Previewing Monday night's matchup

Remember last week, when the Vikings played Dallas in the win-or-else Bowl?

Well, Dallas gets another one of those on Monday night.  And if they win against the Giants, they can match Minnesota’s depressing 2-4 record after six weeks.

So who will come out on top?  PFT Daily knows all.


6 responses to “Previewing Monday night's matchup

  1. I’m a firm beleiver that every ship needs one and only one captain and the old adage of too many chefs in the kitchen spoils the broth is oh so true.
    Dallas has no coach. No one is in charge. thus, chaos. How there record is so good is beyond me.
    Jerry Jones created this mess. He gave total control to one coach for offense and the other for defense but he gets to be called head coach.
    That doesn’t work ever.
    This is great for everyone who plays Dallas.

  2. Both Dallas and New York are on a roll… just in different directions. I could see Dallas pulling an upset though. On paper, they’re not terrible. All they have to do is play a good game of football. Problem is, that’s hard to do with no head coach.

  3. Jerry Jones did this all himself, if he hired a GM, put someone in place (who KNOWS what he’s doing) to make the decisions Jones has been making, they’d be better off. Wade Phillips is a terrible coach. Absolutely horrendous. However, that’s the type of coach you get when the owner wants to be so involved in every single decision of the team. He sits there and lets it all happen. No pull in decision making down there. Al Davis is another one, has entirely too much of a monopoly over decisions in Oakland… No team that operates like that will land a top head coach. Belichick pretty much runs the Patriots by himself, Kraft is like OK buddy, you know what you’re doing better than I do. AND THEY’RE SUCCESSFUL FOR IT. They’re able to keep a top flight head coach because they give him the ability to make decisions which enable him to coach a talented team. Both teams, the Cowboys and Raiders, have been successful at times over the past 20 years. However, as you can see, over time neither has stayed on top. Parcells handed the Cowboys front office a great team, and they’ve done nothing with it. Can’t fire the owner, but this is a situation where that is what’s necessary.

  4. Dallas = irrelevant.
    Cowboys fans say the NFC East is weak this year and it’s still there for the “taking”….
    Well guess what, it’s “weak” because the Failboys are 1-4….bring the rest of us “down” with them.
    Just lose tonight so the big-boy teams, Giants/Redskins/Eagles can go on fighting each other for first place (while the Failboys continue to pride themselves on personal stats and who is dating who crap).

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