Is Albert Haynesworth next in NFL's $50,000 fine club?

Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth had his best game of the year in Sunday’s win over the Bears. But one particular play could result in the highly paid Haynesworth getting a hefty fine from the league office.

The play in question came on DeAngelo Hall’s 92-yard interception return touchdown, when Haynesworth peeled back and drilled Bears offensive lineman J’Marcus Webb, hitting Webb with a shoulder to the chest and sending Webb flying to the ground.

Michael Lombardi of wrote about the play and posted the video, and on Inside the NFL Lombardi referred to Webb as a “defenseless player” on the play and said that Haynesworth should expect a big fine.

“I think the league’s going to put him in the $50,000 club,” Lombardi said. “Albert Haynesworth belongs in there.”

Lombardi (who was making his comments while sitting next to Warren Sapp, who famously drilled Chad Clifton on an interception return in 2002) apparently believes Haynesworth violated rule 2, section 2, article 8(e), which outlaws “unnecessarily running, diving into, cutting, or throwing the body against or on a player who (i) is out of the play or (ii) should not have reasonably anticipated such contact by an oppponent, before or after the ball is dead.”

It basically comes down to whether you think Webb was out of the play or shouldn’t have reasonably anticipated that Haynesworth would hit him, and I disagree with Lombardi because I think Webb was still in the play and should have anticipated getting hit. Yes, it’s true that Webb wasn’t going to catch Hall from behind, but he was still running down the field in an attempt to catch Hall from behind, and in that situation, I think it’s reasonable for Haynesworth to block Webb.

In fact, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan (who was once Lombardi’s boss) specifically praised Haynesworth’s effort on that play.

“The first thing that I look for in anybody is somebody that plays 100 percent on every play,” Shanahan said.

We’ll find out soon if the league office agrees that Haynesworth was just going 100 percent until the whistle, or if Haynesworth has committed an infraction that will cost him $50,000.

40 responses to “Is Albert Haynesworth next in NFL's $50,000 fine club?

  1. whatever’s clever..he blasted that guy and I LOVED IT!! go ahead and fine him for being aggressive, make him more angry.
    I think you’re going to make the rest of the NFL suffer for it.

  2. You are freaking kidding me. Webb is running down the field trying to make a play and Haynesworth blocks him with a legal shoulder-to-chest hit and Haynesworth is going to be fined for that?
    What is Lombardi smoking.

  3. I completely agree with you! I saw this place on Haynesworth is flying down the field (who knew he could run that fast?) and was looking to block someone to help out on the play. He realized he couldn’t catch any of the wide receivers or running backs trying to catch Hall so he blocked the nearest person that was trying to make a play. It’s not even like he trucked the guy. He just hit him with a shoulder that made the guy lose his footing and fall. I think it was completely legal.

  4. Good grief! If Webb was “out of the play”, then why was he still chasing Hall? What if Hall had fumbled?

  5. I hate Albert Haynesworth. But come on now. You play til the whistle, and that’s what he did. It’s a good play. It’s a clean hit. It’s a football play from a football player. It’s unbelievable what this game is becoming.
    Even at the end of the video, when the announcer talks about Hall going to his knees, trying to nitpick whether it’s a flag or not–come on now, it’s an emotional game you can celebrate scoring a touchdown on a great play. NFL is really getting on my nerves these days.

  6. the league is over governing the game of football. if they don’t want people to get hit or hurt take tackling out of the game. it’s getting to the point that no one should expect to get hit(tackled). the nba used to be entertaining until all of the bs stern came up with; the nfl is heading in the same direction!

  7. If the Bears are going to throw 4 picks a game they should start practicing for the other teams’ returns.

  8. LMAO! $50k for that “hit”!? That fatass he hit landed on his fat ass. Big deal. That was nothing like the Clifton hit or one on Hines Ward’s many cheap shots.

  9. This is really getting stupefied to death. Any player who is on the field of play should NEVER be classified as “defenseless”. If you’re on the football field, and “defenseless”, you shouldn’t be on the field to begin with.

  10. This comment will probably disagree with a lot of folks, but I’m looking at it from a different angle. Let’s say Haynesworth doesn’t lay the blow on Webb….then DeAngelo fumbles and gets stripped (see Nate Clements of the 49ers) on his way to the end zone. Webb now has the opportunity to make a play on a live ball.
    I have nothing against protecting defenseless players most of the time. However, Webb is running (or jogging) towards the ball. If a player doesn’t want to get hit, then run off into the sidelines before you get whalloped.

