Report: Childress is leaning toward Tarvaris

With Vikings quarterback Brett Favre having a self-described “broke foot,” coach Brad Childress reportedly is pondering breaking Brett’s streak of 291 straight starts.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that Childress is leaning toward going with Tarvaris Jackson instead of Favre.

Per the Star-Tribune, NFL Network reported on Thursday night that Favre has “confided” in some close to him that Childress won’t let Favre play.

We’ve got a theory on the situation, which we developed last night while writing up this week’s Friday 10-pack.  So we’ll defer to the 10-pack, which will be up by 8:30 a.m. ET or so.

Meanwhile, Favre reportedly was fitted with a size 15 shoe, which would allow him to wear some type of protection on his foot and still play.  (He usually wears a 14, and we already know what some of the reader comments will be.)

Favre hasn’t ruled out practicing on Friday.  I wouldn’t put anything past me to be honest with you,” Favre said.  (And we already know what some of the reader comments will be.)

Jackson, who has taken the first-team reps in practice on Wednesday and Thursday, isn’t convinced that Brett won’t play.  But Jackson nevertheless wants to be ready.

“By Brett being older — even though he’s started 291 games straight —
you kind of want to make sure you’re ready just in case,” Jackson said.  “He’s said it before, your body is going to give [out] some time.  I’m
just going to make sure I’m prepared and ready.”

Jackson will have to be prepared and ready right up until game time, because he likely won’t know for sure that he’s playing until then, at the earliest.  And he likely won’t believe it until he’s on the field.  On Sunday night, after Brett did the John Wayne hobble and sat down on the bench with an ankle injury that would have kept 99.9 percent of quarterbacks from returning on the next drive, NBC cameras showed Jackson already sitting on the bench, with a ball cap on his head.

Jackson didn’t get up to warm up or get loose.  His decision to stay put meant that he knew that there was no way Favre wouldn’t keep playing.  And those same thoughts likely will remain in Jackson’s mind until Sunday.

62 responses to “Report: Childress is leaning toward Tarvaris

  1. Now that we have had the 30th article about one of the two NFL teams that don’t matter (the other being the CowJones’), we can move on with our day.

  2. Childress is leaning towards doing whatever farve tells him to do. Childress: “yes brett, sure thing brett, whatever you say brett.”

  3. Size 14 shoe? That definitely wasn’t him in that picture!!! Unless…..the saying isn’t true.

  4. Just like Johnny Cochrane said….”if the glove don’t fit….you must equit!!”
    There is no way Brett has size 14 shoes and that tiny lil tool.
    Case closed!!

  5. Favre is going to start. He’ll play about a series or two. Then, TJ will be the QB.
    If he doesn’t play, Favre will leave and go home.

  6. No way Favre doesn’t start. This story line is a waste of space and 25 seconds of my life I can never get back. What the hell would you guys have written about if Favre had hung it up?

  7. Childress doesn’t have the stones to end the streak, but Favre should sit. He’s not going to be mobile and is likely to get more “broke.”

  8. There are two situations I would like to see happen.
    1) Farve don’t get to start and bitches and whines on the sideline.
    2) He starts and his first pass is an interception and his second attempt he fumbles and does his exaggerated limp off the field.
    This would be a fitting end to his career and he would stop dominating the sports world.
    And he deserves this because he brought it on himself!

  9. “Per the Star-Tribune, NFL Network reported on Thursday night that Favre has “confided” in some close to him that Childress won’t let Favre play.”
    So the drama queen diva is having his house boy
    Longwell drop spin to the media as a way to pressure Childress. Hmmmmm, I think we’ve seen this play before.
    I ask you Viking fans, is Favre really worth all this?? How can anyone respecrt this guy?? He’s small all the way around.

  10. If Childress wants to save any face on his way out of Minn he should sit Favre this game. Too bad we know he won’t. I don’t get the shoe size joke Florio, do you mean he also has big socks?

