Versus axes Sterger's show

A tumultuous Fall for Jennifer Sterger took a turn for the worse Friday when Versus canceled The Daily Line on Friday, a sports talk show she co-hosted four nights a week.

John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal broke the news and notes that the ratings for the show were “anemic” and declining.  The show debuted in early April.

Ironically, the show’s best chance for any relevance would have been to allow Sterger to address the Brett Favre sexual harassment accusations on-air.  She passed on that chance, which probably was the wise move personally because the show appeared to be on the way out either way.

UPDATE: Sterger’s manager told the AP the decision is “unfortunate” but “part of the business.” 

11 responses to “Versus axes Sterger's show

  1. She blew any chance of a settlement from Brint when the texting was made public. If money was the goal, the smart move would have been to contact a lawyer, not a friend who then tells the media.
    Now that his wife and the world knows of the texts (and pics), and it has been reported that the communication was between both and not one sided, there is no need for a payoff now- the only need for Brint to pay would have been to have kept the info from the wife, and its too late for that now. But there’s always still Playboy if money was the goal.

  2. Good – She could have just taken the attention and used it to her advantage. But she blew it, carried on with the charade and now everyone is just sick of it. Hopefully she really is going to sue the Jets/NFL so she can retire, because her career is over. For all of the whores in training out there, this is how not to do it.

  3. Versus axed her because she’s a liar! They want no part in this BS story that will result in Sterger being heavily sued and all those involved. It is well documented that Sterger is ho , a lie and a cheat, and she will be brought to justice!

  4. @ArcticEdge: Dude, settle down. She wasn’t behind Enron; she just flirted with a married man. It’s not illegal.

  5. I really don’t understand why this was deemed too explosive to post seven hours ago when I submitted it:
    Might feel bad if she hadn’t said she had her implants removed because they’d served their purpose in her career. Suggests she hasn’t earned her opportunities on professinal merit.

  6. Best way to make frivolous lawsuits go away is to make the so called “victim” pay the person they’re trying to extory. Have the court find for this gold digger and award her some of Favre’s debts. Karma’s a bitch, and it looks like its come back around.

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