Russell Okung has a high ankle sprain

Last night, we mentioned that Seahawks left tackle Russell Okung was likely to miss a few weeks of action with an ankle injury.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll confirmed Monday that Okung has a high left ankle sprain, although he says it’s not as bad as the one that knocked Okung out for more than a month earlier this year.  Okung missed three games with a right ankle injury after getting hurt in the preseason.

“It’s not nearly like the other one,” coach Pete Carroll said. “We don’t know what that means yet.”

It means Okung will likely miss this week’s game against the Raiders, but Carroll won’t rule Okung out just yet.

6 responses to “Russell Okung has a high ankle sprain

  1. Not for nothing, and am sorry the young fella is hurt but boy am I happy the skins took Silverback.

  2. well maybe Trevor scott can wreck havoc on hassleback, and maybe a few more blitzes form marshall on that side from the likes of McClain, Mitchell, Wimbley…GO RAIDERS, find their weakness and exploit it.

  3. You mean the Silverback who has also been hurt and has gotten beaten like a drum on the reg? That Silverback?

  4. You can be happy with Williams. I watched him get man handled in pass coverages. Okung had teammates roll up on his ankles both injuries while blocking. He shut down Peppers 1-1 when he was destroying folks. He will get healthy and develop into an elite LT and a replacement for Walter Jones.

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