Favre ditches boot, hopes to practice Friday

Brett Favre made an unscheduled chat with the media on Thursday, showing some optimism that he could play this Sunday against the Patriots.

Out of his walking boot, Favre said he hoped to return to practice for Friday.

“I wouldn’t put anything past me, to be honest with you,” Favre said, via Tom Pelissero of ESPN1500.com.

There has been some speculation that Vikings coach Brad Childress could sit Favre because of the injury even if Favre says he’s ready.  Favre said he’s unsure what he would have to do in practice to show he could play. 

“We haven’t talked about it really,” Favre said. “I’ve been getting treatment. I don’t think that’s an unusual thing with me.”

He’s right. Which is why we still can’t believe Favre will sit.

47 responses to “Favre ditches boot, hopes to practice Friday

  1. Rare Thursday public comments?? Sounds alot like he wants it to be known that he was willing and ready to play when he sits Sunday. Sounds like he has a gut feeling that he is sitting and setting up for Childress to take the blame. not favre’s lack of toughness.

  2. “I wouldn’t put anything past me, to be honest with you,” Favre said
    That’s an understatement. How much longer can he milk the “broken ankle” thing? He’s a caricature of himself.

  3. I’ve grown accustomed to hearing the sports media’s piling-on of praise for favre — things like “i wouldn’t put anything past the ol gunslinger,” and “that’s what makes favre who he is — he’s played through pain most quarterbacks wouldn’t even dare to,” etc, etc, etc. — it’s disgusting enough to listen to michaels and collinsworth kiss favre’s rear all sunday night long — when he starts saying these things about himself, I don’t even know how to react. it’s fraggin’ despicable, really.
    A true “legend” with any modicum of class would sit back and and modestly shrug this stuff off. Let the media use words to add to your legend — you let your play do the talking and leave it at that, please.

  4. “Ladies and Gentlemen…we got him.”
    As Tim Brewster is introduced as the new Viking head coach next year.
    “Ladies and Gentlemen…we got him.”
    Brewster and the Wilf’s successfully wooing Joe Namath out of retirement.

  5. What a drama queen
    I love me who do you love
    He is getting ready for the fall
    With his girlfriend right behind him
    She will pull him down

  6. Let’s hope he plays. Nothing like an overconfident immobile target with an inability to properly step into his throws

  7. Hi I’m Jimmy Smith. Have I told any of you that I HATE the Vikings, Brett Favre, and Brad Childress. I like to call Brett; BrINT and Brad ;Col. Klink. Isn’t that cute? I also am fasinated with Brett’s private parts. There Jimmy, save us your tired rants. I beat you to it.

  8. If Favre had enough self-discipline (yeah-yeah, soliciting a 20-year-old hardly qualifies him, right?) to turn and hand off to Peterson 25-30 times a game the Vikings would be fine.
    But that’s the rub. The guy thinks he’s the smartest one in the room, especially where Chilly is concerned. He can’t play a la Elway in 1997-98 when Denver ran to two titles as Elway simply managed the game.

  9. what a miraculous recovery…this guy is a warrior, a gunslinger, a hof’er, a turnover machine, a seflish bastard…oh wait got off on tangent there

  10. There are two questions here:
    Can Favre be effective with this injury?
    Does the Vikings coaching staff have the balls to pull him if he throws multiple interceptions or can’t complete half his passes?

  11. “I wouldn’t put anything past me, to be honest with you”
    That’s GOLD, Jerry! GOLD!

  12. Brett is slipping a little with old age. In his hayday he would have said he would probably need a surgery or two and then on gameday decide that a silly little broken foot couldnt slow him down and start.

  13. Theres a difference between being able to play and being able to effectively play. Suit me up, I can play right now but will I be good at it? More than likely not. Im a big Viking fan but you have to do whats good for the team, not the player.

  14. The HAWG is back, fellas! Not that he was ever gone.
    It wouldn’t surprise me to see Chilly sit Favre. But, that would be a career-threatening decision, in my opinion.
    If you bench Favre and Minnesota loses, you’ll have the talking heads playing the “What if Brett had started” game. So, you’ve already got two negatives right there. You then run the risk of Favre telling you to get bent, which seals a non-playoff season for your team.
    Then, at the end of the season, you have to explain to your owner why he spent 30 million on two players and didn’t make the playoffs – arguably because of the benching of Favre(depending on the ending record). Huge negatives.
    If Chilly never starts Jackson this year, that would be his best move professionally and team-wise. If the Vikes don’t make the playoffs, he can throw Brett and Moss under the bus and still claim that giving him one more year with a “new” QB in Jackson, might make all the difference.
    So, because Chilly seems to do things a different way, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him make the horrible career decision of benching Favre. We can already see Chilly is not a fan of O-line run-blocking, or pass protection, nor is he keen on 3rd down blitz pickup by RB’s, or reviews of obvious non-TD’s, or 12 men in the huddle.

  15. You got to admit. He sure knows how to work the media. I wonder what he’ll do for attention whenever he does retire.

  16. Favre forgot to mention that he’s still getting paid by the Packers and the NFL to throw pick-six interceptions to drive the Viking fans insane and force the team to move to L.A.
    Go Pack!