  11. It really isn’t a reasonable assessment to speculate that TJ would start from just about any perspective, except maybe New England’s.
    First, the ankle probably isn’t going to get worse by playing. Second, Ziggz isn’t paying Favre 1+ million per game to ride the pines. Third, I don’t believe New England is the environment to turn TJ loose in. 4th, if Chilly wants a plausible excuse at season’s end to stay on as coach, he doesn’t want to expose TJ any sooner than he must, or he makes the plaintiff’s case for them – he can toss BLF under the bus and claim how many “strides” TJ has taken the past few years.
    Rather, I believe Chilly is letting the story grow some legs to motivate Brett – not that he needs it, but it never hurts to force a guy to maintain a bit of an edge.

  12. Favre starts just to keep his streak alive. Tjax will come out after halftime and lead the vikes to victory!

  13. Let Favre start, but keep him on a short leash. If his inability to move, or make good decisions begin to hurt the team, pull him…quick.

  14. Childress needs to lean a little bit harder towards Tarvaris. He needs to lean so far that he falls over and lands his bald head squarely on Favre’s ankle.

  15. ….and I am leaning towards Favre. If he can stand up, he’ll be playing…and hurting the team. But who cares!

  16. As famously said by Farve in GB: “give me my helmet or give me my release!”
    Favre will now have his sights on Chicago and trying to stick it to Chilly and Ziggy.
    Once a legend – now a diva with a rag arm.
    FYI – this “broke foot” is actually THE GOUT !!!

  17. How awesome it is that The Packers will be the team that knocks him out and ends his streak!!!
    That is poetic justice if there ever was such a thing.
    Can’t wait for the constant camera shot of Farve on the sideline. Skol that!

  18. Didn’t cal ripen Jr end his record and keep playing? It’s still an impressive record, though not as impressive as his int record. Or largest feet for the smallest pete record. Who else was surprised the drapes didn’t match the carpet?

  19. You know, Brett could make this easy for Chilly and just say, “I’m too hurt.” It would let Childress off the hook, and have the added benefit of having The Streak ended by play against the team he was synonymous with for 16 years, rather than by the prerogative of the least respected NFL coach since Scooter McLean.
    But he won’t, simply because he hates Brad that much.

  20. IMHO, this is Childress trying to keep Belicheck on his toes re: which QB is going to start. After all, this lets you keep the identity of your QB a secret until gametime. Which QB does NE prep for, then?

  21. I hope Favre plays, because right now TJax is a better option for Chilly than a broken down, turnover prone 41 year old.
    Regardless of who plays, my Patriots are going to pistol whip the Vikings.

  22. The best part of Farve’s dilemma is not his age or his health, but that he has decided he doesn’t need to work in training camp anymore and the effects show. He looks like a player who is not on the same page as the rest of the team, and inserting Moss mid-season only makes the disconnect between players even greater.
    Football has always been a team sport.

  23. Best to take a season long view, not just this Sunday. Let Favre heal this week, Jackson still has playmakers to help him. Then Favre can play the rest of the season.

  24. Craphonso, it doesn’t matter. Both Vikings QB’s suck. BB will do just fine in his preparation.

  25. lol at Childress thinking he’s fooling anyone, least of all Belichick, with this “Gee, maybe I’ll start Tavaris” nonsense. By now everyone has figured out when Chilly says one thing, you can take it to the back he means the opposite.

  26. The Favre thing was fun while it lasted. as a vikings fan, I want this guy gone. cut. released. he is a damn locker room junior high drama queen.
    he is ruining the team, and I think a lot of players are catching on.
    Do the right thing Childress: get this guy off the team.

  27. Yeah right. No way they let a $20 million dollar quarterback sit AND break the streak. As long as his foot is still attached, I won’t believe it ’til I see it.

  28. Chilly, you can’t out-Belichick Belichick! Just man up and say you’re gonna play Favre. We all know it’s gonna happen.

