Michael Irvin rips Jason Witten, praises Dez Bryant

Addressing the problems facing the Cowboys, NFL Network’s Michael Irvin lit into Cowboys tight end Jason Witten as lacking “a heart” on NFL Network’s NFL GameDay Morning Sunday, then praised rookie Dez Bryant for the effort he showed in Monday night’s loss to the Giants.

“Jason Witten — the game’s on the line here,” Irvin said. “No, your season’s on the line.”

As Irvin spoke, NFL Network showed Witten catching a pass and then running out of bounds just short of the first down line as Giants safety Antrel Rolle approached.

“You’re going out of bounds with Antrel Rolle right there?” said Irvin, a Hall of Fame receiver who played his entire career with the Cowboys. “Are you serious? You hit Antrel Rolle in the mouth, you get up and you play with some intensity.”

Then, with video of a Dez Bryant catch showing, Irvin said it was the rookie who was showing his veteran teammates how to play.

“Look at this young guy,” Irvin said. “This is the kind of intensity that the Dallas Cowboy’s whole team needs to play with.”

Irvin has long been a supporter of Bryant’s, so it’s no surprise that he had such complimentary things to say. But it was a little surprising to hear Irvin rip into Witten the way he did. Probably surprising to Witten, too.

37 responses to “Michael Irvin rips Jason Witten, praises Dez Bryant

  1. Nice of the PipeMaker to point out one play where Witten screwed up.
    Never mind all the great plays the guy has made for the team.
    Right, jackass?

  2. The media keeps comparing Dez to Irvin… so by praising him he’s actually patting himself on the back. If they compared Witten to him then Irvin would be saying how smart he was to get out of bounds and stop the clock.
    It’s just the usual ego move… not to be confused with anything intelligent.

  3. Hmm, conspicuous ommission of Roy Williams in his comments. Is it still 10 vs 11 out there Michael?

  4. Michael Irvin is the biggest joke on TV….how this jackass has a job just amazes me. Like the great Mr. T once said. “Only in American can you become rich and famous by actin’ da’ fool!”

  5. Witten had a concussion just a month ago.
    Nevermind the facts, got to stick up for Dez because your buddy got him suspended last year.

  6. Witten’s only surprise is probably that Irvin is still somehow employed by a major network.
    I know if I was in position, I wouldn’t give a flying **** about what Michael Irvin thinks.

  7. I remember that play and I remember being very surprised that he went out a yard short.
    However, he was just lacking awareness on that play. It rarely happens with him.
    And to say he has no heart? Either you have never seen him play or you have no clue. So I am going to go with no clue.

  8. Where is the video of Bryant throwing a fit when Kitna threw a bad pass his way? Bryant’s body language sucks. Jerry Jones only enables him.

  9. Cowboys fan here….. as unpopular as it may be I like Irvin. I like the fact that he says what he feels regardless of who it pisses off. Granted, tough to question Wittens heart. Witten has been a gladiator for Dallas for a number of years now. Having said that, he hasnt been the same this year. Im sure a recent concussion played into that particular play. Before that though… Witten hasnt seemed himself this year….. Whatever “funk” he is in…. has taken over the whole team. Very few playmakers on this team this year…..

  10. uh the nfl network is not a major network. just be quiet mikey. Wasn’t Jason Witten the bad ass that ran down the field without his helmet vs. the Eagles.

  11. Witten is overrated and might be the worst Athlete at TE in the League. Never seen a guy go down so easy after a catch.

  12. I have a feeling if this were a white commentator praising Whitten & ripping Bryant, we would be hearing from Al Sharpton.

  13. I don’t know if this is the right time to play the race card but i definitely think michael irvin should never be paid to open his mouth.

  14. If a white commentator made this comment and reversed the two players, everyone would be crying racism.

  15. Surprises me, but I happen to agree with Irvin on this one. it could be unfair to target one guy, Witten, on one play, but who can say that Dallas has been playing with any intensity this year? When the rest of the team plays like they’re entitled to win, Dez looks like a wild beast surrounded by a bunch of softies.

  16. Ah…Didn’t this guy smoke crack cocaine?
    I actually think Michael Irvin is funny and should be on TV, but him and Deon shouldn’t be taken seriously. Racist? No, I don’t think so but it could be taken that way.
    I think he was overrated as a player though. Just wanted to say that the NFL network spotting him in the top 100 is kind of a joke. He wasn’t anymore of a “playmaker” then Chris Carter, Sterling Sharpe, Art Monk, Andre Reed from his era. One could argue superbowls just can’t make a common sense human think he was a better receiver the Chris Carter or Tim Brown. He just had the bigger mouth.

  17. Of course Irvin wants to go down on Dez Bryant. He shouldn’t even be a cowgirl. If jerrah had spent the draft pick on an o-lineman like they should have Dez Bryant wouldn’t be a cowgirl and they would probably be winning. Bottom line is that the cowgirls suck and they are going to suck for many years to come. I personally love it, but I can’t stand all you crybaby cowgirls fans whining all the time.

  18. # Krashie21 says: October 31, 2010 11:02 AM
    Michael Irvin isn’t wrong. Jason Witten has gone soft, like most of the veterans on that team.
    The play occurred in the 4th qtr with Dallas needing to preserve clock, not deliver devastating hits to safeties on the field and keep the clock running. Running OB is exactly what Witten should have done. He’s smart, unlike Irvin

  19. NFL Netwrok needs to fire Irvin and Dieon! They are pure racist! Every African-American player is great and all white are second rated in their opinion! If Bryant was white and Whitten was black, Irvin would have said nothing! They bring NOTHING to an NFL SHOW! It is all Dallas and nothing else! Marshall Faulk makes Irvin head spins when he talks about football. Or was it becasue Irvin and Sannders had soem communication with him in college!?

  20. Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders are two of the biggest @$$clowns that cover the NFL – and played in the League. Their “gansta” mindset does not give either one of them a shred or creditability as “analysts”…unless its about hanging with hookers or doing blow…
    Whiten took the blow to his head a couple of weeks back…and is with a team that is going fast down the crapper. He’s in the NFL’s version of purgatory right now, and wants to win a ring. Hang around a nut house long enough and you’ll want to get away from there before you lose your mind. The guy’s a warrior…someone that I’d want on my team (if I was an owner).

  21. I see or hear Michael Irvin, I change either the channel or the station. Usually I don’t read anything relating to Irvin, but to bash Jason Witten is just stupid.

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