  17. I honestly cannot wait until next Sunday has come and gone. Not because I am excited for the game. I just want Week 7 Favre drama to be over with. This has been the most difficult week yet.
    It’s like taking a girl home that you met at the bar, and then not being able to get rid of her in the morning.

  18. This is a pure ground hog day movie scene. He’s just ramping up the Super Man spiel again. This is so old and tiresome and yet on many of the sheep it works just fine. Incredible. This guy just laughs all the way to the bank. Saw a quick clip yesterday when the diva was at practice in Minny with his walking boot on and even he couldn’t keep a straight face for the camera. I hope the Pat’s use this as motivation to help make the decision for him.

  19. Lord Favre will start any game that he deems the rest of the peasant viking team worthy to be graced with his presence on the field.
    The jester known as “Brad” does not need to tell Lord Favre what to do, no one does.

  20. Hauschild says:
    October 28, 2010 3:12 PM
    I gotta admit…this is one Viking fan who is starting to get it.
    Your second and third paragraphs are exactly what would’ve went on for who knows how long had MM & TT not cut ties with Favre in Green Bay. He was shown the door or at least given the option to compete for the starting job, after 2 terrible season-ending finishes. Instead he does everything possible to make sure he can go up against the packers and try to prove to the fan base that he still had it and stick it to TT.
    He had enough in the tank last year. This year, you Vikes fans get to taste the sweet nectar of ego man. Meanwhile….one of the most thoroughly expansive talent pool in the modern era in MN sits and rots because of this farce….ahem, I mean Favre.

  21. His ankle can’t be that bad considering how he was reenacting his own version of “Jump Around” at Lambeau Field after throwing the game winning TD, I mean, incompletion.
    What a fraud this guy is.
    Brent Favre is who we thought he was

  22. “I wouldn’t put anything past me, to be honest with you,” Favre said,
    This guy is a bigger narcissist that our president, which is hard to do.

  23. My own personal opinion, he will play for one series just to keep the streak going, if he plays that much, then sit the rest of the game. TJack will take over for this week.

  24. Please please please let him play! I so love watching this clown continue to make a fool out of himself!

  25. If this self-absorbed “drama queen” beats the Patriots, then he’ll be dancing the Tarantella. If he loses, then he’ll be walking as if he was hobbled.

  26. Does anyone honestly think Col Klink is going to do anything other than what BrINT says? If you do, I have a bridge over here in Brooklyn that you can buy for pennies on the dollar.
    Klink lost control of the team the first day he set out to pick him up at the airport. Stupid move but stupid seems to define many aspects of Klink’s career including sending 12 men into the huddle last Jan. Favre has already proven that he is willing to throw an entire team under the bus if he doesn’t get his way and it would take a real coach to sit him down this weekend. I don’t know how to break it to you CryQueen fans but Klink is a lot of things but the one thing he isn’t is a real coach.
    But how all this plays out is great drama for all the other fans and a lesson on how not to run a football team.

  27. Nothing messes with THE STREAK. NOTHING! Not Deana, not Sterger, not the fans, not Chilly, not Goodell, not Obama!
    If you didn’t hate Burt Farve enough, then this latest ego-stroking press conference had to put you over the top.

  28. You didn’t need to post again, JimmySmith. Youngs79 had ya’ covered. I thought he was kidding with the “Klink” and “BrINT” parts, though. Wow. Sad.
    Youngs79 says:
    Hi I’m Jimmy Smith. Have I told any of you that I HATE the Vikings, Brett Favre, and Brad Childress. I like to call Brett; BrINT and Brad ;Col. Klink. Isn’t that cute? I also am fasinated with Brett’s private parts. There Jimmy, save us your tired rants. I beat you to it.

  29. Am I the only one that finds it weird that Youngs79 seems to have an obsession with JimmySmith? This is like the third story he’s used the same post. Or have I missed some inside joke?

  30. Moss_Back_Home says:
    October 28, 2010 3:45 PM
    It’s like taking a girl home that you met at the bar, and then not being able to get rid of her in the morning.
    You need a better reference on this board.
    75% of the posters here think “taking a girl home” is driving mama back from the grocery store in time for her stories.

  31. Randall, it’s not just you. I would love to see that too.
    Give it up Bret. Leave while you still have…..ummm…nevermind. You’ve lost everything.

  32. Note to Brett Favre via Jim Croce:
    “And they say you don’t tug on Superman’s cape
    You don’t spit into the wind
    You don’t pull the mask off an ‘ole Lone Ranger
    And you don’t mess around with Tom”
    Brett, do yourself a favor and don’t put yourself in a position to be embarrassed by Tom Brady.

  33. In light of Favre’s current Sterger fiasco I would coach him to never utter “I wouldn’t put anything past me, to be honest with you” no matter what the question was.

  34. Wasn’t the plan by MN to have Favre as mearly a threat to throw the ball anyway when they brought him to MN? Wasn’t the plan to give the ball to AP all day? If Favre plays Sunday I guess we’ll actually see this plan happen. If he starts and only lasts one series, can there be an astrik inserted in the record books for his continued streak?

  35. The only way to stop him from playing is to keep him in the Locker Room like Andy did to Vick. He will run out on the field and dare Chilly to come and get him.

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