  29. Bill Belicheat has got to be licking his chops at the prospect of facing an unproven QB. In those situations he’s typically the mad scientist and it’s not like Tavaris Jackson has had any special moments to begin with.
    Paging 2-5 Vikings – hello 2-5 Vikings

  30. Florio, you’re in no position to make fun of the way people talk – especially considering your rampant spelling and grammar errors.

  31. What’s Florio going to write about when Favre starts, and throws 0 ints, and has a 300 passing yd game with 3 td’s and the Vikes upset the Patriots? Just saying, be prepared with Favre, you just never know…
    And who wouldn’t want to start Tarvaris Jackson? He’s an amazing quarterback, one of the league’s greatest. His TD-INT ratio speaks for itself. /sarcasm off

  32. Jackson didn’t get up to warm up or get loose. His decision to stay put meant that he knew that there was no way Favre wouldn’t keep playing. And those same thoughts likely will remain in Jackson’s mind until Sunday.
    That’s because even T-Jack, Chilly, and the rest of the Vikes can see that Favre was pulling the “achey fakey.” Funny how he could jump around like a drunk hose at Mardi Gras when he threw the pass that could’ve put them ahead…but then limped off like a cripple after ruled incomplete. Then got in the tunnel where he didn’t think there were any cameras…walking fine on ramps with an incline or decline and giggling. Then the podium stairs act. I’m amazed we didn’t see Longwell push him out in a wheelchair. Fake.
    Same crap as the injured elbow that was supposedly in such rough shape a week ago…until he wanted to do his best full bodied fist pump after a TD. Then a reporter called him out on it and asked him how he could do that with his elbow in so much pain. For some reason…the elbow injury went away. Fake.
    Favre is so damn dumb, he doesn’t realize that maybe a 5 year old may have questions about his hobbling one minute and celebrating and bouncing around the next…..what a complete drama tool.
    Remind us all again how we should get on our knees and pray that we were able to have this guy as our team’s QB for all those seasons. The clown is a shell of his former self and has done little more than bring another scandal to MN. If anything….most of you should be lobbying for billboards to now throw his ass out of town. All he is doing is holding back the next era of MN football with T-Jack.

  33. You have to think reasonably about this situation and include all the knowns.
    We know Brett makes tons of money and commands a huge TV audience. We also know even at 75%, he’s probably the best option at QB because he’s deadly accurate when receivers end up being where they’re supposed to be. When receivers aren’t where they’re supposed to be, or cannot gain separation, or the O-line gives Favre only a fraction of a second to make the “command” decision, then obviously, you do the math – ain’t no QB that’s ever lived that can make a consistent living under those conditions. It’s common sense. Does anybody that watches NFL football have any ability to reason whatsoever? Do you see the protection some QB’s get, and is it a wonder the appear to be playing at a high level?
    Take a look at some game footage this year of Mark Sanchez – he’s got all day to throw, yet his completion percentage isn’t great, but he appears to be playing well. How many current NFL QB’s could you stick into the Jets’ offense and post similar to better numbers, what, like 28 or so??? What is so complicated about analyzing successful NFL offenses that so many people fail to nail down basic cause-n-effect situations? How long must one watch this game before he understands how an NFL offense works???
    People have been getting on Favre’s case the past several years about playing poorly, but I just don’t see it, when you take the entire body of work into context. You hear reputable TV analysts time and again sit back in “awe” of Favre’s accuracy and velocity, yet haters claim he has a “rag” arm.
    So, that begs the question, is the arm always “ragged”, or do certain circumstances arise that enable his arm to appear “ragged”, like when the running game is stifled for no gain – which happens routinely, or when receivers can’t get open and/or hang onto the ball – which happened a boatload before Moss arrived, or when the O-line can’t even provide two seconds of pass protection – which is on a majority of dropbacks this year and last year, or 3rd down blitz pickups which didn’t happen at all until last week???
    Seriously, I don’t understand the mindset of the haters, but then again, the majority of things my fellow citizens do make me sit back and wonder if they’re serious, and then question their mental capacity.
    New England isn’t exactly the New England of two years ago, so I would expect Favre and co. to light it up on Sunday afternoon, so as a reasonable observer, I’d expect Chilly to give him the nod.

