Eli throws two early picks again, Cowboys take 10-point lead

With the 1-4 Cowboys desperately needing a win against a team that has beaten Dallas four out of five times, the home team has gotten off to a great start.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning has thrown two interceptions on each of the team’s first two drives, with the Cowboys turning the turnovers into 10 points.

The score should be 14-0, but receiver Miles Austin apparently has gotten too much ink from all his new money on his hands, because he dropped an easy touchdown reception on a third-down play.

Manning threw two interceptions on the first two drives of the last game New York lost, 29-10 against the Titans.

The good news for yours truly (and I’m sure that all of your are interested) is that I held an 11-point fantasy football lead against my niece, Jaimee, who has Eli at quarterback tonight. 

The lead already has moved to 15.