!!!!

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