  34. I will believe it when I see it. Remember, the consecutive starting streak is Favre’s prized record, the one he is most proud of. (not the INT’s or the fumbles lost, those will likely stand for all eternity)
    So, get ready to rummmmbbbbbllleee. Talk about a cat fight in the locker room, in one corner you got the melodramatic Pervert Diva who thinks that hot babes actually want to see Tiny Lorenzo vs. the cross dressing chauffuer who is hoping to grow a set of balls before Sunday.
    But you have to hand it to the Vikings. Most teams on the verge of going 2-5 would want to stay out of the spotlight. Not the Vikings, they are not only commanding the spotlight, they are sending out invitations to the brawl. Maybe they should charge for Popcorn to help Ziggy recoup some of the $20 million he spent on bringing back a sexual pervert. Great strategy for getting a new stadium.

  35. Ah? I’m sure the Patriots are very concerned about weather Favre or Jackson starts???
    I know it’s Halloween, but trick or treat Favre, will be giving up turnovers like candy bars at Foxborough!
    Anybody who truly believes Jackson will start is dellusional. Either way, expect a lot of pressure on the QB for the Vikings.
    1. Immobile Favre
    2. Confused Jackson
    The only sure thing is that the Patriots will focus on shutting down the run and Peterson. Which is the only way I can see the Vikings eeking out one here! Pats 31- 14

  36. Hauschild says:
    October 29, 2010 9:59 AM
    …. When receivers aren’t where they’re supposed to be…
    +Maybe Favre’s not throwing it where it’s supposed to go. Once again, get your HICK ass in camp and get on the same page with your receivers before the damn season starts.+
    …the O-line can’t even provide two seconds of pass protection – which is on a majority of dropbacks this year and last year.
    + Yeah…keep in mind, that was the star-studded, best ever, Pro Bowl line last year…..whatever. MN played a puppy schedule and now are facing much tougher competition.+
    People have been getting on Favre’s case the past several years about playing poorly, but I just don’t see it….
    +They do. The NFL and all the guys on all the NFL shows know they have to promote Favre and the NFL. That’s how they make their living. Funny how certain guys on certain networks are finally seeing through the cherade. Still, few people rip him….and he’s made some incredibly piss-poor choices this year. The network guys have turned from promoting Favre’s great moments to now defending his bad choices…something you’re clearly doing also.
    I think TJ gives you a better long term option for this year. +

  37. Travaris can’t make the Vikes practice squad let along start a game. He’s an emergency backup period and always will be.
    He had his 5 minutes of fame and it wasn’t pretty.
    Favre will play. This is just smoke and mirror stuff right now.

  38. He’ll play the first couple series just to say he started another game. Anything just to keep that ever loving streak alive. Who cares! Their best chance to win though is to play Jackson, so I hope Brent can play the whole game.

  39. all this back and forth means nothing. the decision will be just before kick-off. You think Chilly can tell Brett to sit if he says he is able to go?
    Brett will at least get the first series unless he says he cannot play. Then he would have to really play badly or get hurt to come out of the game.
    Brad sitting at the post game inetrview after he denied Brett to start despite Brett saying that he could have played, ending the longest streak in football on a coaches call???? Puleeeease … this is Chilly we are talking about not Cowher or Ditka or who ever …. Chilly is unsure which way the flag should point before he throws it and calls upstairs missing to throw the flag all together on Quarless non-touchdown …… he is NOT making the decision on Farve’s start/non-start

  40. I hope Tarvaris starts and completes 1000% of his passes, throws 17 touchdowns and runs the ball for 400 yards just so Brad Childress can feel the full weight of how retarded he was for sending three Vikings down to Mississippi to beg Favre to come back for one more year.

