Breaking down the AFC West meltdowns

The Broncos lost in embarrassing fashion, 59-14 to the Raiders.

The Chargers were far more competitive at home against the Patriots, but their 2-5 record is just the same as Denver.

Now three losses behind Kansas City, are the Broncos and Chargers toast? 

Mike Florio and Rodney Harrison take a look at the AFC West and more:


8 responses to “Breaking down the AFC West meltdowns

  1. It’s clear the Raiders are BETTER than their record and in San Diego, its simple: most of his Chargers teammates can’t stand Phillip Rivers.

  2. Glad you guys even mentioned the Raiders in your “analysis of the AFC West”.
    BTW, they’re 2-0 in the division.

  3. Now three losses behind Kansas City, are the Broncos and Chargers toast?
    And the short answer is “YES”. Just look at the schedules the rest of the way.

  4. The happless Bronco’s were toast before the season started.
    Out of control, little to no discipline, clueless coaching, and players who don’t possess a shred of confidence in the entire concept nor efforts any longer.
    I am glad for Dawkins, who can sit a few of these out and not get punked for being on the field for it.
    Train wreck, train wreck, train wreck.

  5. to say that the coaches dont pay attention to detail is absurd, how would you know what goes on inside their organizations thats just bad journalism

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