  11. *THAT* would be worth of 50k? (this is coming from someone who thinks Haynesworth is a lazy-ass that needs to shut up and play more often, and isn’t a fan of the Redskins or Bears either one.)
    What a joke… Haynesworth didn’t even make contact with his shoulderpads, lol. He just blew him up standing straight up. The big guy took a tumble to the ground, but it’s not like he was unconscious or something. Furthermore, he did this WHILE the play was ongoing! If someone at the front of the play were to catch up with Hall, and divert him to an angle, then it’s conceivable (at least while the play is going on) that Webb or anyone could catch the ball carrier.
    If that draws a $50,000 fine, then the wheels are absolutely coming off the NFL, and we are watching it in real time. Lombardi’s contention on’s article that is linked above that Haynesworth’s hit was as bad as any of the previous week… makes it appear that he has an agenda, and that agenda isn’t an altruistic “keep the players safe” one…
    Once again.. complete joke.

  12. Who’s to say he wouldn’t have caught Deangelo Hall. What if Deangelo had feel down and was not yet down by contact? Give the man a break, he finally comes to play and now slap him with a 50K fine. If the guy wasn’t anticipating a hit, how about after an interception if you’re an offensive lineman, retreat to the bench and those that want to finish the play out stay on the field. Is that fair?

  13. a offenseive lineman chugging 20 yds, behind the play with no chance to get near hall is involved in the play? it may have been legal but it was a cheap shot by an overpaid piece of garbage. the fact he did not see him was the only reason he did it because god knows if it would have required an actual effort on haynesworth part he would not have done it. what does that tell you about a guy getting paid all that money and his biggest play of the year was a cheap shot on a offensive lineman. I love how that was a clean and legal play on his part in the eyes of pft but a real play like the one the atlanta db put on the philly reciever is considered a cheap shot by you guys.

  14. Somehow the refs penalized Webb on this play for a personal foul???? Boy NFL officiating sure is terrible ….

  15. I’m a Bear fan but I don’t think he deserves a fine if Webb was running down the field. After all, there are all kinds of weird things that happen on returns – like a runner dropping the ball or having it knocked out. If so, and Webb went unblocked, he could have conceivably recovered a potential fumble.

  16. “In fact, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan (who was once Lombardi’s boss)”
    That sentence is hilarious. I mean, thinking of Mike being Vince’s boss.

  17. Reminds me of the time Warren Sapp exploded Chad Clifton’s hip for no discernible reason as the play came to an end some 30 yards away. At the time, all the experts agreed that, while dirty as hell, the hit was not technically illegal, as the whistle hadn’t blown. I guess the rules must have changed.

  18. how can you fine Haynesworth for throwing a block. the play was continuing its not like Deangelo Hall had already gotten in the endzone. If you are chasing a player with the ball your still in the play and there was every right for a block. and my boy albert gave him a good one, it would be ridiculous to fine Haynesworth. And Webb got flagged on the play! There should be no fine. Hail to the Redskins!

  19. Albert Haynesworth made a clean block, Its not like he took him out at the legs, Webb should of payed attention. I can’t believe I just suck up for that whiney as-hole!

  20. It’s about time Haynesworth started hitting people!!!!!!!!!!!Hail Albert, keep it up!!!!
    Legal hit, necessary to prevent Webb from getting back in the play….What did Sapp, sitting next to Lombardi, say when it was discussed? heh heh heh

  21. I almost hope there is a lockout, so we all can wean ourselves off of NFL football and how ridiculous it is becoming with guys not being able to play the game. I get that players safety is the concern, but this is becoming our society, today. Don’t hurt each other and give everyone trophies for just playing.
    Webb was running down the play in attempt to help his team out from the turnover his offense just made, the whistle had not blown. Webb was doing his job as was Haynesworth , they were playing football. Give Webb credit for hustling the entire play. There looks like a couple of other guys who quit on it from the Bears. Give Haynesworth credit for playing the entire play.
    Can one of these networks just focus on football instead of the gossip, like Profootball Talk. Instead of dedicating your entire broadcasts to; who is getting fired, who is playing awful, the medical conditions of players, etc. Did you see CBS keep continually go back to Todd Heap when he went out of the game? There was football being played and it was like they were hoping to catch something awful happen to Heap, because he just passed out. It was almost their OJ chase, the only reason we watched was to see if OJ would really do it on national TV.
    Talk abut football. These guys make a decision about playing such a dangerous sport and are paid very well to do so. We are entertained by their play. But players are not forced into this lifestyle of pro sports, it is a choice. They have union to handle their business. If their union leader can’t handle it, then they need a new union leader.
    There are some great stories in football this season. But all that is shoved down out throats is; players are going to get killed, the owners are going to end up on the welfare line, every team needs to bilk their state and city government out of money to build their own Jerry Worlds or they have to leave for a new city, referee’s are on the take, and blackout threats- if the game’s not on TV then the game’s not for me.

  22. What, the NFL’s declaration that “defenseless” players should not be hit is starting to look absurd? Who could have guessed it? /sarcasm

  23. If hits like that cost $50,000 Hines Ward would have to pay to play in the NFL.
    no way that gets a fine, you can see Webb sees him and lowers his own shoulder.