  41. Joe Webb for starting QB!
    I cant believe we havent tried using Webb in the wildcat at all this season, the guy could be like Brad Smith. Naturally though that’s not the Vikings offense. To be fair, if our QB didnt throw INTs this year Childress’s offensive gameplan of run up the middle and short passes would actually work and we could be 6-0. Lest we forget the Vikings have had the ball down less than a TD with under 5 minutes in EVERY loss so far this season, Favre just hasnt been able to be his usual 2 minute offensive self.

  42. Brett Favre isn’t playing very well this year – there’s no question about that. But anyone who knows anything about football knows that BF gives the Vikings a better chance at winning than Tarvaris Jackson. BF had a bad game against the Packers, but he was also inches away from winning the game. His arm is still there – he was making remarkably accurate throws, with the usual bullet velocity. It’s his decision making, especially at the end of plays, where he doesn’t see anything, and then makes short passes (under 10 yards) that end up being intercepted. However, if the play call goes as planned, he isn’t as turnover prone (admittedly, part of the reason why things arent going as planned is b/c BF skipped training camp). The Vikings should run the ball a lot, b/c defenses have to respect BF’s gunslinger’s attitude. When the Vikings dont run the ball, opposing defenses crowd the passing lanes, and BF is practically guaranteed to make mistakes when noone’s open.
    The Vikings are 2-4. If they lose against NE, theyll b 2-5, and the chances of making the playoffs will be slim to none.
    Let’s be honest here. Does anyone in the world think that TJ is going to deliver against the Patriots? He won’t. This is a must-win game, and Favre with a bum leg is a better option than TJ.
    Alternatively, I’d start TJ, and yank him in favor of Favre if he’s failing miserably by halftime. Favre, over the course of the game, will probably throw numerous interceptions, but if the Vikings are down 10-15 points at halftime, there’s noone I’d rather have than BF to get me back in the ballgame (lol noone on the Vikings right now)..
    And remember, the Vikings need this game…losing should not be an option to anyone who’d like to see the Vikings playing ball in January…

  43. Favre will start because he wants to start and he and the team owner run the team. Childress has the title of coach and nothing more. Surely, when the team sold their souls to the devil(ish) #4, Chilly gave up any leadership. It isn’t possible that a coach with any backbone would do and put up with what has gone on for the last 2 seasons.
    The list is long, to name a few: picking the guy up at the airport, arguing on the sideline of a game, letting the old gunslinger out of training camp (ouch, that backfired this year), stealthly sending 3 players to Mississippi to beg him to return (and lying about it), they passed up how many good quarterbacks in the draft? … and on and on.
    Childress does not seem like a guy who is happy with his situation. However, he jumps to the tune that his boss tells him. The guy does nothing but whine and has thrown Favre under the bus more than once but stops short of making a command decision. He is a “kept man” so to speak. As long as Brett is calling the shots and happy, Chilly keeps his job. The Yikes must truly believe their only hope of winning hinges on a crippled and tarnished 41 year old past his prime. Sad for them, better luck next year.

  44. FavresWaffleOutlet says: October 29, 2010 10:20 AM
    +They do. The NFL and all the guys on all the NFL shows know they have to promote Favre and the NFL. That’s how they make their living. Funny how certain guys on certain networks are finally seeing through the cherade. Still, few people rip him….and he’s made some incredibly piss-poor choices this year. The network guys have turned from promoting Favre’s great moments to now defending his bad choices…something you’re clearly doing also.
    The best one I have heard was when former teammate Sterling Sharpe commented on Playbook that it was funny how Favre somehow can’t seem to find Harvin et al (though they have been teammates for over a year )yet Brady was instantly on the same page with Branch vs Balt (after not having played with him for 5 years and having only 1 week of practice together).
    If it’s unfamiliarity with the WRs shouldn’t that have been more apparent last year than this year??????

  45. Favre undermines Chilly all the time so Chilly is getting even by killing his streak …. I like it.

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