  24. Not at all a fan of Al but how is this even a discussion? Blindside hits on kickoff, punt, fumble and interception returns are routine and part of the game. If the league fines him for this hit it will have reached a new low in lameness.

  25. “Even at the end of the video, when the announcer talks about Hall going to his knees, trying to nitpick whether it’s a flag or not–come on now, it’s an emotional game you can celebrate scoring a touchdown on a great play. NFL is really getting on my nerves these days.”
    I believe that was Troy Aikman making that comment… who cares what that chump thinks.

  26. not your Lombardi, not your job to hand out fines ….
    so a tackle or whatever Haynesworth was playing hits an OL with his shoulder in the chest????

  27. What? If you are on the football field, and the whistle has not yet blown, you should “expect to get hit.”
    Why would you playing a game of football and not expect to get hit. That doesn’t make any sense!

  28. LOL, the leagues’ Ray Anderson himself used a blindside hit on a punter as an example of a legal hit on an defenseless player (Bears’ Clifton blowing up Seahawks punter Ryan).
    Quoting Sheriff Ray, “Now take a look at some positive plays. As these plays show, hard, effective hits can be delivered within the rules. A punter pursuing on a kick play is a defenseless player under the rules. The Chicago player avoids an illegal hit by going shoulder to chest, yet delivers a solid blow that takes the punter out of the play. Nice adjustment made here to play within the rules and avoid blowing a player up.”
    The funny thing here, is that Bennett’s lying writhing on the ground just as Anderson’s voice over ends.
    Bennett’s hit was way harder than Haynesworth’s love tap.
    See the 2:20 mark on this video:

  29. To comment on your comment below andyprough, no one ever mentioned Vince Lombardi. Reread the story buddy. It’d be pretty amazing if Vince Lombardi, 40 years after his death, wanted Haynesworth fined for that hit. Vince Lombardi would’ve loved that hit. Michael Lomardi is being a chick.
    “In fact, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan (who was once Lombardi’s boss)”
    That sentence is hilarious. I mean, thinking of Mike being Vince’s boss.”

  30. i really dont care either way… but if Haynesworth was less of a bitch, he actually wouldve gotten a good hit on the o-lineman. being the unskilled bag of shit that he is… he whiffed on the big hit.
    if he hit him solid, it HAD to be a fine.
    i dont know what you fools are talking about. D Hall was at the 20 yard line with blockers… the bears lineman was at the 50 surrounded by 5 redskins. thats textbook for “out of the play”
    like i said, i dont think the “hit” deserves a fine, but the act itself is definitely a dick move. and if he knew the proper defensive technique for lining up a hit (like hines ward) … it definitely wouldve been a finable offense.
    in regard to D-Hall’s celebration… Aikman knows D Hall isnt doing the celebration to praise Jesus, its to give Deion a shout out. he’s said so numerous times.
    again, the act itself shouldnt be flagged… but its still a dick move considering the source.
    btw… lets not act like Haynseworth is Vanden Bosch or DWare or something. ie, this isnt a guy thats known for hustle.
    this is a guy thats known for playing dirty and taking cheap shots whenever possible.
    that said… his lack of skill and effort actually helped him here, as his half-assed effort to lay out a player should leave his checking account in tact.

  31. The fact that we even have to debate this means that NFL Pro Football is dead and this stuff there playing now is just pretend (lets just try to fake it, and protect are investments) football to make the owners money and that’s it. Nothing will surprise me anymore with this fine the players into submission stuff that’s going on. The NFL is just a shell of it self now. Fine everybody is safer now but it just happens to not be pro football anymore. If the NFL controlled NASCAR there would be a 120 mile an hour speed limit and everyone would be way safer but know one would watch and the drivers would end up spending there own money to build fast cars and go out and do it for free just for the thrill of it and the love of the sport. It’s called living life to the fullest and not just seeing if you can make it to 95 in perfect heath. It’s very hard to get pumped up for these NFL games now when it used to be impossible to not be pumped up for them. I used to pumped up and ready to go on Friday, I probable lived for it to much anyway so, WHATEVER.

  32. joegalvan says:
    October 28, 2010 3:49 PM
    i really dont care either way… but if Haynesworth was less of a bitch, he actually wouldve gotten a good hit on the o-lineman. being the unskilled bag of shit that he is… he whiffed on the big hit.
    Yes he is lazy and doesnt work as hard as he should but to say Haynesworth is a no talent unskilled player just shows you are a complete moron. Just come out and say its as simple as you just dont like the guy.

  33. If anyone says Haynesworth has no skill they must be a cowboys fan. dont hate the man just because he didnt work hard in the offseason he is still talented football player

  34. I don’ t know. I think the “Fine Dogs” would have been barking by now. Applauding themselves for saving the players from themselves. Or is it litigation against the NFL?

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